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Jinx was still changing out of her suit when they pulled into the parking lot. "You better not have peeked. Sam and Ace will kick your ass."

"Uh huh." Dean couldn't help it; Jinx had always looked good in down to nothing, and Sam would never find out, for that fact neither would Ace; Jinx would never say anything, nor would he. "When did you get the tattoo on your ass?" he asked as she snorted, shaking her head as she pulled her jeans on.

"Couple of years ago."

"Before or after the ones that glow."

Jinx paused for a moment before pulling on the zipper. "After. It was necessary." Dean nodded.

He wanted to ask more, but he knew the signs of her shutting down better then anyone. Dean looked around the parking lot and swore under his breath. He did not want a freaking out Jinx on his hands.

He quickly pulled out his phone and called Sam; he answered in three rings. "Dean, what?" Dean stepped out of the car, and took a couple of step away.

"Where the hell are you and Ace?"

He heard him sigh. "At the mall."

"Are you fucking serious?"

"Well, she wanted a new phone."

Dean ran his hand over his face. "Jinx is going to flip." He felt her standing behind him.

"Jinx is going to flip about what?" she asked as he looked over his shoulder at her, then handed her his phone.

"You talk to Sam." he said as he beeline for the motel room, but Jinx grabbed him by the back of his coat and held him in place.

"Sam, you're not in the room, are you?"


"And you took Lila, didn't you?"

"Yes." Jinx took a deep breath, then looked at Dean, smiling. "That's fine, I have Dean to keep me company. You know how much we both hate research, and here we are, with a lone motel room. Bye Jumbo." Jinx handed Dean back his phone, tugging on his sleeve. "Come on, we have some work to do."

Dean was speechless; at the moment, he didn't know if she was serious or not. When they walked into the room, Jinx threw her stuff on the opposite bed, then sat on the other one.

Jinx busted out laughing from his expression. "You think I was serious? I don't think so Batman. If I'm going to cheat on Sam, its going to be with Ace."

Dean groaned. "That's so not fair. You have to-"

"No, we don't." Jinx said as she grabbed Sam's laptop and booted it up.

Jinx chuckled as Dean grabbed a book about demons and started flipping through it. "How long till they get back?"

"I give it ten minutes. Especially of Ace is driving."

"You're so awesome."

"I know." she said as she did something she shouldn't have been doing; hacking into tax records for Lloyds bar. It was something Billy had taught her. He could do amazing things with a computer. She hadn't wanted to learn, but he had a way of making her want to try anything.

Dean looked over at her. "So, what are you doing over there?"

"Finding out who the man in the photo is."

"And how are you doing that?"

Jinx held up her hands, wiggling her fingers. "Magic."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Do you think they found any where else black dogs were reported?"

"Maybe, but knowing Ace, she dragged poor Sammy out of here the moment we were gone for shopping." Dean's mind started to drift, wondering if Ace has stopped at a lingerie shop while Sam was somewhere very far away.

Jinx sighed; some things were simply way too easy to crack into. "Got a name."

"You're joking."


"Dude, you're faster then Sammy on that thing. How did you do it?"

"Long story." she said as she typed something in. "And our mystery guest dialing '1-800-Sell-My-Soul' is...George Darrow."

"You're a genius."

"I know."

"Do you know what would be even better?"

"An address?" she asked as she handed him a piece of paper; it had the address on it. "When they get back, we'll see who wants dibbs."

Dean made a face. "I call Ace. I have a feeling Sammy's going to be mad with you."

When Jinx smirked, Dean walked away, trying to think about something else. Like being alone in the car with Ace. That was better.




Ace swung Lila into the motel parking lot and shut off the jeep. She looked at Sam. He looked at her then the backseat that was full of bags. He moaned and rested his head on the back of the seat.

"Come on Sammy. It's not that bad. I'll help you carry them in," she said climbing out.

"Yeah, cause we can so bring all this stuff in with one trip."

"We can. I mean you carried it all over the mall in one trip."

Ace climbed out of the jeep and opened the passenger door. She grabbed a dozen bags and walked over to the motel room. She shoved the door open and walked in. Jinx sat on the bed with a beer in her hand. Dean was sitting on the couch watching TV. Jinx saw the bags and a smile came on her face.

"You got me something right?" Jinx asked as Ace dumped the bags on a bed.

"Nope, this is all for me."

"What? Come on. There has got to be something in there for me."


