Title: Deprived.
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Sex, language.
Summary: Izaya loses a bet to Shizuo and, well... Let's just say a pink, remote controlled vibrator + A metal cock ring + An entire day of school with said items = A delirious Izaya. REQUESTED FIC.
Request: "anndd (if you could include in the fic above or in a seperate fic..~~
shizaya at school (same classroom) with izaya having a vibrator/butt-plug in him. :3
again, lots of izaya torture~
I've been looking everywhere but i just can't seem to find (enough) izaya torture fics..

Written for thecreepyfangirl.

The classroom was dead silent as the students of class B-2 worked on completing their Math test. The test was half way over, with a mere 20 minutes left before it was pencils down and papers in. It was safe to say it left some students worried, while others floated through it easily with little to no trouble. Like Izaya, for example, who had finished his test at lightning speed, and with confidence and ease. He was feeling very sure of his answers, and he was also very sure he had gotten each one correct.


He knew he got each and every single one right.

Right down to the most over-looked decimal.

So, as he sat in his seat, right behind his brunette friend, who was absent due to the chicken pox, Izaya played with his black, mechanical pencil in a bored fashion. He had spent the last few minutes like that, fiddling around with his writing utensil childishly as his peers worked their asses off. The raven haired could practically feel the room temperature rise from everyone's brains going desperately into overdrive. It didn't surprise him, though. The test accounted for 20% of their Math grade, and was very similar to the exam that would be held at the end of the year. If they could not pass what Izaya labeled as a 'practice exam,' they would surely be in trouble when the real one, worth 50%, came around.

'How laughable,' Izaya thought to himself, bringing his pencil-playing to an abrupt stop. 'Guess I'll be the only person graduating.'

The thought was amusing, and he held in a snicker as his eyes fell onto the broad, muscular, shirt covered back that belonged to the one, and only, Heiwajima Shizuo.

It was a wonder as to how someone with such a protozoan-like mind even made it into high school. There was an entry exam in order to attend Raijin, and it blew the raven's mind as to how someone with the level of intelligence Shizuo possessed passed. Izaya snickered quietly at the blonde's last report card; the memory of that piece of paper popping up in his mind. Those numbers… So, so sad.

It was true, Shizuo didn't get the best grades, but at least he was passing. Or at least that's how the blonde saw it. Izaya found his way of thinking pathetic. If you do not reach for the best, you will never get the best. So, because Shizuo never bothered to get anything more than a 'just enough to pass,' he never got +A's like Izaya did.

… Then again, the reason behind his less than ambitious grades might have been the fact that Shizuo was as smart as bread.

But still.

'Even I finished my test without any problems before him, even with… This here.'

He scowled.

There was a low hum—a low, almost inaudible, buzzing that mixed with the eerie silence of the room and the gentle, soft hum of the lights. Izaya was sure he was the only one who could hear it, and it made sense as to why. He was thankful no one else could hear it.

Very, very thankful.

As the pink vibrator buzzed deep from within the raven's arse, Izaya folded a leg uncomfortably over another. He needed to hide the bulge that had formed, and he needed to as quickly as possible. Since he already sat like that, pants tightening or not, he tried to act as casual as possible as he leaned back in his chair, masking his aroused body with a seemingly indifferent yawn. Though his heart pounded hard against his pale chest, he somehow kept his breathing even and normal and his face from turning a dark shade of red. It was almost lunch, and the sly raven had spent the entire morning with the sex toy in him. The surprisingly large toy buzzed within him relentlessly for the past few hours, and, at first, it wasn't so bad. It was around the start if the test that the toy's vibrating grew in intensity.

Stupid thing just had to come with a remote capable of changing the magnitude at which the toy vibrated at.

How he didn't cum yet? A certain bastard left him not only with the damned vibrator, but a cock-ring—The worst thing he could've ended up with. The horrid metal ring had been denying him of his orgasm, and it was downright infuriating. He barely managed to get through his test without ripping his hair out. The questions were a breeze, but that stupid toy—Why would anyone make such a terrible thing? As collected as his peers found him that day, it was all really a wall he put up of his usual self in order to mask the urge to pull just strip out of his trousers and finish the job. Who knew someone could sexually frustrate him like that? It was shameful!

Absolutely shameful!

But, there really was no denying the fact that he was hot.

He was on fire.

He was needy.

And Izaya needed it.


Squirming in his seat, he quickly excused himself from the class. His teacher waved his hand dismissively, absorbed in whatever book he was reading, not realizing Izaya was already half way to the boy's room when he looked up.


Slamming the door of one of the restroom stalls', Izaya leaned against it for support, his slender legs giving out from under him, and arched his back. The boys' restroom wasn't his first choice, but it was closer than his loft was, and that was good enough. A soft moan escaped from needy, plump lips, and all composure he possessed in the classroom was out the window as he was reduced to a sweaty, flushed, moaning mess. "Hmm… Th-That protozoan… Hnn… I'll r-ruin him—Ahhh…"

Izaya snuck a hand under his shirt. His pale hand hovered over the sensitive skin of his lean abdomen and made its way up to tweak his nipples, his other hand quickly sliding his dark pants off.

"Ahh, fuck…" He sighed in relief as his aching cock was freed from the confines of his terribly tight jeans. It was embarrassing, really. To be so turned on and wet at school, and by a pink vibrator, nonetheless. With his pants pooled around his ankles, he collapsed onto the floor within the stall as the vibrator suddenly shook his insides wildly. The bastard must've turned it up a notch using that damned remote.

"Ahh! Mm, fuck!"

But, boy, did it feel good.

Getting on his knees, hands holding him up shakily, a shiver ran down his spine and his back arched once more. The delicious vibrations sent pleasurable, electricity jolts up and down his spine as butterflies filled his flat stomach, making his eyes widen and his lips parted. Izaya bit his bottom lip in an attempt to stifle his soft moans that continued to spill from him like water leaking from a broken dam, only to fail miserably. With his body temperature rising quickly, Izaya stripped off his black blazer, and fumbled with his tight red shirt beneath, discarding both articles of clothing onto the cold boys' room floor haphazardly.

For what like forever, Izaya stayed like that—Back arching, arms and legs barely supporting his trembling, sweat-slicked body, hands clenched into tight, lustful fists against the cool bathroom floor, face tinted a dark flush, his hair damp from all the sweating, and moaning like the mess he hated to admit he was at that moment.

After steadying himself with one arm, he reached a hand down to try and remove the metal ring around the base of his cock. He had failed miserably, and he groaned in utter annoyance. That thing was stuck, and the fact that his body had gone weak due to the desire that took over his body, it was safe to say he wouldn't be getting that thing off anytime soon.

In other words, he wouldn't be getting off anytime soon.

"That damn protozoan!"

The sound of the rusty bathroom door creaking opened was soon heard, and the heavy foots steps of a certain blonde.

"Flea? Are you in here?"

Izaya cursed.

thecreepyfangirl, I wasn't sure if this was how you wanted it, but, uh, don't worry. I'm planning on finishing this in the next chapter. I stopped here because I don't know if this is how you want it, so... Yeah. Sorry for the mistakes.

Preview for the next chapter: In which Shizuo drags Izaya's ass into an empty classroom and finishes the job. -Pokerface.-

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