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We Promise Surprises.

The room was dark, only lit by the glow of the TV. Two girls could be heard giggling. "GAY SEX GAY SEX!"

"Chuck, calm down."

"What, there's way too much homo going on right now." Jace rolled her eyes at her friend, turning back to the screen.

They both cocking their head to the side. "He is so hot."

"I'd do him."

"Me too."

"Fuck it. I'd do Talbot too."

Jace rolled her eyes again; sometimes Chuck could be a horn dog. Not a moment later, did the vampire Eric stake, (and not in the naughty way although that was also going on) the other vampire Talbot.

"NOT AGAIN!" they shouted at the same time. They watched as the King screamed then there was a loud crack of lightening.
The girls jumped and grabbed at each other. "Aint that a bitch."

"Uh huh."

"So are you going to fix it?"

"Its your house."

"Dude, its both our house." Jace muttered under her breath; she really hated storms, they were the worse. Slowly, both girls rose, still holding onto each other as they walked over to the light switch.

"Killed the power again."

"I think you need to start sleeping with a maintenance guy so this stop happening."

Chuck snorted. "Sure, I'll get right on that." She said as she grabbed two flashlights off one of the end tables, handing one to Jace.

"And if you leave a bruise this time, I will kick your ass."

"Uh huh."

Neither girl spoke after that as they made their way to the basement door. "One, two, three not it?"

"I don't think so."

Jace took a deep breath. "Where's Dean and Sam when you need them?"

"You know I think I have the number to a Dean and Sam, let me-"

Jace held her grip on Chuck. "I don't think so."

Chuck muttered under her breath as she opened the door, shinning the light down the stairs. "So, remember when I said I wasn't scared of the dark?"

"I know, you were lying. Why else did you run into my room at 2am?"

"I was bored?" Chuck knew Jace wasn't buying it as they walked down the stairs.

Why they had a house with a creepy basement was beyond them, but for there price range, it was pretty decent. "So, I think we should deck this place out for Halloween, make it look like Fangtasia." Jace said as she placed with her 'fang banger' necklace, looking over and smirking when she saw Chuck was wearing hers as well; it was their twisted version of the 'best friends' necklaces.

"Sounds awesome. Get some chains, lace lace, red velvet, a stripper pole-"

"Cant you rent those at the store?"

"Yeah, good point, then again, who knows, maybe I want a stripper pole down here." Chuck wiggled her eyebrows and smiled.

Finally they made it to the power box. "So, are you just going to hit it again?"

Chuck shrugged. "Worked last time." Jace rolled her eyes as she opened the box and looked at it.

"So, we just reset them, right?"

"Dude, last time this happened, Drew, or Jake or was it-"

"I get it, there was a guy here last time. Whore."

"Hooker you know you love me."

Chuck winked and flipped a couple of breakers. "Mother chucker." She muttered as she looked at Jace. Jace flipped a couple on the opposite side, but nothing happened. "Okay, I got a plan."

Jace turned and looked at her friend. "Okay, I'm all ears."

"We get used to living in the dark. If I can do it, so can you. I mean we have a shit load of candles." Jace gave her 'the look' and Chuck sighed. "Fine." She turned her flash light off and turned it around.

"Come on, on the count of three."

"What are we doing?"

"Beating it into submission. Come on, on three." Jace turned hers off as well and turned it.

"THREE!" At the same time the girls hit the breakers and were hit with an electrical current, then fell to the ground unconscious.



Jace became aware of two things at once. Her head hurt like a mother and Chuck was lying on top of her. She could hear the murmur of voices and felt someone place their hand on her forehead. She opened her eyes and blinked. She stopped when she saw the person looking at her and whose hand was on her forehead.

"Are you alright?" Sam Merlotte asked her.

"Oh God, not this dream again. Look, the power went out before we got to see the end of the episode, so how about you and me just go back to your office and do it already so that I can wake up?" Jace asked shoving Chuck over and sitting up. She grabbed her head.

Sam looked at Jace clearly confused. Chuck took that moment to moan and open her eyes. She turned and looked around the room before moaning again and hitting Jace. Jace hit her back.

"I'm having that dream again," Chuck moaned sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

"I am too... Hey, since when are you in my dreams?" Jace asked looking at her friend.

"I don't know. I think since that time with Steve... Or was it Scott?"

"Excuse me but are you girls alright?" Arlene asked leaning over.

"We think so. Ahhh... Where are we?" Chuck asked standing up and pulling on her oversized t-shirt.

"Bon Temps, Louisiana," a voice made both Jace and Chuck turn towards it. They knew who it was. There standing beside Terry was Sookie Stackhouse.

"Okay. I am dreaming," Jace muttered standing up and wishing that she hadn't worn her short shorts.

"No, you aren't. Terry found you out back passed out. Are you alright?" Sam asked them.

"Wait, we aren't dreaming?" Chuck asked.

"No, you aren't. But... What are you? I can't hear your thoughts?" Sookie asked.

"We are... Seers," Jace said.

"I am the prophet Chuck!" Chuck yelled.

"Chuck will you shut up."

"Seers?" Arlene asked taking a step back.

