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Chuck sat across from Godric, unable to meet his eyes. "I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean it you know."

Godric nodded. "I know love. You were upset."

"I don't like being this way. I hate it. I've always had a great control over my emotions and right now it's like a train wreak."

"I read what's to be expected."

Chuck looked up at him; he read that? "Where did you read that?"

"In a pregnancy book."

Chuck looked at him shocked. "You read a pregnancy book?"

Godric nodded. "And a couple of baby books." Chuck couldn't stop the tears from coming.

Godric was next to her in seconds, pulling her into his lap. "Why are you so wonderful?" she asked through her tears as he kissed her forehead.

"I'm only this wonderful for you."

Chuck smiled and wiped at her tears. "I don't want to do this to Eric, but I cant trust him."

"But you trust me."

"Of course it do." Chuck grabbed his hand and held it to her stomach. "You're not, changeable. He has a history of changing his mind to suit him, I cant do that to the baby."

Godric nodded. "You are right. Are you so sure its a good idea to have me around?"

Chuck looked at him. "Do you plan on leaving me?"

"Not until the words leave your mouth, and of course, I have to believe you." he said with a slight smile. Chuck laid her head on his chest and took a deep breath; she was doing the right thing, right?




Jace sat across from Eric and shook her head again. She couldn't believe that he had bought her to Merlotte's. She sipped her sweet tea and rolled her eyes as Arlene dropped another plate off at the table. Eric had basically ordered her almost the entire menu. She shoved the plate of fries away and leaned in.

"Okay, you win. I will dance for you, just get us the hell out of here before Sam-," she started in Swedish.

"Jace, I didn't expect to see you tonight," Sam said walking up to their booth.

"Jace wanted to show me what the local nightlife around here had to offer. Let me tell you, it isn't much," Eric said. He didn't even react when Jace kicked his shin. He kept his eyes on Sam. It did not take a genius to realize that Sam didn't want him in his bar.

"We were just leaving because Eric needs to get to Fangtasia. Right, baby?" Jace asked glaring at him.

"Actually, I do not," Eric smiled when Jace kicked him again, "Yes, we should be going."

Sam shook his head and just turned and walked away. He would never understand why Jace had chosen Eric over him. He turned and watched as Eric climbed out of the booth and took Jace's hand helping her out. The minute Jace was on her feet he pulled her close to him and kissed her. Sam looked away and then marched to the office. He slammed the door.

Jace heard the door slam and looked at Eric. She shook her head and went to walk out. Eric took her hand and held it. She let him and walked out of Merlotte's. As they walked towards the highway, Jace let Eric wrap his arm around her shoulders. She leaned against him and suddenly felt warm inside. She wrapped her arm around his waist and smiled a little.

"Eric, when was the last time you walked a girl home without getting any?" she asked in Swedish.

"Never," Eric answered looking down at her.

"That's what I thought."

Eric walked along the road with Jace. He couldn't remember the last time he had actually just walked with a woman. His fingers gently ran though Jace's hair and he pulled her closer to him. Spending time with her had helped him start to process what Chuck had asked of him. He looked at Jace and knew that he could handle letting go of his own child if he had Jace and her child around him. He knew it wasn't right and it felt like he was just trading his child for Jace's but he needed to feel like he was doing something to get his control back.

"Do you trust me?" he asked Jace.

"Hell no," she answered.

"No, really tell me how you really feel."

Jace stopped walking. She looked at Eric and sighed. She knew why he was asking this and as bad as she felt for him at the moment, she needed to be truthful with him. She reached out and started to toy with his shark tooth pendant. She looked up and met his eyes.

"I want to trust you, Eric, but... I know that you will do whatever you think is best regardless of the consequences. And usually, you always make sure that you get what you want in the end. When there is a child involved, you just... You need to put the child's needs first."

"Do you trust me to keep you safe?"

"Yes, that I know you will do but only because Godric cares about me."

"Maybe it is because I care about you."

"Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy."


Jace placed her finger on Eric's lips, "Goodnight, Eric. I need to get home and rest."

"Come home with me. I don't want to be alone," Eric said looking deep in her eyes.

"Eric, you aren't playing the rules."

"There are rules? Hmmm, now why is it that I don't care."

