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The family called early the next morning to let us know they were on their way over to the house. It was going to be sunny out by late morning and so we didn't have much time before we needed to get to the airport. Bella had woke up during the phone call and got into the shower. As much as I wanted to join her we would never be ready by the time the family arrived if I did.

"Edward, could you braid my hair for me? I don't feel like blowing it out just to sit in a car for several hours." Bella asked when she walked back in the room drying her hair with a towel. "I wish I could French braid my own hair." She sighed as she sat at my desk. I smiled to myself taking a brush and started combing and braiding her hair.

"How do you know how to braid hair, Edward?"

"Hum, I was very close to my mother and I used to talk her often, seek her counsel. I would watch her brush and style her hair while we chatted. When she was stressed she used to tear through her hair ripping it out from the roots. I would take the brush from her and brush her hair out. I never had to braid her hair for her but I remember watching her do it. When I first saw you one of the first things I noticed about you was your hair. It reminded me of the times I would watch my mother doing her hair."

"I knew you liked my hair but I didn't realize how much."

I finished her hair and kissed her the crown of her head stepping away. She stood and kissed me, pulling away when the door bell rang. I walked down the hall to my mother's room closing the door before we walked downstairs to see the family. Bella opened the door and stepped to the side allowing the family in.

"Wow Edward, this place is like a time machine. What do you plan on doing with it?" asked Carlisle. I could hear the families observations about the way the house looked.

This looks very similar to the way I remember my house looked when I was human. – Rosalie

I've only seen a house like this in pictures. – Jasper

This house is so classic; Edward, I am surprised it is so well restored. –Esme

I would have destroyed a house like this when I was human. – Emmett

Edward, are you planning on making this more modern. It's kind of useless the way it is now. Don't get me wrong! It's beautiful, but… way to historical to be useful. – Alice.

Ignoring Alice's thoughts I answered Carlisle's question. "I don't plan on doing anything with it. When I had it restored I had the electricity and the heating updated as well as the kitchen but I kept the look as original as possible. Bella and I added a bed big enough for the two of us but otherwise we don't plan on making any changes."

Bella noticed Alice gearing up to say something so she beat her too it. "Edward wants to honor his parents by leaving the home they built as it was when they were alive. If we were going to stay here for any length of time then maybe would see about making it more ours, but as that is not an option, we are going to leave the home as it was."

Bella said most of this while looking directly at Alice. She wanted her to understand that this wasn't up for discussion but didn't want to call her out to the family.

'I am sorry Edward. Old habits are hard to break.' Alice thought to me. I decided to accept her apology and she smiled at me.

Bella and I walked through the house showing the family around. The closer we got to my parents' room the more tense I became. Bella picked up on my unease of course and smiled softly at me. When we finally made it to my parents' room, Bella stopped in front of the closed door.

"I ask that you only look in from the doorway. This was Edward's parents' room and we don't want it disturbed."

They all nodded and respected my wishes. After they were finished looking around, Bella grabbed her remaining food that she wanted to take with her and I locked up the house. I called the caretaker and told him we were leaving and that the house was locked up, but I asked that he would square away the laundry and trash sometime today and then continue his duties as before. He of course agreed and wished me well.

We loaded into our respective cars and started the drive to Mississippi. It would normally be about a 14 hour drive, but with our speed we would make it in about 5 hours. About an hour into our drive, Bella started to fidget. Bella doesn't fidget.

"Love, are you ok?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about something."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

She sighed. "I know that Alice doesn't remember anything about her human life and I wondering if it would be possible to research the information given that record keeping wasn't that great. I would love to be able to solve some of the mystery for her, but I feel like that would be hypocritical. We all just told her to essentially mind her business and let us lead the lives we wanted to and now here am contemplating digging up things that maybe she doesn't want to dig up."

I thought about that for a few moments. I know Bella wanted to do this for Alice because she loves her and wants her to know and understand where she came from. Even though Bella's heart is in the right place, I think some things may be better left undisturbed.

"I know why you want to do this for Alice, but I think going behind her back would be a bad idea. I mean there's really no go behind her back of course, but not asking her and just doing it might make her feel like you're invading her privacy. You can ask her if she wants to look into her past and if she does you can offer to help her."

"Thank you mo maite, you're right." Bella pulled out her phone and texted Alice. She started bouncing her leg in her seat, waiting anxiously for Alice to reply. Finally about 2 minutes had passed when I heard the phone ding. Bella read the text out loud to me.

Thank you for asking…

I am not sure all what I want to know but you can research. Please only tell me what I request when you are finished…

And please don't share the remaining information with the family…

Bella simply replied 'on it', pulled out her laptop and started working on her research. She was so engrossed in her task that it surprised her when we pulled into the hotel.

"Love, we're here. Do you want something to eat?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I am almost done on this particular page. I'll grab something in a minute."

I shook my head. "I am going inside to check us in. Are you ok to wait here?" She nodded.

When I got inside, there was thankfully short line. I was almost done checking us in when Bella came walking in. She immediately walked over to me and wrapped her arms tightly around my waist and kissed my shoulder. She was shaking a little bit and I got the distinct impression that if we were alone she would be climbing all over me.

"Sorry I was so distracted, my love." I kissed her head and finished checking us in. Tucking her more securely under my arm I turned us and led us back out to the car. After I settled Bella into the car, I walked around and got into the driver's seat and proceeded to bring the car over to the guest parking area. I could feel Bella staring at me and her anxiousness was starting to become another entity in the car with us.

After I parked the car I got out and retrieved our bags. Bella didn't wait for me to open her door for her. She was at my side as soon as I had the trunk open, and she latched herself onto my arm and began rubbing her face up and down my arm. There was a low humming noise starting in the back of her throat that she wasn't aware of yet. I closed the trunk and pulled her closer to me exhaling into her face. "It's alright my love. I'm here."

