She had never expected this to be the way to die.

Gunshots rang down the narrow alleyway as the men came closer and closer.

Huddling behind the large metal dumpster, Anni tried to think of something pleasant. However; as the noises only became louder and louder – all she could think of was how she wished she could at least have said goodbye to her older brother.

Heavy footsteps hurriedly approached her and Anni prayed her death would at least be swift and painless.

Someone stopped right in front of the dumpster – only a metre or so away from her hiding place. Muffled and deep voices where talking to each other, but the young woman couldn't make out any words.

Suddenly a large hand grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up to stand on her feet. Anni tried to scream, but the man's other hand was quick to be placed over her mouth, silencing her as more gunshots could be heard from the main street.

She was supposed to be home by now – surely Basch would notice she was late? Everything was a blur – the gunshots had come so suddenly she hadn't had time to think. Instead she'd ran for her dear life and hid. Unsure of what was really happening.

Her brother had warned her about some rival gangs, but they never went to this side of the town! Anni shock like a leaf as the tears ran down her face. She tried to make out the shapes of people around her, but her tear-stained eyes only gave her vague shapes.

"Denmark! Get her away from here!" a deep voice ordered angrily and without warning Anni found herself pulled up the alleyway. Kicking and screaming with all her might she tried to break free of the giant man's grasp. Sinking her teeth into his hand momentarily gave her a opportunity to scream as the man cursed angrily in a language she didn't understand at all.

However; before she could break free of his other hand, she was once again silenced. Choking back more tears Anni tried to stomp down on the man's feet with no success.

Blinking away some tears, she only just managed to get a glimpse of a large black car heading straight for them. The car skid to a halt only mere centre metres from her feet, and for a moment Anni swore her heart stopped beating.

The tall man opened the door before pushing the petite woman inside.

The smell of leather and gunpowder hit her the moment she was inside.

A blonde man was sitting in the front passenger seat, brandishing a very large gun, the drivers seat was occupied by a young man with white hair – barely older than her.

Anni tried to turn around to face the man who had dragged her to the car, but before she could manage a piece of fabric was wrapped around her eyes – blinding her from her surroundings.

"Ice, Get us the fuck out of here" the same voice from before ordered as Anni heard the car door to her right slam and felt another presence join her in the back-seat.

"Where is Sweden?" someone from the front asked worriedly.

"He's diverting their attention, he's got ammo and the motorcycle is nearby – he'll be fine, just focus on the road and make sure to get us home safely." the deep voice to her right answered.

The car revved to life and spun forward, it made a pained noise as it was forced to go from first to fifth gear in barely any time at all.

Squirming in her seat, Anni tried to get the blindfold off. Her brain was still struggling to realise she was not dead yet.

A large and warm hand was placed over her hands and a different yet still rough voice spoke quietly in her ear

"Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you."

Anni highly doubted the man's words – his voice came from the left which must mean he was the same guy who had blindfolded her and dragged her to the car. She trusted no one.

"I don't believe you" she whispered back.

"Too bad, you don't have much of a choice." came the chillingly cold reply from the man to her right.

Anni had already decided that man has to be a demon from some ice-realm. No one could speak like that and still be human.

Not daring to say anything else she remained silent the rest of the journey, becoming only slightly curious as to what language they seem to be speaking to each other.

As the car slows down to a halt Anni can hear gravel under the tires and when the door is opened the smell of salt-water hits her.

Panicking widely again she tries to once again break free from the giant man's grip. The only thing on her mind is the stories her brothers have told her about how Mafia groups sink their victims to the bottom of the sea.

But the cold sea is quickly replaced by the warmth of a house and then large hands fumble with her blindfold.

As the fabric fell to her feet, it takes a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the strong light.

"There ya go missy, safe and sound."

The petite woman turns to face her capturer - having to crank her neck almost all the way back to stare up at him. The man has a wide and friendly smile - something she finds strangely odd for a gang member - however; his hair is a spiky mess and suits her mental image of someone wild and dangerous.

She takes a few steps backwards away from the smiling man – not trusting that smile the slightest.

Keeping and eye on the taller man, Anni doesn't realise there's someone else behind her until she slams into their chest. Turning around the coldest eyes she's ever seen meet hers and an involuntary squeak of fright escape her lips as she backs away from this other terrifyingly scary man.

