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After giving Peter directions to the motel, Rome realized how late it was by the falling sun. She sighed as the motel came into view; a part of her wanted to just tell Peter to keep driving while the other was telling her to just get it over with and the other was thinking about what Chuck had said to her; did she regret this?

When the car came to a stop in front of her door, Peter turned and looked at Rome, but noticed she was combing the parking lot for the boys car. "They must be out looking for you." He said with his hands still on the steering wheel, not trusting himself if his hands were unoccupied.

"They really are good people."

"I don't doubt that. They are lucky to have you."

She looked at him, tilting her head to the side. "You think? Sometimes," She shook her head. "Now is not a time for confessional."

Rome smiled as she unbuckled the seat belt and cupped his cheek gently before kissing him. "Take care of yourself Peter and call me if something like this ever goes down again."

He nodded, kissing her again. "I'll pray for you. All of you."

She smiled. "We'll need it." She pulled away and willed herself out of the car before she really did something she would regret, such as going back home with Peter and not facing Dean.




Dean had been waiting too long; Rome had been gone for nearly five hours and twenty something missed calls later and she was still not back. His mind wandered through all of the horrible things that could have happened to her. His gut twisted at those thoughts and he tried to push those thoughts out of his mind and instead focus on what he was going to do when she came back.

How was he supposed to convince her that he was sincere in his convictions? He heard a car pull up and looked at his phone; Sam shouldn't have been back yet, unless he found her. His heart fluttered at the idea of her being back and he instantly wanted to smack himself for being such a chick at the moment.

When the door opened, Dean felt his stomach drop; he couldn't instantly tell what Rome had been doing while she was gone. He watched as she looked around the room and for a moment she looked relieved, that was until her eyes landed on him. "Hi Dean." She said as she closed the door and walked over to her bed to look through her bag.

"Hi, that's all? Where the hell have you been?"

Rome avoided looking at him as she dug through her bag for clothes; she needed a shower before they left. She knew once she told them about Crowley and the colt, they were going to hit the road. "I told you, I needed to clear my head."

"And that involves you fucking some random guy?"

Rome spun around to begin to defend herself, but he didn't give her the chance. "I tell you how I feel and less then an hour later, you're screwing some random guy!" He yelled as she threw her clean clothes on the bed and shook her head.

"What I do with my body Dean, is none of your fucking concern. I have never once said one thing about where you fucking stick your dick, so don't start on me. As for your feelings, you're confused."

"Oh, I'm confused? Please fucking enlighten me."

"You didn't have a mom for basically your whole life, you always took care of someone, whether it was your dad or Sam. You never had anyone take of you. I take care of you and Sam. I take that burden away, so of course you feel affection for me, maybe even love, but it's not a romantic one and continuing to mistake it for romantic love is just going to continue to make things difficult for us." Dean stared at her and wondered where the hell that came from.

While he was trying to process what she had just said, Rome turned back to the bed to grab her things, but Dean snapped out of it and grabbed her arm, spinning her around. "I don't really understand half of what you said and it doesn't matter. You're just saying those things to convince yourself for some god forsaken reason that you're not good enough for me. That's fucking bullshit Rome. You're perfect for me." Dean could tell she was near tears and took a shallow breath before speaking.

"Please Dean. Stop."

"Why? I know you like me Rome, more than just a friend, so tell me why you're fighting me on this. And no more psycho babble bullshit."

Rome took a deep breath. "I told you, I'm not your type. Not even close."

Dean shook his head as he pulled her closer. "Fuck types Rome, you're the one I want. The only one I want. I know that now."

Rome pulled back and shook her head. "I'm not for you Dean. You end up with someone like Lisa or even Cassie, not me."

"Have you ever wondered why none of those relationships worked,"

"You're a hunter."

"Cause they weren't right for me. Come on Rome, I am laying my heart out here and all you got to say to me is, 'you're wrong.'"

Rome looked as if she was going to say something but then Sam opened the door and Rome took this chance to bolt into the bathroom.

Dean stood there, shocked by Rome's sudden departure, left wondering what the hell had just happened. Sam looked at him then to Rome's bag on the bed. "So she came back?"