Jace moaned and shook her head. She pulled away but Eric held her tight. He wouldn't let her go. She turned and looked at him and the look on his face said it all. He was scared of being alone and losing it. She felt herself craving and tried to fight it.

"Please, Jace," he said.

"Oh, you little bastard," she muttered.

"IS that a yes?"

"That's a get our asses to your place before I actually go through with my plan of staking you."

Eric smiled. He pulled Jace close to him and wrapped his arms around her. He flew up in the air actually happy when Jace held on to him tight.




Chuck felt the comforter of her bed under her and reached out and grabbed a hold of Godric. She pulled him into bed with her and refused to let go of him. She felt his lips on her neck and then her cheek. She turned and kissed him softly.

"Stay," she whispered softly.

"I cannot. The sun will come and-," Godric started.

"Please, Godric I want to spend the night with you. We can go in the basement and huddle in a corner. I don't care; I just want to feel you hold me as I sleep. Please?"

Godric looked into Chuck's eyes. He wanted that as well. He just wanted to hold her all night. He reached out and ran a finger down her cheek and then along her neck and shoulder.

"Love, I do not want you to be stuck in a cold, dark basement," he tried another angle.

"I want to be if that is where you are."

Chuck held on tight to Godric. She wasn't going to back down this time. She needed someone to hold her that night. She had been through much and she didn't want to be alone.




Chuck rubbed her now vision baby bump then did the same to Jace's; Sam had given the both of them the night off when Jace burst into tears when one of the patrons called her fat. "You're not fat."

"Yes I am."

"If you're calling yourself fat, then you are calling me fat and you know how I feel about being called fat." Jace gave her a look and sighed; Chuck had been a chubby child and had been fun of ruthlessly because of it.

"You're not fat."

"Either are you. You're pregnant." she said for what felt like the thousandth time. "So, you still want me to come to the appointment tomorrow, right?"

Jace nodded, changing the channel. "You can find out what you're having."

"A shapeshifter."


Chuck punched Jace in the shoulder. "Don't be such a bitch. You want to know what you're having, don't you?"

"Of course, don't you?"

"Duh. I want to get names picked out now."

"Are you letting Godric help?"

"Are you letting Eric?" She asked with a smile as Jace turned back to the TV screen.

"Come on, I told you, you can have him."

"He's the father of your baby."

"So? That's in the past for the both of us now. I want Godric and he clearly wants you."

"Stop it."

"Come on, you cant say you are feeling it. These hormones are making me crazy, so there is no way in all you're not as horny as I am."

"Wow, just lay it on out there."


"Then sleep with Godric."

"You try that and see how it goes." Jace looked at her shocked.


"Even though the doctor said it was fine, he refuses. Doesn't want to hurt me or the baby. If he only knew how close I am to ripping my fucking hair out."

"Oh, that's just mean. A boyfriend holding out on sex."

"Its karma."

Jace nodded. "Has to be karma."

"Fuck me."

"You know that wont work." Chuck let out a frustrated groan, her head hitting the back of the sofa.

"Lets change the subject."

"Great idea." Chuck said as she took the remote, changing the channel, to a picture of a naked man. "Oh come on already, this isn't fair!" Chuck yelled at the ceiling as Jace took the remote back, quickly changing the channel again. "I swear to god, if I don't get some sex soon, there will be consequences."

"Oh oh." Jace said, not liking the tone in her friend's voice.




Several hours later, Godric walked into the house, only to find the girls still on the couch. "Good evening my love." he said as he strolled over, bending down to kiss Chuck, but she turned her face, his kiss landing on her cheek.

Godric looked at Jace who shrugged her shoulders. "What's wrong?" Chuck looked over at him, then to Jace before standing from the couch and stomping up the stairs.

Godric stood there confused. "I don't get it."

"You wont give her something she wants."

"I give her everything-" he stopped when he saw Jace's face. "She told you?"

"Duh, we're having the pregnant no sex blues. I haven't seen her this pissed in years." "Cant she understand that I don't want to hurt her-" Jace patted his shoulder. "Right now, I bet she wouldn't care if you hurt her, as long as you're giving it to her."

Godric stood there, looking as if he was debating it when Jace stood and pushed him towards the stairs. "Go get em tiger." He looked at her oddly again before taking the venture up the stairs.