Dean looked at the door and laughed when Sam came in carrying twice as many bags as Ace. Sam glared at him then dumped the bags on the bed. He looked at Jinx. Jinx dived past him and started going though the bags. Ace laughed.

"I told you there is nothing for you-," Ace started.

"YES! I knew you loved me!" Jinx yelled holding three pairs of cargo pants in her arms as she hugged Ace.

"There shirts too... original concert shirts from AC/DC. Going back to their first tour."

"You, Acey are awesome."

"Hey, where's mine?" Dean asked getting up and coming over when Ace mentioned AC/DC.

"Hmmm... Yours would be... here," Ace tossed a bag at Dean.

Jinx smiled when she saw Dean pull out a AC/DC t-shirt. She pulled out her own t-shirts and smiled at Ace. She hugged her friend close.

"Needed some retail therapy?" Jinx asked.

"Yeah, and I am keeping Sammy as my shopping slave."


"Yep, he doesn't complain and he likes to watch me try on lingerie."

"What?" Dean asked looking at his brother.

"I thought it was only fair, Pinky that Sam gets to see some of the goods before he decides whether or not to join Jinx and me."

"Wait... HE gets to join but not me?"

"Yeah, that a problem?"

Sam didn't know what to say when Dean grabbed him and yanked him outside dropping the bag by the door. Sam was shoved against the wall of the motel.


"You gotta do this, Sammy."

"WHAT? Have you lost your mind?"

"You need to do this for me, Sam. Come on. I would do it for you."

Sam could not believe he was actually having this conversation with his brother. He took a calming breath.

"Dean, stop and think. If I did this, I would be having sex with Jinx AND Ace. Ace, remember? Your Priss? Are you telling me you would be okay with that?"

"As long as you told me all the details and had it on camera, then yes, I would be perfectly fine with it."

Sam groaned and just shook his head. He was relieved when Jinx and Ace walked out of the room. Sam looked at Jinx.

"I'll be in the jeep," he said walking over there.

"Pinky, what did you do?" Ace asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Come on, priss, you're riding with me as we go talk to this, George Darrow guy," Dean said walking towards the impala.

"He is weird," Ace said looking at Jinx.

"But you like weird," Jinx said.

"Stop pushing us together, Jinxy."

"Acey, from where I stand, you don't need that much pushing."

Ace stuck her tongue out at Jinx then went over to the impala and climbed in. Jinx watched as they drove away before walking to the jeep and climbing in. Sam looked at her. She smiled at him.

"You mad at me?" Jinx asked.

"No... Ace brought me books so you could pretty much do anything and I wouldn't care."

"So books huh? Now I know how to bribe you... I mean what to get you for your birthday."

"Uh huh."

Jinx smiled sweetly and started the jeep. Sam looked at her and she knew she wasn't fooling him for a second.

Ace read the street signs and frowned. She looked at the map then looked at Dean.

"Pinky, you are going to wrong way," she said.

"Am I?"

"Yeah. Darrow's apartment is the other way."

"Really? Huh, but there's a quiet little park this way."

"Oh is there?"

"Yes, there is."

Dean turned and gave Ace a smile. She slid down the seat and pressed her body against his side. Her hand ran over his thigh and then rested over his crotch. He felt her breath on his ear and immediately got hard.

"I brought you something else," she whispered.

"What?" he asked his mouth dry.

"Oh, some nice lingerie from Victoria's Secret. Barely covers anything. In red lace, I think I remember you saying you loved me in that."

Ace smiled when she felt Dean get really hard. She unzipped his jeans and slipped her hand inside and started to stroke him. She laughed when he swerved the impala almost off the road.

"Priss, you got to warn a guy before you do that," he said taking deep breaths.

"Sorry. Now, about this lingerie... I'll wear it for you after this hunt if..."

"If what?" Dean moaned as Ace's thumb rubbed his tip.

"If you turn the car around and head to Darrow's apartment like you're supposed to."

"Damn. You play hard ball."

"Oh I know. But it's worth it, right?"

Ace continued to stroke him. She bit his ear and heard him moan again. This time he pulled over to the side of the road. He turned his head and caught Ace's lips in a kiss. Ace stroked him faster knowing he was close to coming. She pulled away from the kiss and looked in his green eyes.

"We have a deal?" she asked feeling his hands as they fondled her breasts thought her shirt.