"She fucking slept with someone Sam."

Sam's brows shot up. "She did what?"

"She fucked someone. I told her how i feel and she goes and fucks the first guy she runs into." Dean sat on the bed and ran his hand through his hair. "What am i supposed to do Sammy?"

Sam wasn't sure how to feel; on one side he was glad Rome was rejecting Dean but on the other, the much larger side, Sam was worried about his brother. He had never seen him so lost over a girl and realized while he sat there in silence with Dean that he had never seen Dean look at a girl like he did Rome.

Sam patted Dean's shoulder and sighed. "Dean, if i know anything about Rome, its that she cares about you, that she is head over heels for you. But give her some space. Let her come to you."

Dean turned towards his brother. "Really? That's what you have for me, wait? Let her come to me? What kind of crap advice is that?"

"Its the only advice i have. Dean, you're scaring the hell out of her."


"Okay, think about it this way. She knows just about everything about us, knows your track record with women, never thought that this, knowing you, being here would be possible, she doesnt know how to deal with all of this and then you hit her with this revelation? It's freaking her out because she doesnt know whether this is real or not."

Dean stared at him. "Have you and Rome been watching Dr. Phil while i've been asleep or something? Where the fuck is all of this coming from?" Sam smiled slightly, then looked over to the bathroom when he heard the shower turning off.

"Believe it or not, not Dr. Phil. I just, i get her i guess." Dean glared at him slightly before the bathroom door opened and Rome came out, the steam following her as she grabbed her clothes she had gathered earlier.

She looked at Dean and Sam, her heart stinging with the knowledge that she was the reason why Dean looked so upset. "Are you guys packed?" she asked, looking at Sam.

"Yeah, we packed while we were waiting for you. Why?"

Rome shifted from one foot to the other, tightening her hold on her towel. "I know where the colt is. Tell Bobby to find a demon named Crowley." Rome turned about to leave them with no other information before she turned back. "And as much as i hate to say this, but make sure he calls Ellen and Jo."

Sam looked at her, waiting for an explanation or anything from her. "How did you come across this information may I ask?" Dean said, looking her directly in the eye; it made her skin crawl, causing her skin to erupt in goose bumps. 'Damn him and his skills.' Rome thought as she felt herself shiver. 'And damn his effect on me.'

"I talked to Chuck earlier. He said that we meet up with a demon named Crowley cause Bela gave the colt to him." She sighed, fiddling with the clothes in her hands. "Do you mind if i get dressed? I can explain the rest on the drive

to Bobby's."

Sam nodded. "Go ahead. We'll be right here."

"Funny." Rome rolled her eyes as she went back into the bathroom, closing the door behind.

When Sam looked over to Dean, he was surprised to find him smiling. "Am i missing something?" he asked as Dean shook his head and began gathering up the last of this things, making sure he wasnt forgetting anything.

"Jo's going to be there."


"And Ellen."

"Uh huh, where are you going with this Dean."

His smile grew and Sam shook his head, realizing what his brother was thinking. "No."

Dean nodded. "Oh yeah, its perfect."

"What part if space didn't you get?"

"This is my chance to prove to Rome that i'm serious. That even when we were pretending, we really werent." Sam gave him a look. "Okay, cept that one time in the shower, that was fake."

Sam shook his head. "I dont think this is a good idea Dean."

"Well, I'm not exactly known for my great ideas, now am i?"

Sam snorted as he too joined Dean in the once over of the room. "Well, if youre going to be serious about this, there's one thing you need to do."

"And what is that Sammy?"

"Tell Bobby." Dean stopped moving, as if terrified for a moment before shaking his head.

"Yep. Or else Bobby could ruin everything."

Dean weighed his options for a moment. "I can wing it."

Sam shook his head. "You really want possible future of you and Rome to get fucked up over something like, wingin it?" Dean thought about it for a moment, then swore under his breath and looked defeated.

"Damn it." he sighed heavily. "I hate it when you're right." Sam chuckled as he patted his back and went back to his packing.

