Ch. 38: Leaving the Nest Discussion

written 3/14/13

Note: this chapter takes place a couple weeks later.

It was another sunny day in the forest of Rio, Pearl and Dimas were perched next to one another on the Christ the Redeemer Statue. Dimas put his wing

around Pearl and she turned to face him. "Pearl, I'm wondering if you and I should move out of our parents' hollows." Pearl was a little taken back. "I'm

sorry?!" she replied somewhat stunned. "Well, don't you think it's about the normal time for us to do so?" he asked. "I really want to start a new life with

you." "Me too, meu amore." cried Pearl with tears of happiness streaming from her eyes. Dimas brought her into a hug and let her cry into his chest feathers.

"There, there Pearl." said Dimas patting her on the back. "I'm sure I can predict what you're thinking." "What?" asked Pearl. "You're thinking that your

parents are gonna cry when you tell them that you're gonna move out, correct?" guessed Dimas. "That's exactly what I'm thinking." answered Pearl nodding.

"I just can't stand to see them cry, most especially my Mom." "Neither can I, but they all know as well as we do that we have to leave the nest at some

point." Pearl lifted her head off of Dimas' chest and wiped the last tear from her eyes. "I guess you're right." she replied.

That afternoon Pearl gathered her parents while Dimas gathered his parents and brought them all together for a very important talk. "Mom, Dad, I plan to

move out soon with Dimas." began Pearl. "We plan on finding our own hollow, building our own nest, and eventually having a family of our own together."

Jewel started to cry, Blu started to get emotional as well, but didn't show it. He knew that he had to stay strong for both himself and Jewel. He began to

comfort her and wipe her tears away. "It's okay Jewel." said Blu. "I'm sure she'll visit us now and then, right Pearl?" "Absolutely." she replied in the

affirmative. Blu, Jewel, and Pearl all shared a family hug. Eduarda, Abilio, and Dimas shared a family hug as well. As soon both families broke their hugs, the

parents made their last wishes. Blu walked over to Dimas. "Son, watch over our Pearl." he said. "Don't worry I will forever." replied Dimas. Jewel looked at

her daughter and gave her hug. "Be careful out there, sweetie." said Jewel. "Don't worry Mom I will." replied Pearl. "Besides I've got Dimas to protect me."

Dimas' Father walked over to Pearl. "Pearl, be sure to keep Dimas in line." said Abilio. "Yes, and make sure to have him sit on the eggs every now and then."

added Eduarda. "I made his Father do the same." Abilio looked over at his wife and smiled at her, and she smiled right back at him on the memories of

eggsitting. "I shall, don't worry." replied Pearl playfully. Dimas looked at her and smiled. She looked right back at him and winked. Dimas walked up beside

her; put his right wing around her, and whispered a suggestion. "Let's stay with them for another two days and nights to make this drastic change less

dramatic and emotional for them." "I agree." Pearl whispered in reply. "It would make it easier for them to accept the change and let us go." They turned to

face each of their parents. "We'd love to stay with you in the family hollow for the next two days and nights to make this change easier to accept." Their

parents all nodded in agreement, but more specifically their Moms hugged them and cried, "Of course, you can!" "Also tonight doesn't count." said Pearl

playfully. "Yeah, so I guess what we meant was three nights if you count this one." said Dimas. "Right." replied Pearl in agreement. "Let's start it right after I

give Dimas a gift." "What gift?" inquired Dimas. "You'll see." she replied with a wink. "Mom, I'll see you and Dad at home around early to mid evening until

them I'm gonna stay with Dimas." she said to Jewel. "Same to you." said Dimas looking at his Mom and Dad. "Well alright, you two have fun and be safe."

said their parents. "Don't worry, we will." the two lovebirds replied in unison. The meeting was adjourned. Their parent's flew back to the family hollows, and

the lovebirds themselves flew to a secret location out their families' hollow's earshot and sight.

There is Lemon after this and is semi-required to transition to the next chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned for the lemon and chapter 39!