Ch. 33: The Plan

written 1/10/13

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"So Dimas, what's your plan for getting our little girl back?" Jewel asked her daughter's boyfriend. Blu looked at him as well, and then past him over at Abilio

and Eduarda. "Jewel, I think that the first thing to do is to get the rest of my family and the rest of your family meaning Topaz, Jose, Catina, and Branca

together. The four adults nodded, so Dimas continued. "Next we should, if we all feel that we're not fully prepared for the battle, call on our friends for help."

"Alright, well it sounds like a great plan." said Blu. He walked forward and gave Dimas a pat on the back. "I'm happy to know that you're a bird (man) of your

word, in regards to your promise to protect Pearl, and if necessary fight for her." "Blu, I'd die for her!" declared Dimas sternly. Blu was stunned by how much

this bird loved his daughter. He leaned over to his wife and whispered, "Jewel, I know how stubborn I was in the beginning, but I think you were right." Jewel

turned to face him. "What exactly are you saying that I was right about?" she whispered back to him in reply. "That this bird is a right fit for our daughter."

stated Blu in a final whisper. A big smile formed on Jewel's beak. "What?" inquired Blu. Jewel didn't say anything, she just pulled Blu in for a passionate kiss.

"Thank you Blu." she said. "For what?" asked a confused Blu. "For finally accepting Dimas as a possible son-in-law." she answered in slight whisper. Blu and

Jewel snapped back into reality, their daughter's boyfriend as well as his Mother and Father were looking at them with confused expressions on their faces.

"What?" asked Blu and Jewel in unison. "Awkward time for a passionate kiss moment, don't you think?" asked Eduarda. Jewel and Blu looked at each other

with an arched eyebrow. Jewel leaned in toward Eduarda and whispered, "I'll tell you why later, but yes given the circumstances I guess it was a little bit

awkward." "Ahem." said Dimas. The four adults looked at him a little annoyed, yet somewhat calm. "Again I'm sorry, I just want to get down to saving my

girlfriend." said Dimas somewhat apologetically. The four adults nodded. "Dimas that was our fault, not your's. There's no need to apologize." said Jewel.

"However, please continue." "Thank you Jewel." replied Dimas. "Now I will go forth and find Pearl, so that it'll appear to Nigel that I've followed his instructions

to the level." "No!" barked his parents. "Yes let me tell you the entire plan then once I'm done you can yell at me all you want." Dimas replied. "Fine." said his

parents sternly. "While I'm en route to appeal to Nigel's demands you guys get help from our friends." said Dimas. "Great I'll try to get help from Rafael and

Eva." declared Jewel. "We'll round up Topaz, Jose, Branca, and Catina." added his parents. "I'll try to get help from Mauro and his gang of marmosets." said

Blu. He looked over at his mate to see her with an arched eyebrow. "On that note, Blu could I talk to you in private about that?" she requested. "Of course

beautiful." he said before looking back at Dimas and his parents. "Do you recall that they attacked us at the samba club?" asked Jewel who remembered the

incident all to well. "Yeah I do, why do you ask?" inquired Blu. "What makes you think that they would help us?" questioned Jewel. "Well sweetness, I'll give

them two reasons to help us." replied Blu. "Oh and what are they?" asked Jewel. "Well, first I would tell them, that if they are willing to help us rescue Pearl,

we would help them get their revenge on Nigel." began Blu. "Secondly, we would show no hard feelings between each other, and we could be friends." he

concluded. Jewel looked her mate with another arched eyebrow. "Blu I like the sound of the first exchange of us helping them get revenge on Nigel in return

for their help in getting Pearl back, but the second deal I'm a little hesitant on." "That's totally understandable, sweetie." said Blu. "Anyways what do you say

you all go get our friends and family members, and I'll go get my precious Pearl." proposed Dimas. "You took the words right out of my beak." said Blu. With

that they all flew off to their separate destinations.

Jewel flew over and touched down in front of Rafael and Eva's tree. "Rafael, Eva, you guys there?" she called. "Yes, we're here Jewel hold on we'll be right

down." replied Eva. Three minutes later the toucan couple touched down in front of her. "What's up my fellow amiga?" asked Eva. Jewel started to cry. "My

sweet little Pearl has been birdnapped by Nigel." Eva pulled her into a comforting embrace. "There, there, there, we'll be more than happy to help." Once the

two females broke the embrace Rafael walked up to them. "Jewel, back in the old days I would say that we're too busy because we need to watch our own

kids constantly, but seeing as how they're all grown up now we're very much free to do anything for you and Blu." he said. "Hey, I have an idea it may be a

little wild, but why not have our kids help out, Nigel doesn't really know about them." Jewel's crying turned to sniffles as she began to wipe the last of her

tears from her sapphire eyes which were now bloodshot. Eva looked at her husband sternly, but then looked her best amiga, who she knew could use all the

help she could get. "Well Jewel normally I would say that's out of the question, but it seems like you need as much help as possible." said the female tocan

sympathetically. Unknown to the adults the young adult toucans had been listening in on the conversation the whole time. Ruby was the first to make an

appearance. "Of course we'll be more than happy help Aunt Jewel." she said. Then Marco came into view. "Yeah, plus as you and Uncle Blu experienced we're

very stealthy and tough." he said. "I remember all too well." replied Jewel remembering back to the first time when she and her husband were ambushed by

her nieces and nephews. "Alight, so is everyone good to go because Pearl's boyfriend has asked me to return to our meeting spot along with Blu and his

parents?" Jewel asked them all seeking confirmation. "Yea we're all ready!" replied the whole toucan family at once and with that all of them along with Jewel

took flight.

