When I met the Doctor

Chapter ONE

"Right, Fanfiction!" I muttered to myself as I sat in front of my laptop. It was 11 o'clock in the morning, way too early for me, but I had to get started on this story. Stretching and rolling my neck, I set to work. My faithful laptop whined in protest as I switched it on before for settling for a, frankly alarming, type of roaring sound. I was halfway through the first paragraph when I heard it, a strange whoop, whoop, whoop sound.

"No way! What was I drinking last night?" I said to myself as a dark blue police telephone box appeared in the corner

It was odd. I'd never seen this box before, but I knew all about it as well as its pilot and the companions he had travelled with. I just bloody hope he looked like the picture I had in my head, which strangely looked rather like Matt Smith. Right how should we do this?

Step 1: completely confuse the Doctor by knowing everything about him.

Step 2: make him extremely uncomfortable.

Step 3: ask to come along and in return explain to him how you know about him... Though I don't really know how I know, so that would be an interesting conversation.

Yeah, I rule!

"Hello" I heard someone say from behind me, a male voice, well that's very good. I turned around and found a man in a tweed jacket, bowtie and suspenders behind me, who just happened to look exactly like Matt Smith. SCORE!

"I'm the D-" he started, but I quickly interrupted him

"Oh, I know who you are" I started, standing up from my desk and stopping in front of him, somewhere in my mind noticing that Amy and Rory where behind me, as I slowly backed the doctor into the corner of my room. "You're the Doctor, Time Lord from Gallifrey, last of the great Time Lords. You're 908 and the pilot of that Type 40 TARDIS, Time And Relative Dimension In Space to be precise." He now had his back pressed against the wall as I took one step closer, my face now millimetres from his. Step 1 and 2 well and truly underway. "That's Amy" I said, pointing over my right shoulder "that's Rory, do I need to say any more?"

The Doctors jaw had dropped and he couldn't seem to figure out how to shut it again. I internally cheered as I noticed Amy and Rory mirroring his expression.

"H-How did you know that?" The doctor asked, blushing slightly as he realised just how close I was to him, I am loving this!

I just smiled at him and moved to stand by the TARDIS, gently stroking the door.

"Well" I said, dragging out the word "I might consider telling you... if you let me come for a ride, or three, or you never know you might decide you like me and keep me for a bit longer."

I saw a smile cross the Doctors face as he looked at me, but once he noticed Amy and Rory looking at him, it disappeared, with a bit of effort. I. Am. Good!

Without waiting for a proper answer, I turned round and walked to my wardrobe, pulling something out and hiding it behind my back, a cheeky smile appearing on my lips.

"Come on then!" I shouted, turning round so they didn't see what I had got from the wardrobe, and practically danced into the TARDIS. They Ran in after me, probably afraid I'd nab the TARDIS or something like that.

The doctor strolled up to me, reversing our positions from the bedroom, so now I was up against the railings and he was directly in front of me. There was something about the TARDIS I knew. But for the life of me I couldn't remember.

"What have you got behind your back" He said. Instead of giving him an answer I used one simple word.

"Catch!" I shouted, throwing the object in the air. He immediately looked up and his hands were in front of him catching it easily. His expression changed from confusion to excitement so fast if I'd have blinked I would have missed it

"A fez!" he shouted putting it on his head. I just smiled at him and walked round the console stopping in front of the silver leaver with the little green, light up buttons on it and rested my hands behind me on the console.

That's when he stated running round like a lunatic, pressing buttons and pulling leavers. As he ran past me for about the third time I made my next move.

Step 4: Nab fez!

I quickly reached out and grabbed it before placing it on my own head. "Stop hogging the fez!" I yelled at him. I never thought I say that.

He turned to me and pouted "It's my fez!" I said, rolling my eyes at him "I knew you would like it!"

"How?" he asked me

"I don't" I started, before opting out of telling him the truth "Lucky guess!"

He carried on around the console albeit a little less energetically then before. Thank god, the way he was going he was bound to strain something.

"Right, anyway, where do you want to go?" he said stopping in front of me yet again. That's more like it; I thought you'd never ask!

"Hmm" I said, making my 'deep in thought' face "London, Oxford Street, whatever year's best for shopping..."

"We've got a time machine and you want to go shopping!" the Doctor exclaimed sounding slightly offended.

"Well I can't go anywhere important looking like this" I said, waving a hand at my attire, which just so happened to be my moody cow pyjamas.

"There's a whole wardrobe!" he said flicking his hand to the right, where there was a corridor, leading who knows where.

I just gave him 'The Look' and he changed his mind rather quickly.

"Okay London! Coming up" he said reaching round me to push the lever down, making the little green lights light up.

"Thank you!" I said leaning round to give him a quick peck on the cheek, which then made him turn bright red. How adorable.

I then skipped happily round the console and off down the corridor where the wardrobe was, to find a temporary outfit to take over from my pyjamas. "Oh!" I said turning round to look at them one more time "My names Kim, by the way" and with that disappeared into the wardrobe.