" Honeymoon"

November 2004 Debs-dragon

Chapter 4

Bulma didn't get a chance to react other than to blush before she was attacked by her husband, The force of Vegeta's pounce sent her backwards into the mattress and she gave a soft grunt as the air escaped her lungs. As she managed to draw some oxygen back into those lungs so her brain came back on line and she was acutely aware of Vegeta's weight pressing her into the bed. His mouth was kissing and nipping along her collarbone whilst her husband's hands were stroking along her sides. She shivered and let slip a soft moan of pleasure. Immediately the hands stilled and the mouth stopped.

"Are you all right?" Vegeta asked as he heard the moan and immediately ceased his ministrations thinking he'd possibly hurt the fragile human. He really did have to remind himself about his strength.

"Ohh no..." purred Bulma as she wrapped her arms around the saiyajin and began to push up against him.

"Then why the... Oh." Vegeta's mind ticked over as he put two and two together and came up with pleasure. He snickered softly to himself and resumed his explorations with hands and mouth.

"Ahhh... Ohhhh... Mmmmm..." Bulma groaned as Vegeta's mouth and hands met - on her chest. He really did have strong hands and they were currently doing delightful things to her body.

It seemed strange to Vegeta that the woman should be moaning and obviously getting pleasure from the touches he was applying to her breasts, after all weren't they simply there to feed the offspring? He lowered his mouth and sucked on a rosy nipple, wondering what a human's milk would taste like. Would it be similar in flavor to that of a bovine? Vegeta sucked a little harder. He wasn't having much luck, so far nothing had filled his mouth. Maybe you had to suck really hard, he thought and applied that principal, only to receive a whack to his head. It didn't hurt him, only startled him and he let go of the nipple to question his mate's action.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" growled Bulma as she rubbed the sore nipple. "Trying to suck my insides out?"

"I was merely trying to obtain a sample of human milk," replied Vegeta as if it were obvious what he was doing and how dare she question him.

"Milk?" Bulma blinked.

"Yes, milk. Is there something wrong with your hearing, woman? Isn't that what you have these things for, to feed the offspring?"

"Ah, sort of."

"Sort of? What are you talking about? Either you do or you don't."

"It's not that simple." Bulma gave a sigh and thought she'd better explain a little more. "Yes they are mammary glands which produce milk to feed the 'offspring' as you call it."

"Then why didn't I get any?" Vegeta demanded as he interrupted his new wife.

"Because you need to have had a child to produce the milk!" Bulma all but yelled.

"So you're saying you're sterile?"


"Then where is the milk?"

"I haven't had a kid yet. Listen buddy. One; the female falls pregnant. Two; in the latter stages of the pregnancy the breasts begin to produce milk. Three; when the baby is born the milk supply comes in over the space of a few days and then you can feed the baby properly." Seeing Vegeta about to interrupt again, Bulma quickly added. "Four; once you put the baby onto solids and cease feeding the milk dries up and you don't get anymore."

"Ah. I think I get it. Why then were you moaning?"

"Because it felt good."

"Ah." Vegeta thought for a moment and then decided that all this thinking was getting him nowhere and it would be far better to continue with his original plan of action. Getting laid. He returned to his exploration of the woman's body, this time though he only used his hands, opting to keep his mouth to himself.

The touches returned to her skin and Bulma let herself become lost in the pleasure. When Vegeta wanted to he could be quite gentle, not to mention arousing. She lay back and enjoyed the sensation as Vegeta gently caressed over her chest. His other hand returned to her thigh and began its teasing touches. Bulma felt her body responding and spread her legs a little once more in an attempt to try and draw her husband's hand closer to her need.

The sounds his bride were making were unusual to say the least. Soft whimpers, gentle moans and subtle shifting of her body beneath his hands all told Vegeta that he must be getting something right at last. He felt the woman open her legs again and this time, Vegeta thought he'd better investigate the phenomena. Each time he ran his fingers along the inside of her thigh, so Bulma writhed a little more and pushed her hips up.


Gradually, Vegeta worked his way along Bulma's thigh traveling closer to her need with each sweep of his fingertips. Eventually he made it to the juncture of her thighs where he paused for a moment and took a quick look.. There seemed to be an obstacle in his way. Experimentally, Vegeta ran his finger around the elastic edge of Bulma's G-string then pulled up a little, slipped his finger out and let the edge snap back into place.