Meanwhile, at the same time that Jewel had been asking their tocan friends for help, Blu touched down in front of Mauro and his gang of marmosets. Based on

their previous encounter with Blu and Jewel, and the thought that he was here for revenge, they all got into a fighting stance ready to defend themselves. Blu

was able to read them like a book. "Don't worry guys, I'm not here for revenge, I'm here to ask you a favor on behalf of our family, which could turn into us

giving you help." he stated. Mauro and his fellow marmosets let down their guard a little. "We're listening." said Mauro with a sly smile. "Okay here it is."

began Blu. "You help us get our daughter back from Nigel." "Okay what's in it for us." interrupted Mauro. "I'm getting to that." said Blu sternly. "Fine." replied

Mauro. "In exchange for your help, once our daughter is freed and safe at home with her boyfriend. His Mother, Father, me, Jewel, and the rest of our friends

will help you get your revenge on Nigel. Plus I'll make sure Jewel doesn't claw you all to death." "Alright, I guess we're on board." replied Mauro. "Think of it as

a truce between us." finished Blu. "We have to rendezvous with Jewel, my kids, my daughter's boyfriend's parents, and his two sisters." "Right, now let's go."

replied Mauro. Blu took off and flew slowly so that Mauro and his gang of marmosets could keep up.

In the meantime, Dimas' Mother and Father had been gathering his two sisters and Pearl's two brothers for the meeting as well. "WHAT, NIGEL TOOK OUR

SISTER!" bellowed Topaz and Jose in unison. "That's right." answered Abilio. "Dimas is on his way to get her, to pretend to meet Nigel's demands." "What do

you mean by that, Dad?" asked Catina. "Here, see for yourself." replied Eduarda handing the ransom note to her daughter. Catina read the note to Branca,

Topaz, and Jose. "Okay, I see what you're saying." replied Catina wide-eyed. Catina looked at Branca. Both girls knew their boyfriends' blood was bubbling red

hot with anger and then they saw tears starting to flow down from their eyes. "Don't worry." said Catina hugging Topaz. "Our brother is extremely reliable."

"You shouldn't worry either, he is also very resourceful." added Branca hugging Jose. "Thank you." replied the brothers who were just beginning to calm down.

Just then Blu flew in with Mauro and his gang of marmosets, and around five minutes later Jewel flew in with Rafael, Eva, and their eighteen children. They all

gathered around Blu and went through the plan one last time. "So now we're all gonna go to the old airport where Jewel, Rafael, and I were almost smuggled

out of Rio on a plane." he began. "Dimas will give the signal and we'll all put a permanent end to Nigel. Any questions?" "Yeah I've got a question, well more of

a request." stated Mauro. "Yes Mauro, what is it?" inquired Blu. "Could you get Jewel to stop staring at me like she wants to kill me?" asked Mauro who was

shivering in fear. Blu looked at his cerulean blue wife, she was indeed staring daggers at Mauro. "Let me talk to her privately; excuse me for just a minute

guys." he said. "Sure thing." said the group together (except Mauro who was scared of Jewel). Blu grabbed Jewel by the wing and pulled her to the side. "Look

Jewel, you told me you would be cool with Mauro and his marmosets if they agreed to help us get our daughter back from Nigel, right?" Blu asked his wife.

"Right." she replied looking slightly annoyed. "They all agreed to help out, so can you play it cool with them?" Blu inquired looking for the promised answer to

emerge from his wife's beak. "Fine, I'll be cool with them for now." she agreed in a defeated tone. "Good, let's go back." he said. The group looked over to see

Blu and Jewel returning from their private talk. "Don't worry Mauro, I talked to her and she agreed to be cool with you." said Blu looking down at the alpha

marmoset. "Thank you Blu." replied Mauro who was now slowly calming down. "Anyways, I propose we attack Nigel in three waves." began Blu. "Wave one will

be made up of Jewel, Rafael, and..." Blu was suddenly interrupted by two very familiar voices. The group looked over to see Nico and Pedro fluttering over

towards them. "Whatever you all are doing we want in on it." said Nico. "My little Pearl has been birdnapped by Nigel." cried Jewel beginning to once again

well up with tears in her eyes. Blu pulled her into another embrace and let his wife cry into his chest. "Yo, don't worry hot wing." said Pedro. "We'll gets her

back." Blu glared at him for a minute. "The 'hot wing' phrase is not helping right now Pedro, can't you see that she's already worried enough as it is." "Sorry."

replied Pedro. "Well regardless, no one birdnappeds our niece." declared Nico. "You okay Jewel?" Blu asked his mate. "Yes Blu." she replied wiping the last of

her tears from her eyes and finally taking her face off her mate's chest. Then Blu looked at the group. "Okay everyone, there's going to be a little revision to my

original plan. The first attack wave will consist of myself, Jewel, Rafael, Nico, Pedro, Abilio, and Eduarda. We will be sort of the preemptive strike team. As for

wave two, it will be made up of Mauro and his gang of marmosets, Catina, Branca, Topaz, and Jose. "The reason I put you all together is because Nigel doesn't

know how strong you all can be." said Blu with his attention solely on them. The third and final attack wave will include Eva and her kids. "The reason I

grouped you all together is for the same reason as wave two, but also because Nigel has never seen any of you before." he said looking at them. Then he

directed his attention to the young adult toucans. "Not to mention how rough you can be." he added with a wink remembering back to his and Jewel's first

encounter with them. "Everybody ready and in their groups." Blu asked looking at everyone for confirmation. "Absolutely." replied group two. "Of course."

confirmed group three. "Are we ready, meu amore." he asked Jewel. "Yes we are Blu." replied Jewel looking at her mate. "Alright, let's fly!" he declared and

everyone took off in the direction of the old airport where Pearl was being held hostage.

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