Rome sighed as she laid back on her bed; sleep was just what she needed at the moment, and that was what she was going to get. She had spent half of her work night writing a random Supernatural fan fiction back and forth with another fangirl. Now all she needed was sleep. Thank god it was her day off.

She woke a few hours later; she was sure she had heard someone calling her name. Rome loked at her watch and groaned. "Motherfucker." she muttered as her phone made a noise. "What now?" Half awake, she grabbed her phone and looked at the text she had gotten. "Bitch, we'll be there in twenty, be dressed." Rome jumped from her bed and ran to the bathroom; she had forgotten about the plans she had with her friends. Fuck.

Once she was dressed, she waited by her front door, petting her dog, Loren's head. She hated when they were late. Before she knew what was really going on, there was a flash of light and she was gone.

"Sam." "Dean." There was a bright light filling the room. Rome acted on instinct; whether this was a dream or not, that was still Lucifer rising and she did not like that idea. Rome grabbed their arms and pulled them back, dragging them out of the convent. Once outside, she stared at them, shocked; she had never had a dream this vivid before.

Dean and Sam looked at her questioningly, but she shook her head. "Lucifer is about to wake up and trust me, you do not want me driving your baby." she said as Dean seemed to snap out of it and got in the drivers seat. Sam followed and finally, Rome threw open the back door and climbed in.

This was one hell of a dream. Rome closed her eyes and tried to will herself asleep, but she was still there. Dean looked back at the small female in the back; she looked around fifteen years old. "Who the hell are you?" She looked at him for a moment before realizing he was speaking to her. "How about a thank you from saving both of your asses from being the first thing good old Lucifer destroyed." Sam turned towards her. "How do you know about that?" "You don't want to know how I know." she muttered under her breath.

Rome stared at the boys; this was really happening. Or she had finally gone insane. At the moment, she was going with 'its real', crazy just seemed depressing. "What's your name?" Sam asked softly; she hadn't heard him speak like that in a long while. "Rome." She took a deep breath. "Listen, I am not possessed, I am not an angel, a demon, shapeshifter or anything else that I cant think of right now." "Then what are you?" Dean asked as she looked at him. "Well, this morning when I woke up, I was still human."

Dean kept looking back at her; he did not trust her. Sam kept his eyes on her as they drove to Bobby's; he would know what to do. Rome was still tired, and yawned; she looked at the backseat. Although she knew what had gone on back here, it was big enough for her to lay back on and it was calling to her. Rome laid back and fell asleep almost instantly.

Sam looked at Dean. "Well, its the end of the world, mayeb something else came out with him." "What if that is him? Its a cleaver enough disgusise." "Dean, I dont know, I dont think-" Dean gave him one look. After what Ruby had just put both of them through, Dean didn't know if he could trust his little brothers judgement at the moment.

That's when the muttering started in the backseat. Neither of them could make it out. This only continued for a few minutes before she stopped and seemed to be peacefully back asleep. "Okay, even I will admit that was weird." "Yeah, you think?" Dean questioned. So many things were going through his head; the end of the world, the angels letting it happen and so on. Now this stranger teenage girl in his backseat. This is so not what he needed.

A couple of hours later, they were in front of Bobby's. He started to yell at them; they could both see how happy he was to see them. That's when Bobby saw the girl in the backseat. "Who is she?" "Rome, who might or might not be evil." Sam said as Bobby nodded. "Well are you going to leave her in the backseat?" he asked as Dean sighed and opened the back door. Carefully he lifted the girl and carried her into the house.

Rome was soft everywhere, just not her skin, but her body. Every curve was soft, but perfect. And when Dean caught a peek at a couple of her professional done tattoos, he started to wonder just how old she really was. Dean looked at Bobby. "Do you have rope, or handcuffs?" he asked as Bobby gave him an odd look. "We still dont know if she's evil." he said as Bobby as about to say something, but Sam walked in with handcuffs. "Yeah, I dont want to know." he muttered as he took the cuffs from Sam as Rome came to.

She opened popped her back where she was laying on the couch and looked around. "Well i'll be damned." she muttered under her breath as she saw Dean standing there with the handcuffs. "I'm surprised you waited this long." Rome yawned as she held her wrists out for him to cuff. Dean looked at her oddly, but cuffed her nonetheless.

Dean and Bobby left the room, leaving Rome alone. She sat there for a moment and shook her head; those boys heads must really be somewhere else; she had a handcuff key on her necklace, in plain sight. When Dean and Bobby came back with the holy water and sivler, Rome was sitting up on the couch, the hadncuffs dangling from her fingers. "next time, you might want to check and see if the person you are handcuffing has a key on them." She yawned as she looked at the holy water and silver. "Hand them over."