I quickly pulled her up to our room and led us inside. As soon as the bag was out of my hand and the door closed, Bella started pulling at my clothes. She was frantic and unfocused. I grabbed her wrists halting her movements. She looked up at me with tears forming in her eyes and a panicked look in her eyes.

"Shh, my love; I'm here and I will take care of you." I lifted her into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist and took us to the bedroom. I proceeded to tear the clothes from our bodies leaving a trail of fabric shreds from the door to the bedroom. As soon as our skin was touching, Bella starting rubbing herself up and down my stomach leaving a trail of wetness in her path. As soon as we hit the bed I threw myself into Bella. She came instantly and hard, nearly taking me with her. I thrust slowly in and out of her carrying her thru her orgasm and holding off my own.

I flipped us over and placed her on top of me. She started to get that panicked look in her eyes again, until I started running my hands over her skin from her waist up thru her hair. She was purring like a kitten at my attentions. I tilted her head down to me knowing she wasn't satisfied. "Take what you need my love."

She slid herself down my stomach and sat on my legs. Leaning forward she took a long slow lick from the base of erection to the top, moaning at the taste she found there. She immediately took my fully into her mouth and down her throat. I threw my head back and growled and smelt her arousal increase.

sucking… swallowing… humming…

Lifting my head to watch her, she glanced up at me with fire in her eyes. I could see her clenching her thighs together to get some relief for herself. My baby was in pain and that wouldn't do. "Bring that ass to me baby." She liked me being forceful with her. The fire in her eyes increased and so did her arousal. I could see her thighs glistening as she turned her ass toward me, never releasing my cock. I took a long lick of her pussy, savoring her taste. I wanted to provide her with relief but I didn't want her to come yet. I proceeded to play with her clit, enough to keep her on the precipice but not go over. The sucking became harder and the humming deeper.

"Fuck baby, I'm gonna come." She pushed me deeper into her throat and swallowed, causing me to come down her throat violently. Once I was finished and she released my cock from her mouth she was instantly pleading with me.

"Edward, please… please..." She was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and started rocking on my hand. Grabbing her thighs I lifted her from the bed and laying back I placed her on pussy on face and began to devour her. I could tell she was holding back her noise and I wouldn't have that. I smacked her ass and pulled my mouth away. "Let me hear you baby." I licked the arousal from her inner thighs and went back to my feast. I brought her back to the edge and kept her there. When I could feel her stomach start to jump, I pushed her over the edge, giving her a powerful orgasm that made her squirt. I sucked hard on her prolonging her orgasm. When he body started to go limp above me, I gently laid her back down on the bed and slowly entered her again. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I slowly rocked into her. Scenting her and her me, we made love until we were sated.

Bella quickly feel asleep afterwards, wrapped around me even in her sleep. I reached over to the bedside table and called and ordered room service for her.

No sooner than I had hung up with room service, did the phone ring again.


"Yes Alice?"

"Jasper and I are going out to see if we can find the asylum. The others have gone out for the evening."

"Thanks. Are you okay?"

She paused briefly. "For now yes. I will time our departure with room service and let them in so you don't disturb her."

"Thank you Alice. We're here for you if you need us."

"I love you Edward."

"I love you too, sister."


She had been asleep for a barely an hour when she began to stir. She nuzzled her nose against my chest and then looked up at me. I kissed her forehead and she sighed and lay back down against my chest.

"Are you feeling better, my love?"

She hugged me tighter and nodded silently.

"What was going on in your head, my love? You were panicked, like you hadn't seen me in hours not minutes."

She was quite for a few minutes, getting her thoughts together. I was starting to tense up with how quite she was being. As soon as she felt this she took a deep breath, looked up at me and began to explain.

"It felt like it had been hours, Edward. I was so caught up in my research for Alice that I didn't even realize we were at the hotel. I was in my own head space and when I finally realized where we were, the realization of how long we must have been traveling was a shock. It felt like… like being thrown into a really cold pool. All I wanted was to be warm again.

"I had to touch you, so I went looking for you. When I found you I wanted to crawl inside of you and never leave. I'm so sorry my, love." Bella had been getting more and more worked up as she explained her feelings. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her on top of me, hugging her tightly.

"My love you have nothing to feel sorry about. I will always be here when you need me. I was watching you while you were consumed with your research and I could feel the love you have for Alice bursting out of you.

"I assure you that I didn't feel neglected while you were in your own head. Do you want me to break through to you if I ever see you like that again?"

She thought about it for a moment.

"I don't think there is an easy answer to that, Edward. While I don't like feeling like that, I don't think that there is any way to predict my reaction.

"I feel like it was worse because when I came out you weren't near me..? Maybe I came out of it because you weren't beside me any longer?"

"Either could be possible. We will have to pay closer attentions to our reactions in certain circumstances." Just then there was a knock at the door.

"I ordered you some food my love."

"Thank you. I am starved. Can you get the food while I go to the bathroom?"

"Of course." I accepted Bella's food from the waiter, tipped him and set up the food at the table.

After Bella finished eating, we cuddled together on the couch watching TV. We were going to lounge around in our room until we heard from Alice.


Alice called around five o'clock in the morning and let us know to meet in Carlisle and Esme's suite around 7. They were able to find the Asylum and wanted to discuss their findings. She asked that Bella bring her research so we could make a game plan for the day.

With two hours before we needed to meet with the rest of the family we decided to continue relaxing together in our room.

Two hours later we stood outside of Carlisle and Esme's suite with anxious anticipation about when we were about to find out. I looking to Bella and receiving a slight nod from her I lifted my hand and knocked.