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He saved me. If it wasn't for him, I would have died some years ago. It was only by chance that he had found me. I had been surviving in the same house I had lived in since I was nine when I heard his crew come through. They had heard of survivors in the area and thought they would check it out; I hadn't broad cast a thing.

Something I learned very quickly; do not broad cast your location, that's how you get found by the wrong people and by wrong people, I mean them. They aren't people anymore. The closets thing I could compare them to was zombies, yet they were alive and the only thing they seemed to want was infect to everyone else.

I had been alone now for three years. My family was some of the first to disappear and never return. I stayed with friends at a cabin in the woods; we had always joked that my best friend's uncle was ready for the zombie apocalypse, with the amount of guns, ammo and food he had stored there. It didn't take long for the infected to find us. We loaded everything we could into our own vehicles and took off in different directions, agreeing to meet up in a week at our special place.

A week later I was alone. I had enough supplies to last me a long time, so I went to the only place I could think of; home. My father had been into home repairs, so our basement was filled with reject wood, metal, basically everything I needed to make my house as safe as possible. I only left when I needed too. On one of my journeys out, I found a lost puppy and I couldn't help but take it home with me; Beast was the only reason I made it through most of the days alone. He made things bearable.


Then one morning, I heard the trucks drive by. I went on my roof and watched them as they wondered through the neighborhood, looking for survivors and more importantly, supplies. That's when I saw him; he was clearly their leader, barking commands at them, watching everyone carefully. He was the first to spot me on my roof. He stared at me for the longest time before alerting to his crew that there was a survivor.
They backed their vehicles into the driveway, blocking my truck in. "Who are you?"

"I could ask you the same thing." I said, staring into his beautiful green eyes. I heard something off in the distance, a familiar noise. "They're coming back for a raid."

"How long you been alone?" He asked carefully as I calculated in my head.

"Three years, six months, two weeks and five days." Keeping track of the days helps me stay grounded.

He chuckled slightly, nodding. "You have supplies?"

Are you going to kill me for them?"

He shook his head. "That's not what we're about."

"Then what are you about?"

"Savin people, as many as we can." I nodded at him and took a deep breath.

I pulled on a leaver, then looked to his men. "You only."

He looked back to him men, nodding. "Keep a sharp eye." He said as he walked through the opened door. Before he could turn back and look at his men, I closed the door with the same leaver and made my way back into the house.

When I got to the living room, he was standing there, looking around amazed. "How are you still alive?"

"I'm quiet. I'm quick and," Beast came running down the stairs, growling at the man. "And I have him," I looked at Beast. "Beast, heel." He instantly laid down in the submission position.
We stared each other down before he extended his hand. "I'm Dean."

"Dice." He raised his brows at me, but I wasn't going to commit on it; he didn't need to know my life story and I didn't need to know his.

"So, where are these supplies?"

"I have a couple of questions first." He looked at me, waiting. "How many are in your camp?"

"About a hundred fifty to two hundred. Changes a lot."

I nodded. "Babies and kids?"

"Yeah we got some rugrats runnin around." I nodded again and left the room.

When I came back, he was looking at one of the family pictures on the wall. "Okay, we have about three hours before the sun goes down tonight and the raid parties make it over here. Everything can be packed up in two."

He raised a brow. "How much stuff do you have?" I turned and this time he followed me to the kitchen. He stopped and stared for a good two minutes. "Where did you get all of this?" he asked as he started to inspect all of the boxes I had crammed into the small room.

"Believe it or not, Walmart, Costco and the Fred Meyers down the street."

He turned and looked at me. "By yourself."

"I took more then one trip." I said as I nodded to the stairs, taking him to my brother's old room. "This is all of the medical supplies I could get."

I had been stock piling everything I could find for the last three years; I had a lot of time on my hands. "In my parents old room is stuff for kids, warm clothes, bedding."

"What else you got?" he asked with a smile; I had a feeling it was a rare one; they must have really needed supplies.

"Electronic equipment, computers, radios, DVDs, CDs, pretty much if it was there, I took it."


I shrugged. "Never knew what I was going to need." I took a deep breath before turning to him. "Its all yours, under one condition."


"You take me with you."

"We were never going to leave you in the first place."

I couldn't help but smile at him. "Okay, get your men to start loading their trucks." Dean nodded and left the bedroom.


I could hear him outside, directing his men and while he was doing that, I went to my room and started packing up all of the personal things I was not leaving this house without; over the years, I had lamented over my dead family's things, sometimes not wanting to look at it or wanting to part from it.

Now i could fit everything into one duffel bag. It was all I needed of them to remember them by. I looked around at the weapons in my room; those were riding with me. It was the only way I would feel safe leaving the house.

The sound of work boots and mumbles was music to my ears after being alone for so long. I heard Dean call out my name, and I called back. When he walked into my room, he looked more shocked then he had when he saw the food. "Now I really have to know your secret. We have been everywhere, and never have we found someone stock piling this much."

"I told you, I'm careful. And I knew my way around the military base in the town over." He looked at me, calculating. I knew he didn't trust me, hell I wouldn't have trusted him if it wasn't the look in his eyes; I could tell it was something he tried to hide, but I could see it.

I went on packing my room, and when Dean went to leave with two bags of guns, I told him to load them in the back of my truck. He stared at me before nodding; I wasn't leaving without my truck. She was mine and there was no way I was leaving her to rot in the driveway, not after all of the time I had put into her being safe.


Two hours later, I looked back at my house, knowing I was never going to see it again. I hadn't asked where this safe haven camp was, but I had a feeling it was no where near my home. As I climbed into my truck, Dean opened the passenger door, flashing a smile at me. "Cant have you getting lost when you have all of the weapons, now can I?" I said nothing, only smiled at him and turned my ipod on, letting music fill the cab. I looked at him, and for a moment he looked at peace, hearing the good old rock n roll playing through the speakers. "Good choice. Follow the red truck." I nodded and did as I told.


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