Dean tossed the sliver necklace at her, she caught it and held it in her hands. "Do you see any smoke raising? Any burning?" she asked as she held her hand up for them to see; her skin was perfectly pale. "You going to splash me with the holy water now? Cause I dont mind." Bobby opened the bottle and threw some water on her. Again, there was no smoke. "Okay, now that we have that out of the way, how did you know where we were?" Rome looked at them, then to Sam as he walked in. "You're not going to believe me." "Listen, its kind of the-" "The end of the world, I know. And then angels are just as bad as the demons." The three men looked at her.

Dean grabbed a chair and pulled it up in front of her. "I am not in the mood. No games." Rome was trying not to go completely fan girl at the moment, but his eyes were so angry, sad and tired. "My name is Rome Grimm, like the Brothers Grimm. I am twenty years old, i'm an operator in a hotel and my favorite TV show revolves around Dean and Sam Winchester." Making Dean's jaw drop made her smile. "You're lying." "No, i'm not." Dean knew he was not suppose to hit girls, but she was making him want to. "How are we, I mean Chuck and all that bullshit was bad enough and-" As he ranted Rome looked at Sam; he was not looking good.

God she was happy Ruby was dead. "Ask me anything, anything that has happened to you in the last four years." Dean looked at Sam and then looked back to her. "What is my favorite food?" "That's just mean. I mean, you are pretty obsessive over burgers and pie, but you love food way too much to have one favorite one." "That was easy." he said as she looked at him. "Fine, then ask me about Cassie, or Lisa. Or how about when Sam died? You're the only one who knows what happened before you made that deal, right?" Dean's face turned to stone.

Rome leaned forward and whispered in his ear; god he smelled good. "When he was a kid, he used to ask you all of these questions, like 'where did dad go?' 'why do we move around so much?' 'why don't we have a mom?' And you just wanted him to stop, not to ask because you wanted him to be a kid a little bit longer." When she pulled back, she knew he knew she was not lying. Either that or she had read the books way too much. "Do you believe me now?" Dean looked at Sam and Bobby; he nodded.

Rome looked at them. "You can lock me up if you want. But, you're going to want to double check the security on this place and put Sam back in detox." Rome looked at him. "I am sorry, and if you want, i'll stay down there with you. I know you dont trust me, but if you start seeing shit again, its best that you're not alone." Rome was going to have to get used to them staring at at her. She was also going to have to get used to the fact she was now in a place where Dean Winchester was real.

Why did she have to look the way she does? Why couldnt this have gone the way most fan fiction stories did? Well, she was just going to have to wait it out. There was nothing else she was going to be able to do other then go with the flow. "Do, do you know what's going to happen next?" asked Bobby as she shook her head. "I wish I did, but Eripke is an ass and never lets spoilers out." "What?" asked Dean as Rome bit her lip. "Um, Eripke is the creator of the show y'all are in. When I showed up, when Lucifer was rising, that was the season finale of season four." They stared. "Meaning, no, I don't know whats going on. But I have to say this; every one was rooting for Ruby to die and was damned glad when it happened and Sam," he looked at her. "If you didn't look like you were going to be sick right now, I would smack you silly." Rome bit her lip again. "If I could reach your head. I might need a step latter." Sam actually laughed at that, then doubled over.

Rome looked at Dean and Bobby, "Now, y'all can either trust me that I am not here to hurt you, regardless if you believe where I came from, and focus on Sam, or we can continue to focus on me." Dean stood from his chair, signaling for Bobby to following him and Sam to watch her. Rome sighed. "Come sit down Sam. I wont be able to drag you if you fall down." He nodded without looking at her and sat next to her. "So, you know?" he asked as she nodded. "I need to tell you something." Sam looked at her, waiting for her to say it.

Neither of them saw Dean and Bobby standing there in the doorway. "You're brother loves you, that's, nothing can change that. That message you got, the things you saw down there in the basement, those were not real. His real message, it was him telling you that he was still behind you on this, that you are still his brother. He doesnt think you're a monster Sam, he never has." Sam looked near tears; he didn't say anything, only nodded. "Thank you." "You're welcome. We both know he's too pigheaded to say it to you in person, unless he was drunk, really drunk." Sam smiled.

Rome noticed Sam shaking. Carefully she reached out and felt his forehead; he was running a fever. "You should lay down. You dont look so hot." "Its always so comforting when a girl says that." Rome smiled. "Oh trust me Sammy, you are one fine piece if man folk, but right now, you look like you are going to be sick." "I won't puke on you." "Promises, promises." She said with a smile. Dean and Bobby walked in a moment later. Dean was Sam's side in a moment and looked at him. "You okay Sammy?" "I think she's right. I dont feel so good." Dean stood, pulling Sam to his feet. "Come on sasquash, lets get you upstairs." Rome looked at him. "If he's detoxing, you know he needs to be in a place he can trash." Dean looked at her, basically glaring, but Rome was not going to back down from him.