Jace waited till she heard the bedroom door close before she pulled out her cell phone. "Hey Eric, can you come pick me up? I have a feeling there will be some, bonding going on and I really don't want to hear it. Thanks, see you in a few minutes." She said as she grabbed her keys and stepped out onto the porch; she had chosen a good house.

She loved this porch. She sat down and took a deep breath; the night smelled so good in Bon Temps, it should almost be illegal. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Eric's car pulled up. "That was quick."

"I was in Bon Temps for business, I wasn't too far away." he said as he walked over to her, pulling her into his arms.

She watched him look up at the house for a moment, a certain sadness there before he pulled back and smiled. "Want to come to Fangtasia and balance the books."

"Are you going to feed me?"

"I think we can arrange that."

"Then what are we doing still standing here?" she asked as she walked over to the car, opening the door for herself.




Eric watched Jace as she input all the information into the accounting program. He knew how to use it perfectly by now but there was just something about having Jace work with him that made it better. He loved watching her as she bit her lip trying to figure out where to stick certain receipts or how she would run her finger down the computer screen making sure she hadn't made any mistakes.

"Here are your French fries, your sundae, and your Root Beer," Pam said walking in the office carrying the desires items and setting them on the desk.

"Thanks Pam," Jace said turning and opening the bag and grabbing the French fries.

"You should be eating something healthier," Eric said watching as Jace stuffed them in her mouth.

"These are healthy; they are potatoes."

"You know what I mean, min sk├Ânhet."

Pam and Jace shared a look as Eric went back to sorting papers. Jace was a little shocked that he had called her his beauty. Then again, he had been letting everyone in Shreveport and Bon Temps that he considered her his. She was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to get a date in either town even if she paid them. She smiled at Pam as the other vampire pulled up a chair and sat down at the desk as well. Pam grabbed a file and opened it. A minute later she flipped it closed and looked at Eric. Eric was purposely ignoring her.

"Are you going to tell her?" Pam asked in Swedish.

"Tell me what?" Jace asked looking at the screen and not seeing the look Eric gave Pam.

"It is nothing of importance," Eric stated tossing the file on the desk.

"Uh huh. Pam, what did he do?"

"I did not-," Eric started.

"Hello, I come to vork, yeah," Yvetta said walking in the office wearing short leather shorts and a mesh tank top with nothing underneath it.

Jace turned towards her then looked at Eric then looked at the computer screen. She calmly placed the fries down and pushed herself away from the computer. She grabbed her coat and her bag very aware of Eric watching her every move. She walked past Yvetta and out into the club. She pulled on her jacket and stopped when Eric was in front of her.

"I am not fucking her," he said plainly.

"I wouldn't care if you were," Jace lied looking in her bag for her cell phone.

"Why do you insist that we keep playing this foolish game? I want you I know that-."

"Don't. Just," Jace paused fearful that she wouldn't be able to control the emotion in her voice, "Just don't. I am not in the mood to do this now. I forgot I need to be at Merlotte's. I'm sorry but I need to go."

Eric grabbed her by the shoulders and looked in her eyes. He knew that she was lying. He brushed the hair out of her face and saw the look of hurt there. He sighed and pulled away from her. He dug in his pocket and handed her the keys. He watched as she took them then walked away from him. He stood there alone in his club wondering what it was going to take for Jace to finally give in to what she wanted; to what they both wanted.

"This good sundae," Yvetta said walking into the room eating the sundae that Jace had been craving. Eric knew all her craving and the times that she would usually have them. He looked past Yvetta and saw Pam standing in the doorway giving him a very serious look. He sighed. No doubt there was going to be a screaming match behind them. The sad part was he was looking forward to it. Maybe then he would be able to get his mind off of a certain human girl that seemed to have him wrapped around her finger.




Chuck sighed and rolled over to face Godric. He was lying on his back looking at the ceiling. She kissed him on the chest and smiled when he turned to face her. She saw the look on his face and she took his hand. She kissed it and held it tight in hers.

"I'm okay, Godric. You didn't hurt me or the baby," she answered feeling him stroke her hand.

"I love you but the thought of hurting you..." Godric trailed off pulling her body close to his.

