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"Oi, Anni!" a loud voice shouts after her as she makes her way down the long hallway.

Turning around she sees a familiar person with shock white hair.

"What is it Gilbert?" she inquires. It's been a long day – so unless Prussia has anything important to tell her she doesn't really have the patience for it.

"You have a visitor." the older male smiles gleefully down at her.

"At this hour? Who is it?"

"No idea...probably something diplomatic judging by his fancy suit." the German male shrugs as he motions in the general direction of her office.

"Are you telling me you let someone into our house to do business...at this hour?" Anni tries to keep her voice calm and collected, but Gilbert's antics are close to driving her to the edge of insanity.

"Trust me on this one Boss – you won't regret it." he winks at her before bowing low – taking his leave as quickly as possible.

With a sigh she straightens her black and white pinstriped suit jacket and skirt and makes her way back to her office.

Opening the door she becomes immediately suspicious – there are no lights lit at all. The only light source is the dull light from the moon shining through her window and the bright yellow light from the hallway.

Her hand automatically rests against the small gun in her pocket – surely Gilbert couldn't have as stupid as to let an enemy in at this time of night? Anni frowns as she scans her office for any signs of life.

Taking a few steps into her office she jumps in fright as the door slams shut, leaving the room to only be bathed in grey moonlight.

With quick reflexes she turns around – gun in hand as she tries to make her eyes adjust to the darkness.

"What a greeting I'm getting, not sure if I should be scared or honoured." a familiar voice chuckles as a figure steps out of the shadows.

"You!" she near screams as she lets her gun fall to the floor – embracing the male the second his pale white hair is visible in the soft hue from the moonlight.

"What are you doing here? I though you where in China...working with Hong Kong..."

"Norway took over the task, so I came back here..." Haldur smiles secretly as he wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her up in the air "Did I scare you?" he smirks as he spins her around in the empty office.

"Of course you did. You're such a creep!" she shoots back with a laugh as she allows him to carry her over to her desk.

"I was hoping to surprise you."

"By giving me a heart-attack? You've been spending too much time with Denmark."

"For your information: Prussia also loved the idea."

"And you listened to him?" Anni raises her eyebrow slightly as he puts her down on top of the desk, swinging her legs back and forth slightly.

"Nah, I know better than to follow his advice." the Nordic male chuckles as he leans down to steal a kiss.

Anni tries to frown disapprovingly, but his soft lips against hers make her forgive him for the fright he gave her. Lifting her arms, she wraps them around his neck and pull him further down to deepen the kiss.

"You're a terrible boyfriend." she remarks as they pull apart, yet the smile on her face reveal other wise.

"Are you breaking up with me? After all these years? My heart is shattered." he jokes back with a smirk.

"No way, I'm afraid you're mine and only mine."

"Really now? No room for women on the side?" Iceland cocks one eyebrow upwards in inquiry.

"No, I'll have them all vanish mysteriously." her expression deathly serious as she speaks, making Haldur laugh heartedly – a sound she's missed dearly.

"Spoken like the true leader you are. Seychelles will be so disappointed..." Haldur chuckles with a small grin.

Anni giggles happily as she rests her head against his chest.

"Well what's the use of all this power if I can't use it to make you mine and only mine? Besides, she's far too old for you..."

"Good point...Oh I don't know, take over the world maybe?" the Icelandic man suggests teasingly.

The blonde female shakes her head before she leans away from him, studying his features with a fond look.

"I'd rather have you..."

"That's just what I wanted to hear..."

Anni blinks in confusion as he suddenly kneels in front of her, producing a little black box from his pockets.

"Anni Vogel Zwingli, will you do me the honour and marry me?"

The petite woman gasps as her hands fly in front of her mouth – lest she should scream in happiness and wake the whole house up.

"Yes. Oh my god, yes." she replies breathlessly as she jumps off the desk and embraces him so eagerly they both topple over and onto the floor.