"Yes. Just... Son of a bitch, faster," he moaned kissing her again.

Dean felt Ace's hand move faster. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her harder. His tongue roamed her mouth as he came. He pulled away and rested his forehead against hers. He felt her wipe her hand on his jeans and laughed a little.

"What?" Ace asked kissing him softly.

"You, sweetheart, are perfect," he answered kissing her deeply.

"I am?"

"Oh, you are. Not many girls can get me all hot and bothered with one little touch like you can."

"Does that make me special?"


Ace smiled and wrapped her arms around Dean kissing him again. Maybe this could work.




Jinx wanted to go up and talk to George now, but Sam wanted to wait for Dean and Ace. "Dude, come on."

"Can you ever sit still?" Sam asked as he put the book down, looking over at her. Jinx smirked.

"You usually don't mind when I don't."


"What?" she asked innocently as she slumped in her seat slightly. She gently trailed her fingers from her shoulder down to the top of her jeans. "You really want me to sit still Sammy?"

Sam's breathing hitched; he both loved and hated it when she did this. He swallowed hard. "Dean and Ace will be there soon."

"Nothing either of them haven't seen before." Sam leaned across the seat and kissed her.

Jinx didn't care when she heard the impala pull up next to them, the only thing she was thinking about was Sam's hand up the back of her shirt. They heard someone clear their throat; Sam tried to pull away, but Jinx tugged on his collar, keeping him right where she wanted.

He forgot in moments that Dean and Ace there. Finally Dean rolled his eyes and hit the horn. Jinx and Sam broke apart and Sam groaned. Dean vented as Jinx pushed him against the impala gently. They looked at each other, then started laughing.

As they walked into the building, Ace looked around. "Well, he didn't sell his soul for money."

"Dude, maybe the apartment is filled with-"

"Slave princess Laya's." Jinx finished at the same time Dean said it. They high-fived each other as Ace and Sam rolled their eyes.

"Its like they share one brain sometimes."

"Sometimes?" Ace asked as they stopped at the door. She looked down when she saw black powder.

"Is that pepper?" Dean asked as Ace shook her head.

Jinx looked at her, then felt the powder. "Goffer dust?" she asked as Ace in Arabic as she nodded, confirming her suspicions.

They looked at the boys, and shook their head. This was even deeper south, most likely Hati voodoo, but they already knew that from the summoning. When they knocked on the door, an older black man answered. "George Darrow?"

"Whose asking?"

"FBI-" Jinx rolled her eyes at Dean; George was not going to believe that. She noticed the paints on his hands, then looked at Ace; they understood, as vain as it was, they understood. "We're here about the deal you made that's up for full payment."

George looked down and sighed. "Come on in." When they walked in, they saw his apartment was filled with amazing paintings.

"You sold you're soul for this?" Dean asked as Ace elbowed him in the side.

"I know. I just wanted talent. Should have asked for fame or money. Never sold a painting."

"The others-"

"I know. I've been followin them for sometime. When I made my deal, I was content with what I had done, I never meant for anyone else to get involved, but that thing, she stayed around for a week, making more deals."

"Do you know anyone else who has?" Sam asked as George nodded, cleaning off a paint brush.

"That architect, and the doctor."

"Anyone else?"

"There was one more man, Evan Hudson. I don't know what he made his deal for. Haven't read anything about him."

George made a couple of brush strokes, Ace watched him. "We can help you."

"There has to be a way to stop this, I mean-"

"I don't want to." Sam and Ace looked at him shocked. Dean looked at Jinx; they knew this was going to happen. Sam and Ace, they were alike in the way that they had to save everyone, but they should have known by now, as did Dean and Jinx that that was not always possible. "I know what I did, and I am going to pay for it."

"You cant want-"

"I did this to myself, and those people. I'm old." George sighed. "I just want to finish my last painting. The Goffer dust is holding them off long enough."

"Goffer dust?" Dean asked as George put his brush in a cup and tossed a bag at him.

"Goffer dust. Keeps hellhounds away. For a time. I wont need it anymore."

He looked back at his painting, looking at it thoughtfully. Ace stood and looked at all of the paintings, then grabbed one. "I would like to buy this painting from you."

"You're a sweet girl. You can have it."

"I have never not paid for something when payment was due. I would like to be the first to buy one of your paintings."

George gave her a kind smile and accepted the money from her. "Thank you."

