Author's Note

I've been getting some, frankly, awful messages asking me why I haven't updated. Others have been kinder questions. If you'd noticed, I updated my profile with a note. I recently had many RL problems. I also recently injured my hand and can't type continuously for longer than 20 mins. So, it kind puts a stop to all my writing. Rest assured, the story isn't abandoned. But, I would like to ask for all of my readers to be patient. I apologize for the long wait, but I am a full time student and I do have a Real Life. I haven't actually had a real break from school in a year, even during all my various breaks, so I'm a little worn out. I begun this story when I had a lot of free time on my hands, and now I barely get time to sleep haha. However, the next chapter is half written, and fully thought out. I'm just waiting for my hand to get better and the opportunity to type it out.

Thank you for staying with me! Once again, I apologize for the ridiculously long wait.


As a side note, I'm posting all my stories with a more thorough check-through on Ao3. (Archive of our own) There are some random little holes in this stories that I'm closing up over there (and I'll fix them over here eventually) but just an FYI :]