"Yeah, we can see the future. And awesome stuff like that."

"We could have used you earlier. Maybe you could have told that Rene was the killer," Tara said opening two beers for the girls.

"Rene? Jace, season 1," Chuck said.

"Ahh... Sookie, did Bill leave with Eric, Pam and Chow already?" Jace asked.

"Yes and he came back. You saw that?"

"We saw a lot of things. Now... Who wants to give us their car so we can head over to Fangtasia?"

"Chuck," Jace said using that damn tone.

"What? Don't stand there and tell me you don't want to go, Jace."

Chuck looked at Jace and Jace stared back at her. Chuck didn't know why they were in True Blood world or how the hell they got there just that she was going to find Eric Northman and have sex with him. That was the first thing on her list.



Chuck was starting to get antsy, maybe it was because she had to pee or maybe it had to do with Sookie staring at them, either way, she didn't like it. She turned and looked at Jace, elbowing her. Jace without looking elbowed her back; this went on till Jace finally looked at her. "What?"

Chuck crooked her finger at Jace who leaned closer. "I think we should go trade Sookie for LaFayette in the basement."

Jace smiled. "I'm game if you are." They both turned and looked at Sookie; they could take her, she was tiny. Then again there was that whitish blue light she had going on, that would be troublesome.

Jace fidgeted with the bottom of her tee shirt till Chuck grabbed her hands. "Stop it."

"Make me."

"I just did."

"Dear god, do you two ever stop?" They looked over at Sookie, then to her black eye; both girls smirked, then giggled.

"So, Sam, can I ask a favor?" Chuck asked as he looked at her oddly, but nodded nonetheless. Jace, knowing what was coming rubbed her forehead. "360 for me."


Chuck made a motion with her hand and Sam, who first looked at Terry, Arlene and Sookie shrugged and did it anyways. "See, I told you, boy knows how to wear jeans."

Sookie looked at them. "Is she in heat or something?" Chuck chuckled as Jace nodded. "I ask myself that question all the time."

Sookie looked at them and tried reading their minds again, but there was nothing, just like when she first met Bill. They were definitely not vampires; the sun was out and they were not pale enough. "So, you're seers, whats going to happen next?"

"Oh trust me, you couldn't pay me to tell you that."

"They are favors,-"

"Then there are favors." They said at the same time.

"I wouldn't mind owing him a favor or two."


"You looked too." Chuck winked and realized, as usual everyone was staring and was lost by their conversation. "So, where are you from?"

"Sam, can we have a beer please? If we are going to be interrogated."

Sam nodded. "Sure, I guess that wouldn't hurt anyone."

"See, told you." Chuck stuck her tongue out at Jace, who mimicked her.

"Okay, guys, can we get some answers." "Yes."


"To get to the other side."

"3.16, fuck it, I have no idea what pie it."

Chuck looked at Jace. "We just,"

Jace cringed. "We did."

"We might need whiskey instead."

Chuck said as Sam handed them beers, which both girls chugged. "Much better. Where were we?"

"Annoyed." Sookie said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Now you know how we feel." Jace said as Chuck grabbed them stools to sit on.

"I'm Chuck Avery and this is my hetero life mate,"

"Jace Tucker."

"Those are some interesting names." Sam said as the girls nodded.

"Its how we met."

"We were the only girls in class who weren't Ashley, Brittney, Tiffany, Jessica or Heather."

"I wouldn't have minded Heather."

"Whats your pillowcase Jace?" Jace smiled realizing they had confused the Merlotte crew again.

"So, you can see the future?"

The girls nodded. "And some of the past."

"How much?"

They looked at each other. "Enough." They said at the same time, sipping their beers.

"Prove it." Jace looked at Chuck who gave her the 'go-ahead' nod.

"Uncle Bartlett." Everyone watched Sookie's composure change.

"You told Bill everything in the bathtub at his house."

"Sook, you okay?" She nodded and looked at Jace with a mixture of hate, fear and curiosity in her eyes.

"So, do we pass?"

"What about something that's going to happen?"

"Then how would you know if we're right or not?" Chuck said as she set her now empty beer on the bar. "So, there is going to be some stuff coming up soon, and I know that you are always short on wait staff-"


Jace whined. "What? Do you know how we're going to get money? Well," she raised an eyebrow, Jace knowing exactly what she was thinking shook her head. "We'll take the waitressin job please. This way you can keep track of us."

"She has a point."

"We're smart like that." Jace said as Chuck bit her lip. "Can I please pleas please bartender with Tara?" Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

"I guess. But you have to help with tables."

"Yes sir. I think you are the-"

Jace covered her mouth. "Please don't listen to her. At all."

Finally, Terry spoke up. "Where are you going to stay?" The girls looked at each other; shit, they hadn't thought of that.

"They can some with me. Its just me in the house now, and plus I'm usually over at Bill's. Adding to the easiness of keeping an eye on them." Jace and Chuck looked at each other then without warning started speaking in Swedish. Sookie stared at them and wondered if Eric had sent them.

After several minutes of going back and forth they looked at Sookie. "Fine, but we need clothes." Sam, who didn't want there to be a fight before the bar even opened nodded. "I think we can come to an agreement. I'll give you advances on your paychecks."