"Thank you. I have the perfect place for this back home." she said with a smile as she walked out with it; she couldn't be in the room any longer with him, knowing she couldn't save him.

Jinx watched him paint, then looked to Dean and Sam. "I'll meet you at the cars." They stared at her. "Dean, go make sure Ace is okay, Sam get on research."

Sam looked at her questioningly, but Dean grabbed his arm. "Come on Sammy, work some nerd magic on that laptop. Lets see if we can save Evan Hugo-"

"Hudson." Jinx said as Dean closed the door behind them.

Jinx walked over to him, and touched his arm; her tattoos glowed. "I'm sorry. That we cant save you, even if you did this to yourself."

"You're something different." He said as he looked at her tattoos. "Are you here for me?" he asked as she shook her head.

"Far from it. I'm one of the good guys."

George nodded. "I have a feeling I'll be seeing you again." he said as she kissed his cheek and walked out; Jinx had a terrible feeling he was right.




Ace placed the painting in the back of the jeep careful it wouldn't break. She felt Dean's arms come around her. She slammed the door and leaned against Dean. She closed her eyes and felt his lips on her neck.

"Why didn't he want our help?" she whispered.

"I don't know, Priss. Everyone has their own reasons for doing things."

"He's going to die, Dean."

"I know. And it's what he wants."

Dean ran his hand across her stomach. He held her close not pulling away when Sam walked over to them. Sam came over a piece of paper in his hand.

"I found his address," Sam said.

"Then let's go," Ace said pulling away from Dean.

"Sweetheart, you okay?" Dean asked.

"I will be once we help someone."

"Alright, everyone ready to go?" Jinx asked coming out of the building.

"Yeah, Sam found his address," Dean said.

"Okie dokie. Acey, you riding with me?" Jinx asked.

"Uhh... I think I'll stay with Dean."

"Okay. Come on, Sammy. We'll lead the way."

Ace nodded as she went over and climbed in the impala. She watched as Jinx tore down the street a few moments later in the jeep. She turned when Dean climbed in the impala behind the wheel. He turned and looked at her.

"Priss, you want to talk about it?" he asked starting the car.

"I... I feel so useless when I can't help someone," she said.

"You can't help everyone."

"Doesn't mean I can't try. I just... Hate not being able to do something."

Dean nodded. He took her arm and pulled her closer to him. She snuggled against his side and he wrapped an arm around her. She rested her head on his chest.

"Does this have something to do with your dad, huh?"

"You have been talking to Jinx."

"Maybe. She said she was worried you would do something stupid and make a deal."

Ace closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest. She didn't want to have this conversation.


"I might have thought about it. Tell me you haven't."

Dean sighed. He held Ace tighter.

"We make quite a pair, huh?" he said.

"We do. I think we... We make a good team."

"Warming up to me huh?"

"Shut it, Pinky."

Sam and Jinx drove up to a nice house in a very nice neighborhood. Jinx climbed out of the jeep first. She looked at the house then at Sam when he climbed out too. She went over to him.

"This it?" she asked.

"Yes, this is the place."

"Wonder what he sold his soul for."

Sam shrugged. He started to walk towards the house. He felt Jinx take his hand. He turned and smiled at her. He turned when he heard the impala come down the street. Jinx and him waited for Dean and Ace to climb out of the impala and join them on the sidewalk. Dean looked at the house.

"Nice," he said.

"I've seen better," Ace said shrugging.

"Well, let's go see what Evan Hudson sold his soul for," Sam said.

"Bet it's a hot chick," Dean said.

"Or two hot chicks," Jinx added.

Ace and Sam rolled their eyes and walked ahead of Dean and Jinx. They walked up to the door. Ace rang the doorbell and waited. A minute later, Evan opened the door.


"Evan Hudson?" Sam asked.


"Have you ever been to a bar called Lloyd's it would have been ten years ago," Ace asked smiling at him.

Evan looked from Ace to Sam then saw Dean and Jinx coming up the walk. He slammed the door in their faces.

"Hey! That is very rude!" Ace said.

"What did you two do?" Dean asked.

"I think Sam tried to come on to him," Ace stated.

"What?" Sam exclaimed.

"Sammy, I thought you were over that stage," Dean said before kicking in the door.