She cared about both of them living, even if she was a strict Dean girl. "Fine, come on Sammy, can you make it down the stairs." Sam grunted a response as Dean and Bobby helped him down the stairs. Rome decided right now was not the time to lose her mind, right now, they did need her help. She always did say that if she ever, however impossible it seemed, met them, she was going to help them. Rome walked into the kitchen and looked around for a bowl, or some kind of container they could use for cold water for Sam. Once she found something suitable, she turned on the tap and waited for it to get cold.

When Dean walked into the living room and saw Rome was gone, he knew they should have tied her up. Thats when he heard something in the kitchen and when he walked in, he found her in there. "Towels, towels." she muttered to herself as she went through the cabients, musing when she found a shot gun. "Oh Bobby." Dean watched her movements; she could have taken the gun, and tried to do something, instead, she kept looking for towels. Dean walked closer to her, the floor made a creek. Rome turned and jumped. "Fuck, dont do that." Dean simply looked at her; she knew that look. He did not trust her, not in the least bit. "I've got some water here for Sam, for a cold press, I just dont know where Bobby keeps any kind of towels." Dean crossed his arms over his chest. "I dont want you around my brother." Rome nodded. "Then what would you have me do? If you dont want me about Sam, then I am betting you dont want me around to help boost security on this place." "I would rather just tie you up." Rome looked at him, giving him a half smile. "Oh Dean, I know I am not your type, so there's not need to kinky talk me." she said with a wink.

Dean shook his head; he did not know what he was going to do with this girl. "Fine, but if you hurt one hair-" "He is more likely to hurt himself right now then me doing anything." Dean looked at her, a realization hitting him. "He could hurt you." Rome crossed her arms. "Someone should be down there with him, and you and Bobby are going to be busy. I dont see anyone else around her not doing anything." Dean actually smirked at her attitude and tone. 'Well, at least I can trust her with this.' He thought as he opened a cabient, holding a couple of hand towels out to her. "I dont even think he knew those were in there." he said as she gave him a smile. "Lead the way. You guys can bring other stuff down for us later." "Like what?" "I dont know Dean, like food." Rome said as he glared at her, but nodded; now he wasn't sure if he hated her or not.

Dean lead Rome down to the basement just as Bobby was coming out of the panic room. "How's he doing?" asked Dean as Bobby gave him a look. "Well, he'll be fine. I'm a good nurse." she said as she walked passed both men and into the room. She half expected them to lock her in, but they simply closed the door her. Rome looked at Sam and took a deep breath. "Hey there Sammy, how you hanging in?" he looked at her, groaning. "Okay, well,i got something that's going to make you feel a bit better." she said as she sat on the bed next to him. She dipped one of the hand towels in the cold water. After ringing it out once, she folded it and placed it on the back of his neck. Sam sighed. "Better." "Yeah, a little. Thanks." "No problem."

Bobby and Dean hadnt gone upstairs yet to work on protecting the house, they stayed and listened to Sam and Rome. They wanted to work out her character. "Rome?" "Yeah Sam?" "Tell me about yourself." "What do you want to know?" she asked as she leaned against the wall. Rome was shocked when she felt Sam move closer to her, laying his head down in her lap. Rome smiled; everyone needed comfort, and she had no problem giving it. "What do you want to know?" "Anything." Rome nodded. "Okay. I live in Anchorage Alaska. I have my entire life. I hate the cold, but I hate the hot even more. So, fall and spring are my favorite times of the year. Its a perfect temperature." Rome smiled at the thought of home and tried not to think about how she was going to get home.

"I still live with my parents, because rent is too high and I honestly would hate it to live alone. I am an only children, but I treat everyone like kids, so it makes up for it." She said Sam gave a small smile. "I want to be a teacher. Elementary. I love kids, and when they are that young, they may have tantrums, but they dont have attitudes." Rome played with her long necklace that had her handcuff key on it. "I am however suppose to be moving in with a couple of my friends. That should be really interesting, considering its all guys, but I love them, and if I kill one of them, the others will help me hide the bodies." "It sounds perfectly normal." he muttered as she nodded. "Pretty much, cept, I dont date and I can count the number of female friends I have on one hand." "Why don't you date? Haven't found Mr. Right?" Sam asked as she shook her head. "Please, doesn't exist. And no, not because of that. I dont want or need the drama that comes with a guy." "What about girls?" Rome chuckling. "You sounded like Dean there. But no, no females for me. I cant stand crying. I would end up getting arrested for abuse after smacking her to get her to shut up. I mean, I am bitch enough for at least three people, I dont need a female." Sam laughed. "I like you, you're awesome." "Coming from you, thanks."

Rome took a deep breath. "And just to let you know, you start seeing stuff and screaming, i'm smackin you out of it." "Please do." "Good to know we're on the same page, now get some sleep." "Like that will happen." "I could knock you out if you want." Sam smiled. "No thank you." "Thought as much." she said as Sam drifted off into sleep. She knew that was not going to last very long. 'Good job Sammy.' Dean thought to himself as he walked up stairs. Bobby had asked Sam, that if he could, to get her to talk. It had worked. Now they had something to go on.