By Julesmonster

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A/N: All right boys and girls, here is my attempt at a new genre: the shifter fic. This story has been niggling at the back of my mind for a while now but I think the end result is one that I can be proud of. I hope you'll agree. In this story, shifters are grouped into packs and aren't limited to just becoming wolves. I'll explain more in the story. As always, the story is complete and I'll post one chapter a day. There are ten chapters. Enjoy! Jules

Part One

Brian stepped out into the alley and smiled. It was a beautiful night and the world was his. He was young strong and beautiful and there was nothing that he could ask for that he didn't already have. His career was on track and he had already opened his own agency before he turned thirty. He won awards and pulled in accounts and a salary that made men twice his age envious. He could afford to buy all the designer labels he wanted, had a nice home that was completely paid off now, and he could afford whatever car he liked. He walked over to the unpretentious car he chose, a jeep, where his best friend was waiting to drive him home.

"Took you long enough," Mikey muttered. "Did you fuck him or just get your cock sucked?"

That was another thing Brian had going for him: he had all the sex any gay man could ever dream of wanting. And he had friends who watched out for him, even if they could be annoyingly puritanical and jealous at times.

"Both," Brian said with a leer. "He was a hot fuck, too. You'd have creamed your jeans for a chance with him, Mikey."

Mikey said something in return, but Brian's attention had drifted and he didn't hear a word of his rant. There was something… a presence, a scent… something unfamiliar and yet so tantalizing that Brian could almost feel his mouth watering in anticipation. This wasn't the normal musky scent of sex and desire that seemed to permeate Liberty Avenue after dark. No this was more… it was anticipation and fear and lust and innocence. But it was also…

Brian found himself walking to the source of that enticing aroma and he found that the sight was almost better than the smell. A young man was standing under a streetlamp, his white-blond hair lit up like a halo around his face. He watched Brian's approach from across the way and Brian knew even before he really thought about it that this kid was like him. This kid recognized Brian the same way Brian recognized him.

Brian didn't hesitate; as soon as he reached the kid, he wrapped him up in his arms and pulled his body flush. He would establish his dominance and let the kid know who was in charge. The kid was young enough to relax into the embrace and not fight Brian's claim. In a few years, however, this kid had the potential to be a strong Alpha in his own right, definitely a Beta at the very least.

There were no words exchanged between them. What they needed to say could not be said there, where anyone might overhear. The kid did not protest when Brian dragged him over to the jeep where Mikey was waiting, still complaining loudly.

"Mikey, give me the keys," Brian demanded. He rarely used his full Alpha authority on his best friend, but this time he did. He needed to get this boy alone. Mikey may not be like them, but humans recognized and responded to that tone just the same as their kind, and it didn't take more than a second for him to hand over the keys to Brian's jeep. They climbed into the vehicle and sped away before Mikey could do more than give a token protest.

"Will he have a way home?" the kid asked as he looked back at the angry dark-haired man through the side mirror.

"Ted and Emmett will make sure he gets home," Brian told him. "What's your name?"

"Justin Taylor," the kid said. "And you're Brian Kinney."

Brian snorted. "You've heard of me? I guess I really am a fucking legend."

"I was looking for you," Justin told him.

"I would think that the packs out in the suburbs would warn their young ones away from the likes of me," Brian said with a wicked leer.

"They do," Justin admitted.

"And yet you came looking for me," Brian said. The tone was light but they both heard the more serious question underneath.

Justin shifted in his seat to look directing into Brian's eyes as they sat at a red light. "I want to be in your pack."

The light turned and Brian drove up the road, his face a stony mask. "I don't have a fucking pack and I don't want one."

"Then a mate," Justin said quietly, knowing he was pushing his luck and stepping all over traditional mating practices.

There was silence in the jeep until Brian parked it in the lot beside his building. "I don't want a mate either. Mates are worse than pack. Is that why you came to me? Because your bigoted pack booted you for being gay?"

Justin shook his head and then shrugged. "They haven't yet, but they will when they find out."

"You don't need a pack," Brian told him. "And you don't need a mate. They only turn on you and bring pain. You're strong enough to find your own path, so don't look to me to replace the blind fools you're leaving behind."

Justin was quiet for a moment staring at the unfamiliar building where Brian had brought him. "Then why am I here?"

Brian gave him a feral grin. "Because you want to get fucked." He leaned close enough that his scent would have to be overwhelming for the younger man. "Don't you?"