The four of them went into the house then walked around. They walked down the hall and around a corner. They found another room. Dean lifted his leg to kick this door in but Sam stopped him. Sam tried the doorknob and it opened. The four of them walked into the room. They walked into what looked like a study. Ace bit her lip. It reminded her of her father's study in what had been their apartment back in Boston. She needed to keep a clear head.

"Evan?" Jinx asked.

"Please don't hurt me," Evan said coming out from behind a wall.

"We aren't going to hurt you," Ace reassured him.

"We know all about the genius deal you made," Dean added.


"It doesn't matter. We're just going to help you get out of it," Ace said stepping closer to him.

"Can you stop it?" Evan asked rubbing his hand in his eyes.

"Don't know but... We'll try," Jinx said.

"I don't want to die."

"Of course not, not now," Dean said.

"Dean," Ace said her voice soft but holding a tone of anger in it.

"What did you sell your soul for Evan? Perfect job, bowl the perfect game, what?"

"My wife."

"Right, getting the girl. Cause that's worth a trip to hell," Dean laughed.

"Dean, stop," Sam said.

"No, he's right. That woman, that night at the bar, she said I could have anything I wanted. And... I was desperate," Evan said.

Ace and Jinx looked away. They both knew that feeling. Desperate for answers, desperate to know why this had happened to you; why you had to feel this hurt and pain. Desperate was an emotion both of them knew very well.

"Desperate?" Sam asked.

"Julie was dying," Evan said his back towards them.

"You did it to save her?" Dean asked.

"She had cancer. They had stopped treatment; they were moving her into a hospice. They said it was a matter of days. So, yeah I made the deal. I would do it again. I would have died for her on the spot."

Ace felt like she couldn't breathe. She needed out of that room. She turned and stalked out of there as fast as her feet would take her. She heard Dean then Jinx calling her she just kept going. She got outside on the porch and sat on the step. She took deep breaths and felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. The memories were coming back. She couldn't stop them.

Sitting by her father's bedside as he did his chemo, laughing with him about how now he wouldn't need to spend money on shampoo and that he was saving the environment too. Holding him as he threw up over and over into the toilet until nothing more came out but bile. Sitting in the doctor's office as they told it was over, the fight was done; her father was going to die.

Touring the different hospices the doctors had suggested seeing all the people dying. It all hit her like it had happened yesterday. She hugged herself tight and cried. She knew what Evan was talking about. She would have sold her soul too to save her father.




Jinx looked at Dean, then to Evan. "You stay put." She pointed at him, then to Dean. "You, be nice."

"Or you'll what?" Jinx gave him a suggestive smile as she went after Ace. She didn't need to go far; all she had to do was listen for the crying. She found Ace against the wall, sobbing.

Jinx dropped to her knees and pulled her into her arms. "You can wait in the car if you want."

"I am not a child."

"You know I cant have you in harms way if your distracted thinkin about your dad."

Ace took a deep breath and squared her shoulders and wiped her tears. "I'm fine."


"Jinx." she said in the same tone.

Jinx exhaled deeply and stood, holding her hand out to her. "I think Dean is going to do something stupid, try not to let him, or do something as equally stupid."


"Its what I'm here for." she said as they walked back into the study.

Dean looked at her concerned before looking at Jinx. His eyes trailed down to her wrists; they were glowing.

Just as he was about to say something, Evan yelled about the hellhounds outside. "You know the plan?" he asked as Sam tried to protest but Jinx shook her head.

"Go do it now, Sam and I got this."

"Are you sure?" Ace asked as Jinx held up her hands, showing her the glowing tattoos.

"Go. We got this." Ace and Dean didn't argue any further as they ran out of the house.

Jinx turned and looked at Sam. "Now I am really glad Georgie gave us that Goffer dust." she said as she started to lay it down anywhere a hellhound could get in. "Now Evan, try not to panic, but we cant see these puppies, if they get you, you tell us, okay?"

Evan was shocked by how calm she was being where Sam was even a bit panicky; hell Sam was shocked at how calm she was. Evan was looking all around as Jinx finished up the lines.

"Well, Evan?"

"Not yet." he said fearfully as Jinx walked over to him and Sam and started to draw a circle around them.

Sam watched her. "Why aren't you getting in here?" he asked as she stepped away from the circle.

"They don't want me and my soul. They want him."

"Jinx get in here now."

"Don't worry Sam."

"Jinx. You promised you weren't going to-" Evan yelled; the hellhounds were getting angry that they couldn't. Now they learned something new about them; they could make goffer dust disappear, or make is disbanded.