"I know but you didn't. We're okay."

Godric kissed her on the head and smiled when Chuck laid her head on his chest. He ran his fingers down her neck and her shoulder. He smiled when she purred in contentment. It had been a long time since he had been intimate with anyone. Unlike his child, Godric was very picky with whom he shared himself with.

He was glad that he had made love to Chuck. He had been so scared of hurting her or the baby but after she had reassured him over and over, he felt confident enough to show her how much he cared for her. He rolled her on her back and looked into her eyes. He knew what the next step was and he was going to allow her to make the decision for him.

"Godric, why all serious all of a sudden?" she asked kissing his nose.

"There is something I want to ask you," Godric said softly.


"I... I wish to make you my human. Would you consent to that?"

Chuck looked up at Godric and nodded, "You know I would."

"Then we must seal it."

Chuck watched as Godric bit his wrist and offered it to her. She took it and bought it to her mouth. She began drinking his blood completely fine with the fact that she was now agreeing to become his human. There was nothing more she had wanted than to be Godric's.




Jace looked at Lafayette from across the table and was grateful he was there but then again she just wanted to be left alone. She sipped her iced tea and looked around the bar. Sam was behind the bar with Tara and every so often he would look her way. Jace sighed and rested her head on her arms. She wished that her heart would want Sam; he was everything she should have wanted. Instead her ached for a jackass that was probably at that very moment fucking Yvetta in the basement.

"You know, hooker, he at worth it," Lafayette said sipping his vodka.

"Oh, I know he isn't. In my head at least, my heart though has decided that he is definitely worth it," Jace answered looking up at her friend.

"You want some vodka?"

"Yes but... I can't."

"If there was ever a situation for drinking this was it."

"I can't... Lafayette, I'm pregnant."

Lafayette looked at Jace and was shocked. He downed his shot of vodka and drank another one. He looked past Jace and saw Sam watching them. The whole town of Bon Temps knew by now that Jace and Sam had had a thing. They also knew that Sam wanted to get back with her. He looked back to Jace.

"Is it... Is it Sam's?" he asked softly.

"No, it isn't. There was someone in Dallas before Eric and I... Anyway, right now my life is a total cluster fuck. I don't need anything else to go wrong."

A moment after the words left her mouth the door to Merlotte's slammed open. Jace turned and saw Sookie walk in wearing the lovely lavender dress. Jace moaned and let her head fall on the table. She knew that everything was about to get worse.

"Thank God, Jace I need your help. Bill-," Sookie started walking over to their table.

"Gone missing. I know Sookie, I saw it," Jace said wishing she could have been able to take a nice big shot.

"Then why didn't you tell me?" Sookie exclaimed grabbing Jace's arm.

"Do you have any idea how many things I see? It's a shitload of shit and at any given time any little decision can change the outcome. Like maybe if you would have said yes to Bill instead of running away like the coward you are, they wouldn't have taken Bill!"

Sookie slapped Jace on the face. Jace turned her head and placed her hand over her face. She then turned back and looked at Sookie. She looked around and saw that the bar had gone silent. She shook her head and slid out of the booth grabbing her bag. She looked at Sookie.

"You are in way over your head here," she said.

"I'm sorry I... I need your help. I want to go talk to Eric-."

"Eric spent time earlier with me. I don't know what he is doing now but he didn't take Bill," Jace stated turning and walking out. She rolled her eyes when Sookie followed her.

"I need to hear him say it."

"Then by all means, Sookie, march your little ass down to Fangtasia and ask him."

"I... Please come with me."

Jace whirled around and looked at Sookie. She was tired and emotionally drained. She didn't need Sookie and her drama at the moment. She raked her hand though her hair and shook her head.

"You don't need me to ask him, Sookie. He actually likes you."

"But you'll know if he's lying. Plus, whenever you or Chuck are around him he is less of an asshole."

Jace sighed, "You aren't going to leave me alone until I actually go with you, are you?"

"Not a chance. It's Bill. You'd do the same for Eric."

"I'd let his pale ass burn in hell first," Jace muttered in Swedish walking over to Eric's car. This was going to be a pain in the ass.