"Yes," Justin said in a daze. As soon as the words left his mouth, Brian's lips were there to replace them, never once giving Justin a moment to rethink his choice. And then, when he was so lost in the desperate desire that Brian' had expertly aroused in him, Brian pulled away. Before Justin knew what exactly was going on, they were on their way inside and up the elevator to Brian's loft. Their lips met numerous times on that brief journey so that Justin was panting and achingly hard by the time they finally arrived in the loft and the door slammed closed loudly behind them.

Brian released Justin and went to the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and took a long drink. "I'll give you one last chance to back out and them I'm taking you to bed and fucking your ass until morning."

Justin gave a slight shudder. Whether it was nerves or anticipation he couldn't be sure. One thing he was sure of though… "I'm staying."


The phone rang and interrupted them before they could get much beyond foreplay. "What?" Brian snapped.

Justin tried to concentrate on the conversation and ignore the fact that Brian continued to stroke his cock while he talked on the phone, but it was a lost cause. He came before Brian could hang up and there was annoyance on Brian's face instead of arousal when his attention turned back to the young man in his bed.

"Fuck!" Brian swore. "I've got to go, this little shit just shot his load all over my new duvet…. Yes! I'll be there!" Brian tossed aside the phone and glared at Justin. "Nice."

"I'll, um, wash it…" Justin offered. It didn't seem to matter to Brian, though since he was climbing from the bed and pulling on his clothes.

"It's dry clean only," Brian told him. "Get your shit. I've got to go."

Justin frowned as he searched for his discarded clothes. "But…"

"Don't worry, I'll take you home," Brian huffed. "After we stop by the hospital to see my kid."

"You have a kid?" Justin asked with wide eyes.

"I do now," Brian told him with a grim smile. "So hurry the fuck up."

Justin pulled his shirt over his head and grabbed his tennis shoes to put on. "I'm not going home," he told Brian stubbornly. "If you don't want me here, I'll just… I'll figure something else out."

Brian stopped his rushing around and stared at the kid. "You don't have anywhere to go?"

Justin shrugged as he stood up from the bed and pulled don his jacket. "It's not your concern. You've made that clear. Besides, you said I'm strong enough to make it on my own."

"Fucking twat," Brian muttered. "You're coming to the hospital with me and then I'll make a decision about what the fuck to do with you."

"It's not your decision to make," Justin said stubbornly. "You aren't my Alpha."

Brian reached out and grabbed Justin by the nape of his neck and glared at him, their faces only inches apart. "I may not be your Alpha, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let some upstart little shit talk to me like that." Without any more warning than that, Brian leaned forward and bit the expanse of flesh between Justin's shoulder and neck, making the young man whimper with a combination of pain, arousal and a need to submit to the stronger creature. Brian's teeth drew blood and still he did not let go, rebuking Justin in the most primal way known to their kind.

"Sorry," Justin mumbled when Brian finally released him and licked at the wound.

Brian looked deep into Justin's blue eyes and then smiled. "Sorry's bullshit. Now let's go meet my son."


"So this woman, Lindsay, just asked you for sperm?" Justin asked as they made their way to the hospital.

"She did," Brian said. "Apparently I'm prime genetic material."

"Does she know… what you are?" Justin asked. "I mean, your son will more than likely be like us, won't he?"

"Possibly," Brian said. "But, no, I haven't told her. I'll deal with it if he shows signs. And if he does, I'll teach him what he needs to know."

Justin shook his head in wonder. How could anyone take such a huge decision so lightly? Mating and passing on their heritage was a huge decision. They weren't like most people and there were things to consider that Brian obviously had ignored. Being a part time father would never be enough, and two human women would never be strong enough to deal with one of their kind, even as a baby.

"I know what you're thinking," Brian said. "And I should punish you for thinking so little of me. I said I'll deal with that if it happens. There are ways, you know."

Justin did know, though not first hand. Those with mind control and the ability to plant suggestions were extremely rare, even among their kind where psychic abilities were more common. Most of their kind didn't have psychic abilities but enough did that they were considered gifts to their packs. Justin had a talent for empathy. He could read people and their intentions, and he could soothe the emotional and psychic pain of others.

Justin could see that Brian was being honest when he said he could deal with the problem if it arose, which meant that he really could use suggestion to get his way. Justin wondered why he had not used that power against him. He would have known if he had simply because his own power would have revealed it to him. But Brian hadn't done so.

"Do you ever use that power to get your way?" Justin finally asked.

Brian snorted. "I don't have to use it to get my way. I succeed in business because I work my ass off and make a point of knowing what the client wants before he does. I succeed with men because… because I'm hot and a great fuck. I don't need mind control to get what I want from life. And I would never use it that way. I only use it to protect myself and those I care about."

