Blu and Jewel's Chicks: The New Generation

I don't own any of the Original Rio Characters. Any Characters with New Names are Mine! Please don't use them without my permission. Thank you! If you remember they had

2 boys and 1 girl. The names I give to them are mine!

The 2 boys Names: Topaz and Jose are dark blue colored blue macaw just like their father (Blu).

The Girl's Name: Pearl is a light blue colored blue macaw just their like mother (Jewel).

Ch. 1: The Awakening and Morning Flight of the New Generation

As the sun began to rise in bright blue sky along with Blu and Jewel's chicks. Pearl, Topaz, and Jose awoke to the sound of jungle samba and immediately

jumped out of the nest and started to dance on instinct. Unlike their father when he was young, they were already able fly. They flew around singing samba

tunes with the rest of the birds in the rainforest, but their folks required that they stay in sight of the nest for their own safety. Blu and his beautiful wife Jewel

had just woken up next to each other from a very sound sleep. "Good morning, beautiful." Blu said to Jewel. "Good morning, handsome." replied Jewel. "How

did you sleep?" "Just fine." replied Blu. " How about you?" "It was lovely." said Jewel. "I was just dreaming about how we fell in love and the roadblocks we

had to cross." "Same here!" Blu said enthusiastically. "Jewel I love you so much!" "I love you too Blu." replied Jewel. They gave each other a quick hug and

kiss. "Kids rise and shine!" called Jewel. She noticed they weren't there, so both she and Blu started to worry. "Kids where are you?"cried Blu. The kids heard

their parents requesting their presence and immediately flew back to the nest to see worried looks on their Father and Mother's faces. "Kids we need to

establish the rules of this nest." said Blu. Then Jewel said softly, but with a stern look on her face. "That's right kids you will listen to your Father. I'm not going

to be any more lenient than he will be." The kids stared at their parents intently waiting to be yelled at for taking off without their permission, but their parents

maintained their calm state of mind.

Very Short Chapter I know come December 18th they will become longer.