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Kiera's POV

I missed Kim, more than anything, she was my best friend. I was upset, extremely upset. But the Doctor, well... He was distraught. I put my feelings aside and saved the tears for later, because right now all of my attention was focused on his bedroom door. He hadn't come out of his room in two weeks, and by the end of the first I started to panic about him.

1 week earlier.

"TARDIS?" I asked as I stepped into the control room, her lights were turned off, so the heart was the only thing lighting the room. It was almost like she was mourning to... "TARDIS, send me a sign if you can actually hear me?"

As I said this, the scanner flickered on and then off again, I took this as a yes and walked over to it, stopping when I was there and talking to it.

"I'll take that as a yes; can you tell me if the Doctor's come out of his room AT ALL in the last week, shall we say one flash for no and two for yes?" I asked, feeling stupid at talking to a screen.

One flash.

"Is he handling everything alright, though?" I asked again, getting worried now.

One flash.

"Okay, can we get reinforcements, because I'm actually at a loose end, I don't know what to do?" I pleaded desperately, hoping the TARDIS could fly herself.

Two flashes. Just as I was about to turn away, writing came up on the screen, huge black capital that clearly stated the words HANG ON! I did just that, grabbing onto the railing as I was flung from side to side; trying to forget that the last time we had been in the console room properly was with... Kim...

With one last bone crunching shudder, the TARDIS lurched forward, before coming to rest with me now upside down on the chair, despite having held on to the railing. Running over to the doors, I stepped out into a hotel apartment, hoping it was Amy and Rory's I walked through to the kitchen. As I walked in I saw them, happily sat at the table, laughing, as they ate some sort of purple cake. It seemed a shame to spoil their present by making them come with me. But really, what choice do I have?

I cleared my throat, as they practically jumped out of their seat, spinning to face me and momentarily relaxing.

"I need your help!" I said, as their faces turned to worry.

"What do you mean, how did you get here?" Amy asked as she looked through the door and spotted the TARDIS.

"Do you mind if I sit down?" I asked, pulling up a chair and preparing myself for their questions. "I need your help!" I repeated.

"With what, what's happened?" Rory asked me, as a tear fell down my cheek, and I wiped it viscously away, fighting to keep strong.

"Kim..." I sad, not being able to bring myself to say the rest.

"What about Kim, tell us." Rory continued, as Amy took my hand.

"She's dead." I said my voice barely above a whisper.

"What!" Amy exclaimed, as the tears started flowing freely down my face. "Oh my god, is the Doctor okay?"

"That's why I'm here!" I said, wiping the tears away, only for them to be replaced by new ones. "He hasn't stepped out of his room in over a week, he won't answer me through his door, the number of phone calls we have had to the TARDIS and not one of them has been received, I really need your help!"

"Come on!" Amy said, pulling me into a hug, then signalling to Rory to go to the TARDIS, "Let's get you in the TARDIS, then we'll get the Doctor."

When we came to the TARDIS, Rory instantly went to the kitchen, coming back with a freshly made mug of tea for me. I tried, I really did, to tell them about Kim's death, but it just made me sadder, in the end I just had to settle for showing them the video she had left to the Doctor, by the end of which there were tears in all our eyes.

"We really need to get the Doctor out of his room!" I said, as we got up to clear the mugs away, instead abandoning these in search of his bedroom.

4 Days later

And here we still were, sat outside the Doctor's bedroom. We'd come no further to getting him to come out then I had alone, all of our pleas seemed to be falling on deaf ears, and, quite frankly, I'd had enough. I can understand that he is upset, I mean we all are! But this is not what Kim wanted, and as her best friend, I want to make sure her last wish comes true!

Standing up I walked over to the door, pushing against it with my hand and noticing that for the first time in nearly two weeks it was open. Sending a silent 'thank you' to the TARDIS, I walked in and noticed the Doctor standing in the corner, looking out at the worlds floating past. The first thing I did was walk up behind him and grab his bowtie (Hang on, Bowtie, he took that off!) and dragging him out of the door and into the waiting arms of Amy, who righted him, before looking over at me.

"Hey, don't touch the bowtie, what has it done to you!" He spat angrily, and I could see he had resorted to anger over Kim's death. Yay.

I half noticed Rory cringe at the words.

"Well the bowtie is attached to the man I need!" I spat back, not in a particularly jolly mood either.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but why are you wearing the bowtie, I thought you took it off?" Amy said, quietly, as the Doctor's eyes fell and his expression turned saddened.

"It was our thing; there are still burn marks from where she attempted to set fire to it..." The Doctor sat sadly.

"Doctor." I said, as he looked up at me sadly, "I know how you feel, she was my best friend, after all, but she didn't want this. The universe needs you as much as you need the universe, and Kim always knew that" I noticed he cringed at the name "She wouldn't want you to mope around and stay in your room for weeks! And I'm not going to let her last wish be ignored, not when it meant so much to her!"

My speech was cut off, by the familiar sound of the TARDIS engines wheezing as she landed. A confused look crossed all of our faces as we walked to the control room. Immediately the Doctor pulled up the scanner, and checked over the readings.

"Cardiff?" He asked the console, "Why have you brought us to Cardiff."

"Again..." Amy added.

"Well, we might want to move her, otherwise someone's gonna notice or walk into us!" I said, stepping round the console, by the Doctor.

"Perception filter, makes everyone basically blind to the TARDIS, they avoid it and don't notice it, cleaver really. No one can see us." He said, his saddened gaze fixed on the glass floor.

And just like that, as if by magic under command of those words, we heard the one thing the Doctor was adamant we would not hear.

Someone knocked on the door.

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