I'm falling. My bloodied form, ready to hit the cold floor. He stands above me, anger in his eyes. I don't cry out. I never do, because I know it's useless. No one will hear me, and even if they did, no one would come. I take my pain because, I was crated by him, for him. If he desires to beat me, then so be it. I am falling, in slow motion. I am rigid, because if I don't move he'll leave me alone to heal. I am falling, because there is no one to save me.

But suddenly, I am gone. Away from that room and his screaming voice. Away from my world that I have very seldom left. I feel someone holding me. I don't know who yet, but for know, I do not feel grateful. He'll only hurt me more for this, even though it is not my fault. Whoever has me, there gentle. They cradle me close, my broken limbs not being jostled. They are also warm, very warm, like a fever. Or maybe it's just that I am freezing. My brain can't think for the first time since my creation.

I hear yelling. Whoever had me ignores it, and continues running. I can see walls, very white. I see a trail of blood behind me. Whoever holds me does not care that they are making a mess. Suddenly we stop, in a plain room. I see a desk, and a woman behind it. My mind registers Captain Unohana, and she looks up, her mouth open. I feel something wet on my face. Tears. I still can't see my captor's face, but they are crying.

"Retsu, please. Can you heal her?" My captor is quiet, but I can tell whoever it is happens to be female. Her voice shakes with emotion. The Captain at the desk doesn't even get up.

"I cannot. Not without his permission, which we know he will not give." I hear a scream, and I wince. My captor looks down at me, and I see her face for the first time.

Gray eyes, clouded with tears, bore into my green ones. Dark hair covers part of her face. She is small, smaller than me. Her face is smeared with my own blood. I feel her shaking. I feel someone, prying me out of her arms. I know it's Unohana. The woman, I can see her know. Small Chinese shoes cover her feet. Her haori is torn, and her braids are stained. She looks at me, and whispers.

"Please don't die, Nemu. Please, stay alive." Then she is falling. Her legs give out, and she descends to the ground. She refuses to tear her gaze from me. She looks so cold. I can't move to catch her, and no one comes. Her face is devoid of life, like her soul has been shattered. I watch her fall, and I see myself.

She hits the floor, making not a noise. People rush in the room, and I am soon being carried out. Her eyes won't leave mine. She seems so lifeless. I want to run to her. I will my broken body to move. I struggle out of the healers grip, and wobble towards her. She watches me, but doesn't move. Because she can't. I fall right in front of her, and wrap my arms around her thin waist. She returns the hug. We ignore the blood and tears. We ignore the injuries, because there is nothing else there but us. We can't feel the stares. I feel like I know her, and she definitely knows me. I won't pull away. Not ever. She is cold, as am I. My body temperature is dropping. She leans back. I stare into her eyes, and I know that she loves me. I can tell, even though no words are spoken. We sit there for what seems like an eternity.

I boldly lean forward, and press my full lips upon her own. It's warm here, and the warmth fills me up. But I know I am dying, and she knows that as well. When we pull away, I feel tears coming down my own cheeks. I grab her in another hug. She strokes my spine, sending electric shocks through my body. They are the last thing I feel before a darkness seeps over my eyes. I am falling into darkness, still hanging on to my first, and last love. I know that she is falling as well, into despair. We both can't claw our way out. We are falling, because no one is there to grab our hands.