Justin nodded. They had arrived at the hospital and Brian was parking the jeep. As they climbed from the vehicle, Justin said, "I can't really use my powers to get ahead, but I can use them to protect myself, so I guess I see what you mean."

Brian gave a considering glance at the blond. "Let me guess, you're an empath?"

"I'm still learning how to use it, but yeah," Justin said. "I never would have gone with you tonight if I didn't have some idea of your intentions, even if I didn't know the specifics."

Brian snorted. "Good to know you have some instinct for self-preservation."

They dropped the subject as they entered the hospital and made their way up to the maternity ward where a whole host of lesbians were crowded around Lindsay's bed. Brian swooped in and took his son into his arms the minute they entered the room. Justin, already completely fascinated and half in love with the man, knew that his fate was sealed in that instant. Brian's eyes as they looked into the eyes of his son were enough to show him that Brian was worth all the shit that he would have to face to be with this man. Brian was his mate, even if Brian didn't see the need for mates or pack. Brian was his mate and Justin wasn't some wimpy omega that would back off the first time an Alpha snapped at him.

Brian brought the baby over to Justin and Justin looked at the small version of Brian and fell in love for the second time in one evening. "He's just like you," Justin said. Brian looked at him questioningly and Justin knew that he was asking if Justin meant in more than just looks. Justin touched the baby's hand and took a subtle but deep whiff of his scent and then he looked into his sleepy eyes. Then he looked back at Brian and nodded. "Just like you."

Brian took a deep breath and nodded. It was earlier than he had planned—most of their kind didn't show signs until they were a year or two old—but Justin's gift gave him an advantage for finding out these sorts of things and if he said it was so then Brian believed him. He would have to act quickly before any of the others in the room thought to leave. Brian handed the baby to Justin as the talk turned to names and he participated only as much as he had to in order to keep from arousing suspicions. At the same time, Brian walked through the room and began changing each woman's memories of this baby. He left Melanie and Lindsay for last. They would be the hardest and take the longest and they were the least likely to leave before he could work his subtle magic.

Melanie turned out to be the most difficult of the bunch to influence. Her dislike for him built up a natural barrier against his manipulations. Luckily, Justin continued to entertain the two women as Brian worked, never once letting them know that there was more going on besides a happy celebration. It took a while, but Brian was able to finally get through the barriers. He grimaced when he realized that the only way to get past her barriers was to make her like him, but he would do what he must for the sake of the child he had brought into this world.

Brian hadn't said so when speaking to Justin, but he hadn't really thought through any of this until after the deed was already done. Lindsay had a way of convincing Brian to do what she wanted that had him agreeing and jerking off into a cup before he could think twice. There was nothing supernatural about her manipulations. She simply played on their long friendship, the same way Mikey often did.

By the time he had really thought about what it would mean if this baby was one of them being raised by two human women, it was too late to do anything to stop it. Besides, when he really thought about it, he knew that he wasn't as averse to being a father as he liked others to believe. He hadn't changed his mind about mates or packs, but he knew that he had a lot to pass on to a child. He would certainly be a better parent than his ever were.

Brian left the two dazed women still chatting with Justin and went to deal with the hospital staff. There was a change in plans, but they would never know that.


Brian sighed as the two men climbed back into his jeep. "I guess I'm going to spend part of the day moving baby shit tomorrow." He'd also need to fit in visits to his son.

"It was so unreal," Justin said. "One minute they were talking about how they couldn't wait to watch their son grow up and the next they were talking about how happy they were to be able to do this for you. Did the nurse tell you when you can bring him home?"

"Day after tomorrow," Brian said. "What name did they finally decide on? Or did I fuck with their heads before they could come to a consensus?"

"Gus," Justin said. "They were wavering between Abraham and Gus. I told them that Abraham would get him beat up in school so they went with Gus."

Brian quirked his brow and gave Justin a sidelong glance. "My son's name is Gus?"

Justin grinned unrepentantly. "It's better than Abraham." Then he got serious. "I'm sure you can still change it if you want. I mean, it's not like they remember that conversation now."

"No," Brian sighed. "Lindsay deserves at least that much, even if she'll never remember it. He'll be Gus."

They arrived back at the loft and they both looked around the wide open space for a moment before Brian swore. "Shit. I'm going to have to move. There's no way I can raise a baby here."

"For now you could put his crib back by the back windows and set up a privacy screen or something," Justin suggested.

"We'll see," Brian said as he came up to Justin from behind and wrapped his arms around the shorter man. His cock was already hard and pressed against Justin's ass. Justin felt a shiver of arousal race through him. "Now where were we?"