Sookie watched as Jace parked Eric's car in the parking lot. She followed Jace when she walked to the club door. Pam looked at them and then did something Sookie had not been expecting. She took Jace's arm and pulled her off to the side. Sookie stood there and listened as they talked in hushed tones in Swedish. Sookie was about to yell at them that she was going to go in without them when Jace pulled away from Pam and yanked open the doors cursing in Swedish. Sookie followed her into the club.

Jace walked across the floor of the club with no problems. Everyone there knew she was Eric's and moved far away from her. She yanked open the Employees only door and walked down the hall hearing Sookie following her. She reached the door to the stairs and pushed it open. She heard the grunts and felt her heart plummet more. She kept going though. She walked down the stairs with Sookie following her. She stopped when she reached the bottom.

Eric stopped thrusting into Yvetta and just stood there still as stone. He turned and saw Jace standing there staring at him along with Sookie. He dropped Yvetta's legs like they were suddenly on fire and yanked away from her. He turned and walked towards Jace. She stood there her eyes and face cold and still like stone.

"Sookie wants to ask you if you kidnapped Bill tonight. I told her you were busy. Didn't know that you were busy catching an STD," Jace stated looking past Eric at Yvetta.

"I was not going to wait forever," Eric told her in Swedish.

"Never expected you too," Jace said. She turned and looked at Sookie, "You talk to him. I am leaving."

Jace turned and stomped past Sookie not listening when Eric called her back. She kept going up the stairs and out the door. She pushed Pam aside and kept walking out of the club. She walked to the car and climbed in. She started it and then stopped. She sat in Eric's car surrounded by his scent and couldn't hold it in anymore. She sat there and started sobbing. She had wanted to believe that Eric cared about her that there was more to him then what he showed on the surface.

She had been proven wrong though. He didn't care about her; seeing him with Yvetta proved that. He didn't have that caring human side that Godric did. Eric was devoid of emotion and she was stuck loving him. This had to be some cruel joke that karma was playing on her. She wiped away her tears and set the car in drive. She drove away from Fangtasia telling herself that she wasn't stealing Eric's car. If he wanted it, he could always fly over to her place and get it.




It wasn't easy, but forced herself to stop crying; she didn't want the chance of Eric running out to the car, and seeing her like this. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that what he had done had affected her like this.

Jace started the car, reminding herself as she drove that if she didn't stay calm she would most likely get into an accident and kill herself and her baby; she couldn't do that to Chuck and she couldn't do that to her baby. It deserved better. Jace knew that all she had to do was make it back to her house, to her room, lock the door, curl up in her bed and cry.

When she finally made it home, she felt the tears coming again, but she knew she had to make it to her bedroom. There she could hide from Chuck for a while. The second she opened the door, she saw the light on in the kitchen and swore; she was hoping Chuck and Godric were still busy in the bedroom. "Jacey, is that you? You gotta try this ice cream Godric got."

Jace remained silent, the tears rolling down her cheeks again; she was alone. She had no one to help her raise her baby. Chuck was going to have a family without her; no matter what Chuck told her, she would always be the outsider. "Babe?" Chuck walked out of the kitchen with the gallon ice cream tub in her hands.

The moment Chuck saw Jace, she handed the tub off to Godric and pulled her into her arms; Jace lost it and completely broke down again. Chuck held her in her arms, rubbing her back. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Jace couldn't even form words; her throat hurt from sobbing and she couldn't stop. "Godric, help me get her upstairs?" Godric didn't hesitate, over at her side in a second, he wrapped his arm around her and helped her up the stairs.

Once Jace was in bed, Chuck turned to Godric, but he only smiled at her, kissing her gently. "I'll see you tomorrow night."


He shook his head. "She needs you. I'll only be in the way."

"I love you."

Godric would never get tired of hearing that. "And I love you." He kissed her again. When he pulled away he looked at Jace, wishing there was something he could do, but he already knew what had happened; he could smell it the second she walked in; Fangtasia. Godric left, letting himself out. He closed his eyes as he bent his knees slightly and went flying; this had to be dealt with.

Chuck crawled into bed next to Jace and wrapped her arms around her. "Just breath, okay? You remember what the doctor said? No more stress." Jace only cried harder; she was being selfish to her baby. Jace curled closer against Chuck as her sobs slowly ended. "What happened?" She asked softly after a few minutes. Jace shook her head.