Jinx looked up at Sam, then winked. The doors bursts open; Evan was exposed. "JINX!"

"Just shoot." she yelled as she looked down, watching the lines appear on the hard wood where the hounds stepped. Jinx waited then grabbed one. Her tattoos burned hot as she pulled a chain out of her pocket.

Sam watched as she wrapped it out nothing and pulled hard. One of the hounds let out a painful howl. "Get him somewhere else." she yelled as she watched for the next one.

"Damn it Jinx."

"Just do it!" she yelled tackled another hound. Jinx cried out in pain as one clawed her. "Fuckin mother fuckin FUCK!"


"I'm fine." she shouted as she wrestled the invisible hound down. When she thought about it, it wasn't too hard; if only they would stop clawing at her. "Are you guys fucking hell cats?" she muttered as she wrapped the iron chain around something and pulled tight.

She really hoped there were only two. Jinx collapsed on the floor, breathing hard. "I hate hellhounds."




Ace sat in the car next to Dean. He had told her the plan and she really didn't like it. Not one part of it. She glanced at Dean. He was quiet and handed made a move to comfort her or touch her.

"Dean?" she asked wanting a distraction from her own pain.

"What if he did it?" Dean asked.

"What if who did what?"

"What if my dad made a deal for me? He's gone and I'm here. I mean... It makes sense."

"Dean, you can't know that for sure."

"No but it fits. You're smart, Ace. What do you think?"

Dean pulled the impala up to the crossroads. He shut the car off and looked at her. She looked at him her violet eyes filled with pain. She looked away.

"If he did he did it because he loved you," she whispered.

"Loved me? What a way to show it."

"Maybe he couldn't live in a world where you were dead."

"Yeah, cause that makes it all better."

Ace watched as he climbed out of the car and slammed the door. She followed him. She watched as he grabbed a piece of ID and cut off the picture. She dug in her pocket and handed him a picture of her. He took it then looked up at her.

"You don't have to babysit me," he said.

"I'm not babysitting you. Right here with you is... It's where I want to be," she said.

Dean didn't say anything. He walked to the middle of the crossroads and unearthed the box. He heard Ace following him after she had done her part of the plan. He placed their pictures inside and reburied it. They waited.

"What brings you two to a lovely place like this?" they heard a voice say from behind them.

They turned and saw a lovely brunette in a black dress. She walked over to them.

"Wow, it worked," Ace said playing dumb.

"Ah, first time?"

"You could say that," Dean said.

"Now, don't you two sell yourselves short. I know all about you, Dean Winchester. And you, Ace Nirvana."

"So, you know all about us?" Ace asked wondering if this demon would drop the bombshell that Ace was hiding from Sam and Dean.

"Yes, I get the news letter."

"Well, come on, tell us what you know?" Dean said.

"Well, I heard you were handsome but you are downright edible. And you, Ace... They were right; you are a wounded little animal that needs to be put out of her misery."

Dean stepped in front of Ace. He didn't want her hurt again. Protecting her was at the top of his list; everything else came second.

"Leave her alone," he said.

"Alright. What can I do for you?" she asked.

"Well... We want to make a deal."

"Well, that is what I do."

"How about we do this in the car? It's more private," Dean suggested feeling Ace grab a hold of the back of his jeans.

"Whatever you want."

They started walking towards the impala. Ace walked behind Dean. She barely listened as he and the demon talked. She hugged herself and wished she had brought a coat.

"... I want Evan Hudson out of his deal," Dean was saying.

"Sorry, can't do that."

"I'll make it worth your wild."

"Oh really? What are you offering?"


Ace's head shot up. She meant Dean's glaze. She shook her head. He was not going to do this; not alone.

"And me," Ace said watching as Dean's green eyes widened.

"Ahh, look at that. Both of you are taking a page out of the book of John Winchester. How sweet to see you giving up your souls for someone else."

Dean bit the inside of his mouth. It was true. His dad had made a deal for him; he had been right. He shouldn't be here. It should have been John here not him. He should be dead and burned to ashes.

"You did hear about your dad's deal right? I didn't-," the demon started.

"Shut your mouth. We didn't come here to talk about John, we came to make our own deal," Ace said wishing she could beat the demon dead.

"Very impatient isn't she?"

"Yes, she is. After you."

Ace watched as Dean opened the door. She held her breath and waited. The demon went to climb in and stopped. She had seen the devil's trap under the car. So not good.