"You will be."

"I take it this needs to come off?" asked Vegeta as he toyed with the edge of the G-string.

"Usually if you're to make love successfully," replied Bulma, her tone sarcastic.

"Right." Vegeta pulled back a little, tossing the bed clothes from their forms as he did so. Quickly he took stock of the situation and then grasping the sides of Bulma's G-string, he pulled the garment from her body.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" cried Bulma. Unfortunately for Vegeta, as he'd pulled the G-string off, he'd rolled the edge of the elastic which had promptly caught in Bulma's pubic hair and managed to take a fair bit with it. "Shit! Be careful will you? If I want any hair removed I'll shave it, I don't need it plucked out by the roots!" she yelled as she soothed the sore area.

Vegeta bit back the comment he was about to make regarding bikini lines. He didn't think that it would score him any brownie points. "Sorry," he said instead.

"Just be careful, will you?" said Bulma as she tried to recapture the mood, despite the throbbing from her nether regions.

Vegeta returned to his investigation of Bulma's thighs, starting back by her knees and working up. Once more Bulma began to make those little moans and sighs and despite himself, Vegeta found his erection beginning to return with a vengeance. His fingers had worked their way back to the juncture of Bulma's thighs and now he let them travel further, brushing lightly over the dark hair and then slipping between her folds. Suddenly he pulled his hand back and looked at his fingers in shock.

"Now what?" sighed Bulma. She'd just started to really enjoy Vegeta's touch, the saiyajin finally caressing her where she most wanted and he'd stopped.

"It's wet," said Vegeta as if stating something about the weather.

"Of course I am," snapped Bulma.

"Why? It doesn't have salivary glands."

"I don't believe this."


"Vegeta, don't you know anything at all about a woman's body?"

"No. I know about a saiyajin female's body and it doesn't get wet, unless they are bathing of course."

Bulma shuddered at the thought of a saiyajin female taking the size of a saiyajin male inside without some form of slipperiness to make it easier; that's assuming all saiyajin males were endowed like Vegeta was. "Vegeta, a female human, when she gets excited, she, well, she produces fluids to make it easier."

"More information?"

"Ahhh. It makes it easier for a couple to join."

"Hmmm..." Vegeta sat back and digested this new information.

Bulma's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Vegeta was sitting back on his heels, completely naked, in front of her. She could see everything! Holy shit, he was big! Bulma swallowed and began to thank Kami that human females did self lubricate. She was going to need a flood to help that thing slide inside.

Vegeta finished his contemplating and returned to his mapping out of Bulma's body. Between his legs his length ached and throbbed but wasn't too sure what to do next.

Bulma decided she'd had enough of the waiting. This was her wedding night dammit! She was going to lose her virginity come hell or high water! And she was going to lose it now! With a grunt she managed to shift her position on the bed, catching Vegeta unaware. She pushed the saiyajin to his back and straddled his hips.

"Woman!" Vegeta protested, unsure of what was happening now.

"Just lie there and shut up. I'm sick of waiting, Vegeta. I want to enjoy my wedding night while I'm still young enough to. At the rate you're going I'll be sixty before you figure it out." Bulma shifted again, raising her hips and reaching behind herself to grasp Vegeta's ample length and position it between her legs.

"Ah. What are you...? Ohhh... Nice..." Vegeta's eyes rolled back in his head as Bulma took control.

Holding Vegeta's manhood steady, Bulma slowly lowered herself onto the hot organ. She felt herself stretching to accommodate his large size, the tip slipping just inside with minimal fuss only to be brought up short by the barrier of her virgin state.

"Why did you stop?" growled Vegeta, obviously very unhappy at having his pleasure interrupted.

"Just a second," panted Bulma. "I need to..."

"To what?"

"Ah, I need..."

Vegeta knew what he needed. He needed to be completely inside his new wife and he was damned if he was going to wait! He placed his hands on Bulma's hips and lifted the woman slightly. Before Bulma had a chance to protest or realize what was going on, Vegeta had raised her slightly and then pulled her down onto his lap as he thrust his hips upward.