"Sweetie, you have to tell me. This wasn't just someone at work calling you fat, or anything like this. I haven't seen you this upset since," Chuck shook her head.

Jace looked up at her, watching the realization hitting her. "I'm going to fucking skin him alive."

"He's already dead."

"So, now he wont have skin."

Jace shook her head. "He did nothing wrong, he-"

"Don't go doing that. I know what's been going on Jace, I'm not blind. You fell in-"

"Please don't say it."

Jace started crying again; now Chuck's water works was threatening the same. "Just calm down sweetie. I'm not going anywhere."

"I'm sorry."

"About that?"

"Godric left."

"Don't worry, okay? Right now, the only people we are caring about is the four of us."

"Four of us?"

"Unless you have twin cupcakes in there." Jace smiled slightly and let Chuck sooth her to sleep.




The next night, Eric was sitting in his office, thinking about what Godric had said to him when his office door opened; Chuck stood there, shaking her head. She said nothing as she turned and closed the door. Eric stood from his chair, watching her movements as she walked up to his desk.

Then without a moments hesitation punched him; it burned, his skin sizzling. "You fucking son of a bitch." Eric held his cheek; the skin had not grown back yet. He looked at her hand, seeing the silver chained wrapped around her hand.

She went to hit him again, but he grabbed her arm, pulling her to him. "Enough."

"Oh trust me, its not." She seethed as she stared at him, the anger and hate clear in her eyes.

"If you're angry at me, that's fine, but you shouldn't be fighting when you're pregnant."

Chuck ripped herself away from him. "Don't try and pretend you care about me, this baby or Jace." he looked down when she said Jace's name.

"Chuck you know,"

"No, I thought." Chuck shook her head. "Do you want to know the worse part? We saw this happen. SHE saw this happen. I guess we were both hoping you would be able to keep your dick in your pants!"

"You didn't seem to mind!" He yelled at her as she laughed.

"You fucking," She pointed at him. "I just sent the entire morning and day at the hospital,"

Eric looked at her, a panicked look spreading across his face. "The baby,"

"And myself are fine. Jace on the other hand,"

He was in front of her in seconds. "Don't play with me,"

Chuck nodded. "I knew it. You do care about her,"

"Chuck, is she okay?"

"What I'm trying to figure out is why you had to fuck Yvetta, if you cared about her so much."

"Chuck, please."

"She and my god baby are fine. Her blood pressure was almost double then what it should have been. They are keeping her there for observation."

Eric went to grab his coat, but she shook her head. "Oh hell no. You don't get to be the one to be there and then show up there, no."

"Chuck, if it is my fault,"

"If? You're fucking adorable."

He knew she was being sarcastic; he took a deep, unnecessary breath, calming himself. "I have to make amends."

"Then you can do that, when she comes home, and with my consent."

"Your consent?"

"You bet your stupid fucking ass my consent. Don't you get it? Jace is my world, if something would have happened to her and that baby, because of you, not a power in this world would have stopped me from killing you, not even Godric." Eric looked at her, taken back.

Chuck quickly regained her composure. "I should go. Godric cant stay there much longer."

"Godric is with her?"

"I don't trust anyone else with her." Chuck turned to leave, then turned back to Eric. "Bill is going to try and sell you out. Send Pam away before they use her against you. The magistrate is coming. The Queen will also betray you to save herself. Get rid of all of the V while you have the chance. As for Russell, don't make a move without calling me first." Eric placed his hand on her shoulder, stopping her, she didn't dare turn towards him. "You don't have much time, so hurry." She said nothing more as she walked out.

Chuck couldn't let the rest of the events play out. As much as she didn't like Sookie and Bill, and Bill's betrayal ran deep, she couldn't let it happen like this. Jace would agree with her. Chuck knew she had bought them some time, and that's what mattered.

As long as Eric got a jump start, Chuck and Jace had control in what was going to happen next. As she climbed into her car, she placed her hand on her stomach, feeling her baby move for the first time. "Yeah baby, that was your dumbass daddy I was yelling at it. Hopefully you wont have to hear that for a long time, but seeing as he's stupid, I doubt it." Chuck sighs as she started the car and headed back to the hospital; Jace needed her.

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