"You rock my socks." Chuck said as he nodded, turned and walked towards his office. "We finally get our Merlotte's tee shirts."

"Told you we didn't need too-" Chuck stopped, realizing if she said they were available at Hot Topic, it would get really confusing.

Sam came back a few minutes later with two envelopes. "Now, I am trusting you two here."

"We know Sam."

Chuck leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Don't worry puppy, we got your back." She then grabbed Jace's hand and looked at the group. "Iney, meanie, miney, mo-"

"This is ridiculous. Sam I will take them shopping and-"

"Keep an eye on us, yeah we got that." Jace said something in Swedish causing Chuck to smile. "Lets get this shit started." Sookie took a deep breath; this was going to be a long day. The girls smiled, knowing that look; she had no idea what was coming her way, and how much fun it was going to be to fuck it all up.


Chuck grabbed a t-shirt that was gray and had a lightning bolt on it. She tossed it in the basket she had and looked over to where Jace was at the jeans. She turned and saw Sookie watching them like they were criminals. Chuck really wanted to smack her. She just didn't understand what Sookie Stackhouse had that made Bill and Eric fall all over themselves to try and claim her. She walked over to Jace and smiled when Jace tossed a strapless sundress in the basket.

"Are we dressing like Sookie now?" Chuck asked in Swedish.

"Don't you remember Chuck, easy access?" Jace asked smiling as she grabbed three pairs of jeans in a dark wash.

"You do bring up a valid point. So, can we ditch her now?"

Jace shook her head and grabbed a couple of racer back tank tops. She looked over and saw Sookie watching them like a hawk. She suddenly realized what it felt like to be in prison. Sookie was watching them like they were criminals. She turned and looked at Chuck who had just tossed aside and ugly ass shirt. She smiled at her friend.

"I got a plan," she said in Swedish.

"Last time you said that it was in 12th grade chemistry and we ended up in the emergency room."

"Hey, it got us out of the class, didn't it?"

"Only because the teacher banned us from ever taking chemistry again. Hell, I think it went on our permanent record."

"Along with your stripping for the football team."

"Hey, you dared me to do it."

"I didn't think you would do it in the middle of a freakin game."

"Are you two done?"

Jace and Chuck had been so into their conversation that they hadn't heard Sookie walk up to them. They both jumped and turned to face her. Jace looked at Chuck and Chuck nodded. She would follow Jace's lead and really hoped that they could ditch Sookie. The girl was such a downer and it was even worse because she didn't trust them which meant that she was going to watch them day and night. And there was no way that they could have fun being babysat.

"I think we are done? Chuck?" Jace asked smiling at Sookie.

"I'm done. This place has some ugly shit," Chuck said.

"Let's go then."

Jace smirked as she followed Sookie to the check out. Chuck stood behind her humming some AC/DC. Jace moaned and wished that she would have her iPod with her. Her and Chuck had built up a unique collection of music between the two of them and they were known for their battle of the bands routines. Their other friends never understood how they could blare two different songs on the iPods and sing along to both. It just didn't make sense.

Chuck stood in line behind Jace and looked around at the stuff they had hanging on hooks by the cashier. She smiled when she saw some earrings. They were long chains that had peace signs and skulls on them. She grabbed them and tossed them in her basket. She would give on earring to Jace and she would wear the other. They did it all the time just adding to what some people called their weird vibe. Chuck smiled thinking about how many guys had claimed that they could tame her and Jace. All of them had failed and some had barely lived to tell the tale.

Jace paid for her items and waited for Chuck to do the same. She started thinking of where they could lead Sookie to ditch her. She looked around the store and smiled when she saw the kid's section. In the middle they had a large display of Hannah Montana clothing and little girls were running around screaming. It would provide plenty distraction for them to ditch Sookie and go do their real shopping. She turned when Chuck grabbed her bags and looked at her. She winked letting Chuck know she had a plan.

"Dammit!" Jace said looking in her bags.

"What?" Sookie asked tired of having to deal with Chuck and Jace.

"I forget to get some hair clips."

"Well, get them later."

"I can't. I need them tonight for work. Believe me, this thick mane of hair does not obey without the proper hair clips," Jace said pointing out her deep copper red hair.

"Fine, where are they?"

"Over here."

Chuck followed Jace and smiled. She saw the layout of the children's section and knew what Jace was thinking. Jace turned and looked at her. Chuck nodded. Jace and she went in separate directions. Chuck turned back and laughed as Sookie stood there shocked not knowing who to follow. Jace and she met up in the corner of the kid's section. They hid behind a poster of the Jonas Brother band watched as Sookie paced back and forth around the children's area looking for them. They started to laugh and covered their mouths so that she wouldn't hear them.

"I am so glad she can't read our thoughts," Jace said.

"You and me both. So... Hot Topic or Forever 21?" Chuck asked as Sookie stomped away from the children's section giving up.

"Hmmmm... Forever 21 first?" Jace answered.

"I like the way you think."

Would Do You Think? You Like? You LOve? You Hate And Never Want To See Again? (TOO FUCKIN BAD! ;)