"A devil's trap? You have got to be kidding," the demon slammed the door. Ace and Dean backed up, "I should tare you both limb from limb."

"Go ahead, take your best shot," Dean said.

"No, I'm not going to put you out of your misery. Your misery id the whole point. Dean, knowing how you daddy died for you, sold his soul for you," the demon said focusing on Dean.

"Shut your sticking-."

Ace didn't get to finish before she was flying though the air. She landed hard fifty feet away from Dean and the demon. She rolled on her side and coughed. She didn't see any blood which was good. She looked up at Dean. She needed to get back over there; even though she was in pain she had to move.

"You know, all you think about is what your daddy did for you. You wake up in he morning and it's the first thing you think about; I can't do this anymore. All the pain you have inside of you because you loved him so much. Well, you blew it Dean. I could have given you what you needed."

"And what do I need?" Dean asked trying really hard to keep it together. It was damn hard when the demon was telling him every thought he had ever had about his dad dying.

"You daddy. I could have brought him back for you but now... Your loss, Dean. I wish you a nice long life," the demon said going to turn around.

Dean watched as Ace came running and shoved the demon under the water tower. Ace then fell on her ass on the ground. The demon stood up and glared at them. She went to walk out from underneath the tower but stopped. She looked up and saw another devil's trap. She looked back at Dean and Ace.

"So, how about we make a deal," Ace said as Dean helped her to her feet. She saw the pain in his eyes that he was trying to hide. She pushed him away. She could do this.

"Evan Hudson gets to live a full long life," Dean said looking at the demon.

"I am not making a deal with you," the demon said.

"Really? Pinky, how about we persuade her a little."

Dean pulled John's journal out of his pocket along with a rosey. He started reciting the exorcism. Ace winced a little. Someone needed to work on their Latin. He kept chanting. Ace watched as the demon's head started to spin. Ace grabbed her back and winced. That was really going to hurt in he morning.

"Wait!" the demon said.

Ace turned around in time to see the demon sticking its tongue down Dean's throat. Ace's hand clenched into fists. She turned and told herself to stay calm. It wasn't working so well.

Dean was shocked when the demon shoved him back. He couldn't believe the evil shank had kissed him in the first place.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Sealing the deal. Evan Hudson is going to live to a ripe old age. Now let me out of here."

"Like hell," Ace said coming over.

"Let me ask you something, Ace, what do you think my first order of business is going to be when I crawl out of hell? Hmm, I'll tell you, it will be to skin Evan alive. You wouldn't want that huh? Someone you couldn't protect or save. Someone who was counting on you and you let down. Counting on you to keep them safe. You want a repeat performance of that night?" the demon asked.

Dean watched Ace. All the anger drained away from her face. She went over and grabbed a board. She broke the devil's trap letting the demon free. Dean stepped back as the demon walked past him. The demon turned back and looked at him.

"You would have never pulled that if you really knew," she said.

"Knew what?" Dean asked.

"Keep walking," Ace warned holding her back.

"Where your dad was. People talk about Hell but it doesn't come close to describing the real thing."

"Shut your mouth bitch," Dean said.

"If you could hear your daddy. The sounds he makes as they rip and tare-."

"That's it. Your ass is taking a one way trip," Ace said walking over to the demon.

Suddenly black smoke poured out of the mouth. Dean and Ace watched as it disappeared in he sky. They looked at the young woman in front of them.

"How did I get here?" she asked.

"It's okay. I'm Ace. Someone took you and my boyfriend and I followed you and chased them off. What's your name?" Ace asked walking past Dean sensing that he couldn't form a plan let alone words at the moment.


"Okay, Maggie. We'll take you home. Our car is over there. We'll be with you soon."

Dean let the words the demon had said play in his head over and over. He felt Ace's hand on his chest. He looked at her.

"Come on, we need to get this girl home," she said.

"Alright," he leaned in to kiss her. He just needed to feel that he wasn't alone.

"I am not going to kiss you until you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out."

"Alright, I understand."

Ace looked in his green eyes. She stood on her tip toes and placed a soft kiss on his cheek before walking off to the impala. This was going to be a very interesting drive.

I Know.

I'm Terrible, But Honestly, What Did You Expect?

A Nice Solid Ending With No Cliff Hangers And Everyone Being Safe?

Nah, I Know You Didnt.