My Singer

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Forks High.

The bane of my existence. It's not the first time I have been through high school and I have yet to learn anything new during, at least, the last five times I have gone through it. You see, I am not human. I am a vampire. I was changed in 1918, making me 108 years old. My whole family is made of vampires, but I have the distinction of being a mind reader. Don't get me wrong, it is a good thing to have so that I can help protect my family from threats, whether they are vampire, or humans getting suspicious of our never aging. However, I also have to suffer listening to the minds of shallow children all day long. I can't shut it off, but I try to block it out as best as I can, but some thoughts still get through.

My whole family hates having to come to school, but seeing as we all value human life and our adoptive father is a doctor at the local hospital, we go to school to keep up the pretense that we are human. We all live on animal blood instead of human blood, and we try to minimize contact with other humans so that we can try to prevent accidents. My family might hate school less than I do, but they all have their mates to go through school with. I have never found my mate, and have resigned myself to being alone. I don't consider myself lonely per say, except at night when all the mated couples are together. I usually find something to do away from home, to not only give them their privacy, but so that I don't have to listen to my family being intimate. I will never admit to it out loud to family but I'm sure they suspect. Carlisle and Esme, our parents, know that I am lonely, but know me well enough to not discuss it with me. My sister Alice knows I'm sure, as we are the closest. She can also see the future so she knows where I run off to at night. Jasper, her mate I'm sure has felt it from me but also says nothing. He is an empath, and knows that while I am lonely sometimes, I don't want to discuss it. Emmett, my big bear of a brother is very funny and fun loving. I don't think he would understand how I feel if he knew. He would just tell me to get laid or something. Rosalie is the typical selfish bitch. Everything is always about her and how someone is trying to screw up her life. Don't get me wrong, she is very protective of the family in general, but it's only to protect herself an Emmett.

You ok Edward?

The mind voice of Jasper breaks me out of my internal musings, and I once again am assaulted with the internal babble from the human children about the new girl, Isabella Swan. I nod to him imperceptibly and take in my surroundings once again. That's when it happens. Jasper goes on alert as soon as he senses the shift in my emotions.

As soon as she walked in the door, my whole body reacted. Possessiveness shot through my body like lightening. I tried to listen into her thoughts to see if she had seen me yet and was met with the most puzzling and simultaneously incredible thing: Her mind was quiet. I could tell by her facial expressions that she was thinking about things I just couldn't hear it! I knew from witnessing the mating connection between Carlisle and Esme as well as Emmett and Rosalie that this was what was taking place. Only this was something more. Was it because she was human and there for fragile or something very different.

Edward you need to calm down, before someone notices. Jasper thought to me still being the only one to realize that something was going on. She walked by the table looking the other way in conversation with Jessica Stanley. She hadn't seen me yet. As she passed the table her scent hit me as I breathed in and I was slammed with the sweetest scent I had ever come across in my 90 years as a vampire. I was surprised that it I didn't have any sort of bloodlust at. It was like she blocked it or took it away somehow. I was however slammed with pure unadulterated lust, the need to be with my mate. She went to sit at the table with Jessica and among others, Mike Newton. He was staring at my Bella, making plans in his head to ask her out.

God she's so hot…catch up to her after school…ask her to go the movies...I won't be watching the movie…she'll have to say yes…

Before I could stop myself, I let loose a low growl, too low for humans to hear, but it succeeded in alerting the family that something was going on. I blocked their thoughts, not interested in what they were shouting at me, especially Rosalie.

Even though the growl was too low for humans to hear, something in Bella responded. Her back stiffened, and she turned in her chair, and locked eyes with me. I repressed a growl. Her eyes were black as night, as I'm sure mine were. Jessica noticed where Bella's gaze had traveled to and her thoughts became a swirl of jealousy. As Jessica began to talk, Bella noticed my jaw clench tighter and turned back to Jessica, listening to what Jessica had to say.

"…They're all together. Rosalie and Emmett, Jasper and Alice, and they live together. Dr. Cullen and his wife adopted them."

"That's nice." Bella responded.

"I guess. I think Mrs. Cullen can't have kids. Anyway, the gorgeous one is Edward. Don't waste your time though. He doesn't date. Apparently none of the girls here are good enough for him." She turned towards the rest of the table with her nose in the air. I didn't expect Bella to respond, because she seemed so shy, but boy was I wrong. Her response made me want her even more.

"So, Jessica?" Bella called. When Jessica turned back to her Bella let her have it.

"When did Edward turn you down?"

"Wh-What?" Jessica stammered.

"When did Edward turn you down?" she said slowly like she was talking to a small child. Jessica just sat there with her mouth open.

"It's very obvious that that statement was made out of jealousy. I'm guessing you're not used to rejection in any form."

"Who do you-"she started to say, but Bella cut her off clearly not done. All the children at her table had stopped their own conversations to listen in.

"Further more, who and what gives to the right to belittle someone else's choice of how they live their life cause their son rejected you? You are a worthless little girl, and I hope to God you marry a rich man, who's willing to overlook all your flaws to have a piece of arm candy, because no one in their right mind would ever put up with your ignorant bullshit." She never raised her voice at all which made more people take notice to what she was actually saying.

Jessica, trying to be intimidating stood over Bella and started shouting at her. I wanted to rip her head off. Jasper was trying to keep me calm but it was barely working. "And what gives you the right to judge me? You don't even know me!"

Bella stood up, her taller height making Jessica take a step back. "You don't know me either and yet I was good enough to be your 'friend'. You make a very poor first impression. I don't need to know you to understand you. You surround yourself with popular people, regardless of why they're popular, so you can share in the attention. It's pathetic."

The whole cafeteria was silent, for a moment, until Jessica shrieked and tried to punch Bella. That was where I drew the line. No one was going to touch Bella. I was up an out of my seat, and placed myself in between them. My family was screaming in my head to stop and leave it alone, but I was pissed. Just as I was about to open my mouth to yell at Jessica, Bella placed her hand on my shoulder. "She's not worth it Edward." She whispered to me. Her soft words and gentle touch calmed me enough to walk away. I grabbed her hand, picked up her bag from the floor, and walked out of the cafeteria, leaving behind my stunned family.