Rome came out several minutes later and was on the phone. "Yes Bobby, Crowley. The great Prophet Chuck told me. Uh huh. Yep, we'll be on the road in about ten minutes. Should be at the junk yard by tomorrow afternoon." Rome smiled then nodded. "I promise. Bye Bobby."

She hung up and realized Dean and Sam were staring at her. "So, Bobby is informed and has begun his searching for him. He also is going to call Ellen and Jo for us. So, we good to go?" she asked as she walked over to the bed, making sure everything was packed.

"Yeah, I'll go throw everything in the trunk." Sam said as he grabbed her bags from her and basically ran out before Rome could even protest.

Rome looked at Dean, then over to his bags. "You got everything?" he nodded.

"Listen, i know i'm not making this easy, but I'm not going to give up on you."

Rome took a deep breath. "We're fighting."

Dean looked at her confused. "Jo. You still want her to back off?"

"Um, yeah."

Rome nodded then grabbed one of his bags; he was surprised that she was still being her old self while dealing with everything. "Then we're fighting and dont think i wont hesitate to knock that stupid grin off your face."

"What grin?" He asked grinning as she walked passed him, socking him in the shoulder.

"That grin." He continued to smile as he grabbed the last bag and followed her out.




The drive back to Bobby's seemed longer then the drive to their first hunt together had been. Rome attributed it to the obvious tension that filled the car; Sam no doubt knew what was going on between herself and Dean, which he was obviously not taking part of.

She knew this because he didnt think twice when she took the backseat when they both knew she loved sitting shot gun. Rome sat in the back, using Sam's computer to do more research on the colt and whether it could have any effect on Lucifer.

As she wrote this out, her phone rang and without thinking, she answered it. "Hello? Oh hey Zoey. How you been?"

Dean looked over to Sam, but he was clearly passed out. "Yeah, we've been good. Anything new?" "Oh well, call me back later. It was good to hear your voice." She said as she hung up and looked up as Dean was staring at her in the rear view mirror.

"How's Zoey?"

"Good. Said its been boring without me." she said as she tucked the phone back into her pocket and went back to her notes.

It was close to midnight when they stopped at a gas station. "Come on Dean, can we please get some real food?" Sam practically begged as Dean filled the impala with gas.

"We'll be at Bobby's in a couple of hours. Cant you hold off until then?" As if on cue, Sam's stomach began growling.

"I guess not." Dean sighed as he looked through the back window to Rome who was leaning against the door, nearly passed out.

"I think there's a bar a couple up miles of the road. We'll stop there."

"Thank you." Sam said as Dean rolled his eyes at him and told him to get some oil for the impala.

While Sam was in the gas station, Dean walked over to the window Rome was leaned against and knocked on it gently. Rome shook herself awake and looked at Dean with questioning eyes before she rolled the window down. "Yeah?"

"We're stopping at a bar for dinner. You hungry?"

Rome nodded. "I could eat. I'm thinking some pool, what do you say?"

Dean smiled widely. "Sounds like fun."

Rome smiled, which grew wider as an idea hit her. "Want to make it interesting?" she asked as Dean leaned into the window slightly.

"Name your stakes woman."

"Whoever wins the most money, gets to drive."

"You know, all you have to do is ask and you can drive her. Unlike Sam's track record, you haven't crashed her or douched her up."

Rome chuckled as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "In all fairness Dean. He thought Baby was his." He knew what she was referring to, but he didn't care; it was nice to have her not mad at him, or at least acting like she wasn't mad at him.

"How about this, if I make the most money, you go out on a date with me."

"A date?"

"Yes, a date."

"Okay, and if I win?"

Dean licked his lips and grinned. "You can have anything you want."

"Anything?" She asked as she sat up on her knees, mere inches from him. "So, if I win and I want Baby, I get her?"

She watched as Dean's eyes widen but quickly recovered and nodded. "If you win and she's what you want, then fine."

Rome stuck out her hand and Dean shook it. "One rule."

"I can live with one rule."

"We're only allowed one bet and one bet only. We don't tell each other what the amount is and try not to get stupid with it."

"That sounds really fair."