There was a little resistance from inside that tender passage and then Vegeta was sliding all the way in. It was exquisite, it was hot, it was moist, it was noisy... Vegeta opened his eyes to see why Bulma was cursing.

"Shit! That hurt. Why did you do that for? I was trying to break through the barrier slowly so it wouldn't hurt and then you go and slam yourself inside. I'll be lucky if I can walk again!" Bulma complained.

Obviously there was no pleasing the woman.

Vegeta sighed and then let natural instinct take over. His hips began to pump while his hands held Bulma's hips, raising and lowering her slender body in countenance to his thrusts. Bulma soon ceased her tirade, the words becoming incoherent moans as her own pleasure began to build and the pain of first penetration subsided.

"Oh yeah, that's good," moaned Bulma as her pleasure began to rise.

Vegeta smirked. It didn't feel all that bad to him either.

"That's it, pound me, take me, want you, all of you. Harder, faster..."

Vegeta blinked in surprise. Now this was a turn around!

Bulma's head was thrown back, her back arched and her breasts bounced as she rode her husband. All thoughts of pain, thin walls, and modesty left her as she let it be known she was more than enjoying the act.

Suddenly Vegeta shifted, flipping them over and laying Bulma on her back. He continued to pound into her body, able to go a little deeper but not willing to thrust too hard lest he perforate something vital. Beneath him Bulma rocked and moaned, her legs came up to wrap around Vegeta's waist and pull him in even deeper.

"That's better, deeper, harder, faster. Take me, pound me, nail me to the bed. Oh yessss!"

"Shut up, woman! You want the whole neighborhood to hear you?"

"I don't care," cried Bulma. "Feels so good. Want it harder. I want to feel all of you deep inside. I want you to screw me to the mattress, fuc...mmpphh"

Vegeta leaned forwards and kissed the woman. It was the only way he could think of to shut her up.

They continued to push against each other, the tide of pleasure building until it threatened to drown them both. Vegeta was covered in a light sweat, his hips snapping repeatedly. Beneath him Bulma writhed and bucked feeling her own climax approaching.

"Oh, yeah. Almost there. More, I want more."

Shit! Was there no satisfying this woman? Vegeta redoubled his efforts and was rewarded for his trouble when Bulma suddenly stiffened and a low keening wail came from her mouth. Her fingernails dug into Vegeta's back, scraping down as she rode the first climax of her life, peeling away little scrolls of flesh as they descended the muscles of Vegeta's broad shoulders.

Around his manhood, the passage tightened and squeezed his flesh in torturous spasms. Vegeta panted and groaned. He buried his head in the crook of Bulma's neck and shuddered as the first waves of his orgasm burned through him. His hips continued to thrust as his seed pumped from within to be buried inside his wife.

Eventually the last waves of bliss passed through them and they slumped, sated, against each other. As her breathing rate returned to normal so Bulma became aware of every aching muscle in her body. And that she was being crushed by the weight of her husband. She began to push at his shoulders. "You can get off me now, Vegeta."

"Too comfy," came the muffled reply.

"I'm not a pillow, now get off me. I can't breathe!"

Reluctantly, Vegeta rolled to the side and lay on his back. "Well, that was certainly different," he mused.

"You can say that again." Bulma began to snuggle up to her prince and then winced. "Ouch. Damn you're big. I'm going to be so sore in the morning," she whined.

Vegeta wasn't really listening. "I think I could get to enjoy this 'mating' thing," he mused out loud.

"I've got news for you, buddy. You're not getting this every night, not with the size of that thing," huffed Bulma.

"I wonder..."

Instantly Bulma was on alert. "You wonder what?" she asked cautiously.

"I wonder if it would be any different if I went super saiyajin when we do it again?"

Knowing just how much Vegeta's body mass increased when he turned super saiyajin, Bulma had no doubts that Vegeta's manhood would also increase in size and girth. "Nuh uh, no way! You're already hung like a horse, you go super saiyajin on me and there's no telling how big that monster is going to get."

"Could be fun to find out." Vegeta began to rub his reawakening arousal against Bulma's thigh.

"I think I'm going to be buying a chastity belt first thing in the morning."

"Ohhh. I didn't know you liked a little bondage."

Before Bulma could reply, Vegeta pounced.

~ Fin ~