Haldur laughs as he finally manages to sit upright, Anni perched on his lap, legs around his waist as she still clings to him tightly.

"Give me your hand." he whispers softly as he pries the beautiful diamond encrusted white-gold ring from it's box.

Anni complies immediately, her eyes fixed on his movements as he slowly slides it onto her ring finger. Once it's in place she flexes her fingers – admiring the beauty of the piece of jewellery.

"It's gorgeous..." she whispers back before giving him another kiss – she just can't get enough of him, it's been agonising being so far apart for so long. She's not seen him in two months – and now he's here; in her own home – proposing. She has to pinch herself to ensure it's not all just a dream.

"Good, but are you sure you're all right with having just a 'low life' criminal like me for a husband?"

"Don't be stupid," Anni frowns slightly and prods the white haired male's chest with a well manicured nail "You promised you'd stay by my side for as long as I wanted you to, besides...you're far from 'low life'."

Iceland isn't in the highest ranks within his own Family – but he's still well respected within the Mafia community. His cold demeanour he inherited from his brother comes in handy in tough situations – yet he's much easier to approach than Norway is. Anni always imagines that somewhere down the line Denmark did manage to influence Haldur's personality somewhat.

"You do realise we're probably breaking some codes of conduct with this?" Haldur's voice is serious, but he's still smiling – too happy by her acceptance of his proposal to really care about anything else.

"Rules are meant to be broken." Anni replies flatly before flashing her fiancé a large and warm smile.

Her fiancé...the word sounds so perfect it makes her all giddy and excited.

"Don't let Prussia hear that." Haldur jokes as he finally manages to get himself and Anni to their feet again.

"No, no...I meant that rules are meant to be broken by me - everyone else has to follow them." she states matter of factly with a serious expression – before she burst out in giggles.

"Even me?" He enquires with a smirk

"Even you...unless it means going back on your promise." she adds sternly.

Haldur shakes his head, never the one to forget his initial promise to Anni all those years ago.

"You must be tired from such a long journey..." her small hand trace the features of his face with slow motions – his chin, his lips and his nose – before they reach up to touch his soft white hair.

"A little bit..." he admits after a while, the beginning of some dark circles beginning to show under his eyes

"but how are you holding up?" he asks with worry in his voice.

For the past five years Anni has been learning everything there is to know about the Mafia. Haldur has kept an eye on her the whole time – despite not being in the same family he refused to simply let her have to go through it all on her own. Something she's incredibly thankful for.

The first two years where especially daunting and terrifying. Threats from the Mediterranean family were around every corner. Thankfully it's now more or less resolved.

Haldur has been her unofficial right-hand man from the very start. Even if her family are helpful in all aspects – the Icelandic male provides a different perspective – because he takes into account she wasn't raised for such a job. And every once in a while: he makes her feel like any normal twenty-three year old in love.

"I'm perfectly fine...even better now you're home." she replies, twisting the engagement ring around her finger with her thumb.

"You're not getting too much work?"

"Haldur...I give the work, remember?" she laughs as she gives his nose a quick peck.

"I'm just looking out for my future wife." he remarks, a hint of a blush visible despite the darkness surrounding them in the room.

"Well, your future wife thinks we both need some sleep." Anni giggles as she intertwines their fingers and drag the older male towards the door and down the hallway towards her room.

Not much sleep is had by either of them that night, so Anni decides that a day off the next morning is within her rights.

Hungary and Prussia flash them both thumbs up at lunchtime, while Germany and Austria avert their gazes and try divert any conversation topic started by Gilbert and Elizabetha onto the weather or the weekly shopping list. Basch glares at Haldur the entire time – until Anni sends a glare back at him and he abruptly stops - joining in the weather discussion with the other Germanic men instead.

However; Anni couldn't care less. The whole Mafia network could know about them and it wouldn't change anything.

Because she knows no one will ever be more loyal and no one will love her more than Haldur – in return, Anni knows never in her life has anyone been so important to her.


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