Title: A Selfish Path
Series: Monochrome Factor
Pairing: Akira/Kou
Rating: M
Warnings: BL & Sexual Situations

Lips met in a heated kiss; hands took the limited time to explore. Clothes were pushed aside quickly and unceremoniously, the touch of skin was being sought and there would be no refusal of that small request.



Body trembling, hips rolling, they were both aware of the consequences. Neither of them cared. They were playing a dangerous game; it was a dance that beckoned both of them. It drew them in and ensnared them with the sweet promise of pleasure. Flesh demanded to be satisfied. Carnal desires depicted each action.

Murmurs of satisfaction were kept faint even when bodies screamed for more of those sinful touches. In an effort to silence those cries, teeth dug into lip, a mouth pressed against skin, anything to hush those sounds of satisfaction and want. A darkened isolated corner did little to hide their forms but perhaps it was that same thrill that drove them, that made them shudder and quiver with anticipation.

Crimson eyes, half-hidden by long dark lashes, burned with pleasure as they watched their partner kiss the insides of his thighs. There would be no hiding the effects the display was having on him, aching and hard he waited in baited breath for that mouth to come closer and closer until he felt the very air leave his lungs.

Wet, slick and warm, Akira knew that this could be considered wrong but how could he object when he felt those dangerous lips touch him where he needed it the most. Hips jumping forward, he was only stopped by the pressure of strong hands pushing him back against the wall as he trembled and shivered with each sweep of his partner's tongue. He could feel the way he body weeped, moisture gathering and slowly building up with his desire.

Another sweep against sensitive flesh caused him to arch and groan softly while linging to the other man who was doing such delicious things to his body. The dark haired man was once again falling apart. Exposed and vulnerable, he should be annoyed at the man who was doing this to him. There was no objection, though. All he knew was that he wanted more no needed more.


Please more.

He needed it, wanted it. There was little concern about the fact that they could get caught. It was still wrong, so very wrong but he couldn't escape this anymore.

Fuck it.

"Kou…" he found himself whispering. Almost as if sensing what the other wanted, the amber eyed man stopped his ministrations and smiled at his master. The look alone was enough to send a shiver down his spine. He should be ashamed.

That didn't stop him, though. That didn't stop him from allowing the other to maneuver his body. That didn't stop him from crying out when he felt his lover enter him, hard and hot, thrusting and rolling his hips. He was selfish, so very selfish.

In the end, he didn't care anymore. He wasn't Ryuko and Shirogane should understand that by now.

As he continued to cry out Kou's name over and over again, Akira understood that he had already chosen his path…a selfish path.

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