"Ice, take little miss Zwingli to her room will you?" the man with the icy glare asks, and immediately Anni recognises his voice as the one to her right in the car – the man with the voice of a demon.

"W-What do you want from me?" she quietly asks, trying to be as brave as possible. Her brother always told her to use confidence around crooks – try to not show fear. However, she's unsure where she is, unsure who these people are and more importantly: she has no idea what they want with her.

"Why have you brought me here? I am of no use to you." she realises too late what she's said. 'no use'...perhaps they though her to be someone else? But now they'll discover she's useless and kill her... Then again he did get her name correctly. Anni fidgets nervously under the blonde man's cold stare.

His silence is highly unsettling.

"M-My brother is a police officer! He'll have you all arrested!" she finally manages to say with only a slight tremble in her voice.

Her outburst earn her a hearty laughter from the spiky haired man and a small chuckle from the man with the cold eyes.

"Dear little Miss are here because of your brother..." the ice cold man coolly states, making Anni shudder in fright.

This is certainly terrifying.

"You can't use me to blackmail him! He won't give in to crooks like you" Her fists clench together tightly as she draws up all the courage she can muster and stare right back into those cold eyes.

"My sources indicate quite the opposite..."

A pang of worry hits her at his words – how much do these men know about her and her brother? Have they been spying on them? But for what reason? Her head is spinning with unanswered questions.

Anni tries to keep her eyes focused on the man, but the sudden feeling of another hand on her shoulder makes her jump and turn around.

The youngest of the group, hair as white as snow and with a certain lavender hue to his eyes is staring expressionlessly down at her.

"Come on...I'll take you to your room..."

At first she tries to protest, but the man with the cold eyes and the taller spiky haired one - Denmark was it? - is still standing in the lobby and to be perfectly honest; Anni thinks she prefers to go with this 'ice' guy. He seems less scary.

Leading her up the large staircase, the petite woman tries to get a good grasp of where she is. By the sea – obviously - but apart from that the house gives nothing away.

It's sleek and modern, yet it has some strange decorations hanging about.

A very large collection of various battle axes are hooked to the wall as they walk up the stairs – they look old and worn; the real deal and not replicas.

'Ice' leads her down a long white hallway, several pictures of mountains adorning the wall – her first though is that they must be stolen – yet the signatures of the various artists are not the most famous ones. Some names she doesn't even recognise.

'Do gang members appreciate art?' she wonders as she continues to follow the white haired young man.

"There you go."

Anni stares wide eyed at the room she's arrantly supposed to reside in.

Not only is it brightly lit and warm – it's beautifully decorated.

She gives a surprised gasp of joy as she skips inside the room.

There is a large four post bed seemingly taken out of a princess movie, with an elaborate bed-cover draped across the duvet and pillows; and to her great amusement and joy someone has placed a large pink stuffed bunny on the bed.

"It's gorgeous." she whispered, bewildered at the strange situation she seemed to now be in.

things where making less and less sense by the minute.

"Glad you like it...the phone on the night-stand is connected to the other 6 for the living room, 7 for the kitchen and if you need help with anything else press 5."


"Yeah, it's just if you need something..."

"So if I press 5...anyone of those scary guys from downstairs will come up?" Anni did not like that thought at all.

"No..." the young male shook his head and gave her a small sky smile for a brief moment before his normal stoic expression returned. "if you ring number five, I'll be the one coming to help you..."

Despite her situation, Anni couldn't help but smile.

"All right, I think I What's your name?" even if he was one of her kidnappers, Anni wanted to know his name.


"That's a country, not a name" she huffed, placing her hands on her hips and glaring at the white haired male.

"It's a codename..."

"So you get to know my full name, yet I'm not even allowed to know you by anything except some odd little northern island?"

"That's right."

"That's not fair."

"Life isn't fair Miss Zwingli, now if you'll excuse me...I have work to do. Dinner is in two hours..."

"Hey you can't just le-" the petite woman sunk down on the bed as 'Iceland' disappeared out the door, the unmistakeable sound of a lock being turned ringing out over the big, bright room.

A.N: okay, I like the pairing IceLiech (it's cute) and I was in a mood to write some mafia/ganster Nordics. so thus this story was born.

more to come (hopefully) soon