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I sat in the cabin with Sammy, waiting for Dean to come back. Ever since my little announcement a month ago, he won't let me go out on raids or search parties with him. I hate not being there and not being able to have his back. I don't like the idea of him being out there, but he is our leader and that's where they need him. I've come to accept this, I just didn't like it.

Sammy was lying in my lap, his head on my stomach; he was trying to hear the baby. I had tried explaining to him that the baby was too small to make any sounds, but he was determined to hear his little brother or sister.

I wanted to know what I was having, but our med cabin lacked an ultrasound machine; back when I had raided the hospital I worked out, it was one of the machines that gave me trouble and I had left it behind. What I wouldn't give for it now.

I heard the gates open and the men shouting about something they had found. Slowly I moved, careful not to wake Sammy as I stood from the bed and walked to the door. I stood there with the door open, waiting; I knew how Dean was when he came back from these things and I didn't want to greet him with a smile when he was in one of his moods.

I heard a gun shoot and closed my eyes; our camp was now down to 147 men, women and children. I wondered who it was when I saw Dean walking up the path to our cabin; there was someone following him.

After first, I thought I was seeing doubles, but when they came closer, I knew what I was seeing was real; there were two Dean's.

My Dean walked up to me and engulfed me in a big bear hug before kissing me. "Missed you." He muttered against my lips as I smiled at him. I felt the other Dean's eyes on us, but I ignored him for the moment; I missed my man. "Is he asleep?"

I nodded, looking over to Sammy's bed. "Like a light."

Dean smiled. "Was he trying to find the baby again?"

Dean had more then warmed up to Sammy; he had accepted him as his own just as I had. I nodded again, then looked over to his clone; it couldn't be ignored any longer. "Is it my birthday?" I asked as Dean rolled his eyes.

"Am I not enough for you?" I made my thinking face and squealed when I was lifted off my feet and twirled my around.

When I was set back on my feet, I looked at him. "So, what happened?"

"Found him wandering around."

"Okay, since he's here I'm guessing he's nothing evil." Dean nodded. "So, you have an identical twin or some time travelin was involved."

Both Dean's stared at me. "I love you." He said as he kissed me, then walked over to the bed where Sammy was sleeping.

I watched the other Dean stare at the little child. "Is he, ours?" he asked, obviously confused by tenses; I would be too if I had just time traveled from, I studied him; he was definitely a younger model, but not by much.

"We adopted him. His mother died in childbirth."

Other Dean nodded. "So, you two are-"

"Married." Dean's eyes widen.

"Married? How long-"

"Five months two weeks and three days."

Other Dean stared. "You get used to it." I tossed a random shirt at Dean, who caught it with ease.

"You love it."

"Of course I do." I watched as he gently picked Sammy up and put him in his bed; the three of us could not fit on our tiny bed, we had tried and Dean ended up getting kicked out by Sammy in the middle of the night.

"Wow. Married, and," He looked down at my stomach, I nodded. "A family." I smiled at him as I looked over to my husband, wondering when all of this was going to be explained. "I have some questions," Other Dean stared but Dean shook his head.

"Not tonight. I'm tired, my wife is tried,"

"Be nice to yourself babe." I said as I walked over to our small closet and pulled out our back up linens. "Couch isn't that comfortable, buts its better then the floor."

"Thanks." He said with the same smile I loved more then anything.

Remembering I was married to the present Dean, I handed other Dean his beddings and joined my husband over at our bed. I felt other Dean watching us closely as we got ready for bed, the both of us making sure the guns under our pillows were loaded and ready when needed. It was awkward having him watch us; we weren't use to an audience and even when we had one, it was never at times like this.

Dean and I talked before we went to sleep; it was a habit we had gotten in when he was trying to keep me from leaving his cabin at night. "What happened out there?"

"We were ambushed, then he was just there."

"Maybe it's a good sign."

"How? Its before Sam," I nodded, knowing what he wanted to say, but still couldn't. "He and Sam just split up,"

"Then maybe you can send him back, make sure the two of you stick together,"

Dean pulled me closer to him, kissing my neck. "You know what that means don't you?" I nodded; I didn't want to start crying, but I knew there was no avoiding it; pregnancy hormones.

If Dean and Sam never split up, then that means Sam never says yes to Lucifer, meaning we would never meet. My heart hurt just thinking about it; as much as I wanted my old life back, I wouldn't trade Dean and our family for it, ever. "We cant be selfish."

"Bull, I am the most unselfish person, its time for me to be selfish." I said nothing as I laid my head on his chest, and fell asleep to the sound of his heart beating.

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