"And if lets say, you win a hundred bucks, I cant up mine to two hundred. One price, one chance."

"Deal." He shook her hand again and pulled out of the window when Sam came out with oil and a couple of drinks.

"Why do I have the feeling I've just missed something big?" Both Dean and Rome only smiled as Dean took the oil from Sam and began a short adventure under the hood.

When Sam climbed in, he noticed that some, not all but some of the tension was gone and it really had him wondering now what he had missed. "What's going on guys?"

"Nothing." Rome said as Dean turned onto the highway.




Rome waited a moment and then made sure that Dean and Sam's attention was not on her before she unzipped her hoodie and pulled a tee shirt out of her bag along with a pair of scissors.

In seconds she had cut the neck out and about three inches off the bottom. She smiled at her quick deconstruction. She slipped out of the hoodie and pulled the tee shirt on and smiled as it fell right off her shoulder then she looked down and decided that even with the inches she cut off, something was off.

Rome smiled as she tied a knot right above her belly button then nodded; that was perfect. Now all she needed was to fix her makeup and she was already on her way to winning the bet.

When Dean pulled into the parking lot, he looked back at Rome, shaking his head. "Hell no."

Rome cleared her throat. "We talked about this Dean, I am going to wear whatever the fuck I want. Plus, how else do you think I'm going to win the bet?" she asked with a wink as she climbed out and walked into the bar alone.

Sam turned to his brother. "Bet?"

"We made a bet, whoever makes money tonight, well if and when I say if I mean when I win, she has to go on a date with me."

Sam nodded. "That's actually not a bad idea. But what if she wins?"

Dean avoided looking at Sam as he pulled the keys out of the ignition and climbed out. Sam sat there for a second and shook his head. "Those two are perfect for each other." He muttered as he followed his brother into the bar.

Rome was already talking up a group of frat looking boys at the pool tables and had a beer in hand. Sam shook his head as he joined Dean at the car, who was staring daggers at the frat boys.

Sam ordered a beer and leaned against the bar. "Dude, stop glaring."

"I cant help it." Dean said with his teeth clenched as he watched Rome nod and smile at one of the guys; he was tall, standing about 6'3 with dark, almost black hair with pale blue eyes and was wearing a soccer jersey that looked as if it was his.

Rome bit her lip and nodded once more before pointing to the other guys and then left towards the bar. Rome ordered a round of shots before turning to Dean. "Stop glaring at them. I told them you're my step brothers, so don't be the creepy kind okay?" Dean took a deep breath and said nothing, scared he would say the wrong thing if he did.


he bartender handed Rome a tray of shots and she gave the boys a wink before walking back over to the pool tables.

She put the tray down, grabbing her own and downing it when the frat boys did. "So, Jason. What would you like to play for?"

"I get a pick?"

"Well I happen to be out of money but in great need of it. See we're only a week away from home, but we under budged. We need some cash." He raised his brows as his buddies stared.

"So how about a deal?"

"I'm listening."

Rome leaned closer to him and grinned. "Three hundred if I win,"

"And if I win?" he asked with a large smile.

"You get a lap dance. Right here, right now." His brows shot up and he turned to his buddies. Rome took another shot and waited. When Jason turned back he held out his hand.

"You have a deal." Rome smiled and picked up a pool stick.

"You want to rack em or should I?" Jason grinned widely and signaled for her to go ahead.




From the start of the game, Rome knew the likely hood that she would be giving a lapdance was very possible. She had only looked over to Dean and Sam once and knew that if the dance was going to happen that Sam was going to have to hold Dean back; they were just flirting and he looked as if he was about to murder poor Jason.

Rome leaned forward as she made a shot and nearly rolled her eyes when she caught a couple of Jason's buddies high five each other as they looked down her shirt. Then it came to the last three balls on the table: hers, Jason's and the eight ball. When she missed on her turn, she knew she was doing the lap dance and so did Jason from the look on his face.

After the his ball and the eight ball were pocketed he stood triumphant and handed his stick over to one of his buddies. Rome did the same and walked up to Jason, shaking his hand. "Looks like I win."

"You did."

