Prologue: Welcome to my latest endeavor! I fully realize that I have obligations to other fandoms right now, and I swear I'm not procrastinating… much. It's just, I've got writer's block. Again. And these characters kind of woke up and took over residency in my brain until I promised to write them their own drabble series.

To give you some background and a frame of reference for where in the hell this idea came from, my dear friend [and unintentional muse] Henderson created and admin'd an RP site, called The Wicked End. The Wicked End was a circus where all the acts were real- the strongmen really were that strong, the illusionists all did actual magic, etc. And the whole thing was owned and operated by a coven of vampires [because, why not?]. Of all the RP sites I've ever done, this one is to this day still my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, that board no longer exists. However, the characters [both my own and the major characters on the board] are still very much alive in my brain, and begging for my attention.

Originally, this was just supposed to be a one-shot; since I only wanted to write drabbles, I figured I could get all the scenes I wanted into the same one-shot and it wouldn't be a big deal. But then more characters woke up, and they started clamoring for their story arcs to be finished. By the time I had a list of all the scenes I wanted to write, I realized that this wasn't a one-shot; it was a drabble series.

So yeah, there's going to be a lot of chapters to this story, but they'll all be incredibly short. The drabbles vary between 100-700 words long. In the course of this series I'll be juggling about a dozen characters and story arcs. I don't think you'll have any trouble following the development of each story; I've done my best to group the drabbles so that all the stories develop at the same pace. And by the by, this entire series is already written; I threw it together over the course of a week and I plan to post it about that quickly.

Author's Note: This first drabble is pretty much just to set the stage for you and give you an idea of the environment and atmosphere. I did it in poetry form… just coz. It seemed weirdly fitting.

Image: http:/ moviesmedia. ign. com/ movies/ image/ article/ 101/ 1014634/ cirque- du- freak- the- vampires- assistant- 20090817022806510_ 640 w. jpg
: None.
Warnings: Poetry with a very sing-song rhyme scheme.
Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing The Wicked End from Henderson. It's her brainchild.
Genre: Poetry.
Word Count: 118.
Song: A Freak Like Me Needs Company, Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.


We thrill and entertain
with the acts you can't explain;
try to understand though you might
we will boggle your brain.

Our masters of the trapeze
fly through the air with ease
while the flame-dancers warm
and our ice-tamers freeze.

Shape-shifters transform,
the clowns act with zeal.
Your mind will go crazy
determining what's real.

But though we entertain you
and hold you in thrall,
we must give you this warning:
don't stay past nightfall.

Because not all is as it seems
in this circus of dreams;
there are terrors hidden here
that may cause you screams.

The monsters are real;
the acts are all true.
And if you're not careful,
the Ringmaster will come for you, too.