"Sorry about the gas money."

Rome shrugged. "We'll figure it out. We always do." she said as she looked into his eyes then smiled; he wasn't a horrible person, this much she knew.

"Why don't you go take a seat and I'll go find a song." He nodded and walked passed her as Rome popped her knuckles and headed towards the jukebox.

As she stood there looking through songs, Sam walked over and handed her a beer. "Dean wants to know how much money we owe them."

"We don't." She said as she kept looking, ignoring the confused look on his face.

"But you lost."


"Then," Rome looked at him and smiled. "Rome,"

"Its just a lap dance Sam." She looked passed him to see Jason sitting in the middle of the dance floor which had been cleared. "Do me two favors. Hit play for me and hold Dean back." Sam didn't bother arguing, but instead hit play as she walked over to Jason.

Rome took a deep breath as the music started and she began rolling her hips to the beat as she ran her hand through her hair, flipping it before making it to Jason's lap. She easily spread his lag and planted herself there, rolling her hips against his, her ass grinding against him as she leaned against him and wrapped her arm around his neck, letting her lips barely graze his skin before she pushed herself off and turned around. Rome balanced her knees on either side of him and continued grinding, smirking as she heard his friends cheer her on.

She bit her lip as his hands ran up her legs, ending at her hips, letting them wonder up her back as she leaned forward, her lips ghosting against his before sticking her chest in his face and shimming. She felt his fingers dig into her hips as she pulled back, letting her legs fall on either side of him, straddling him for a moment before running her hands down his chest, letting them land on his belt buckle as she now leaned and rotated and rolled her hips against his.

As the song was coming to an end and Rome couldn't help herself as she kissed his cheek, turned and let her hand drag across his crotch as she stood. She was surprised when she heard clapping and turned to see it was Jason who was then joined by his buddies and the rest of the bar. Rome chuckled and gave a slight curtsy.

As she was walking over to Dean and Sam, Jason grabbed her arm and pulled her flush against him. "That was the best damn lap dance I have ever had," She felt his hand on her hip again, then his hand in her pocket. "If I had more then three hundred on me, it would be yours."

Rome covered her surprise was a smile. "Thank you kindly." She went up on her toes and kissed his cheek again. "See you around." And with that she walked over to Dean and took his beer without looking at him and walked out of the bar.

Dean stood there in shock; he didnt know whether to be pissed off or turned on. He turned to Sam who looked just as dazed as he was. "I, did you see that?"

"I'm pretty sure everyone in this bar was watching Dean."

"I didnt know she could do that, did you know she could do that?" Sam thought back to when she was under the spell and she was his for a short moment.

He nodded. "Yeah." He paid for their beers and pushed Dean towards the door; He didnt want to give Dean the chance to start a fight with the other guy.

Rome was sitting on the hood of the impala, drinking Dean's beer as she looked at the money. She glanced up when she heard them coming. "Where the hell did you learn to do that?" Dean asked as she smirked.

"I didnt have a job in high school Dean." He stared at her for a moment before he realized she had money.

"Where did you get that?"

"Apparently," Rome pointed to herself. "Best lap dance ever and coming from a dude in college, its a big compliment."

"So he still gave you the money?" Rome nodded and when she tried to hand it to Dean, he shook his head.

"Oh no, i dont want any part of that. You earned it, you can keep it." Rome nodded again and was wondering why Dean was so calm.

He sat on he hood next to her and Sam didnt need to be told to leave, he just climbed into the car wordlessly and left them alone. "So, i guess i won."

"I still made the money."

"But you lost your bet."

Rome looked at him; she wanted to believe him, more then anything she did but she had this terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that if she let herself believe he was in love with her, that at some point he would realize it was a mistake. "If you want a date that bad Dean and you cant get one from anyone else, then i guess since i am such a good friend, i will have to say yes."

Dean nudged her shoulder gently. "I knew you couldnt resist me." Rome rolled her eyes and punched him in the shoulder before getting into the drivers seat. He smiled and said nothing as he took shotgun and didnt even bitch when she put her music on for the rest of the drive to Bobby's.

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