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I looked at Hilly and finally saw her for who she was. She was a racist and she was playing everyone for a fool. Well I was done with the game.

"If she says she didn't take the silverware," I stated firmly, "She didn't take the silverware. Hilly I want you to get out of my house."

"But I-"

"I'm not interested in what you have to say," I told her firmly, "You have caused many people hurt by your cruelty and I for one am done with that game."

"If some people need to be hurt for the sake of a greater purpose then so be it," Hilly said, "It's like throwing one person under the bus for the sake of the entire group."

She is so disturbed I can't even begin to tell you.

"Well I'm not playing this game anymore," I said, "You can play on your own. Get out of my house. Don't come back again. Do you understand what I just told her"


"Do You Understand What I Just Told You"

"I'm disappointed in you," she told me

"I'm not interested in what you think," I replied, "Get Out Of My House"

She stormed out angrily and slammed the door.

I turned and looked at Aibileen.

"I am so sorry," I said, "I got so caught up in Hilly's lie that I was frightened of the disease she said would happen and-"

"No need to apologize Miss Elizabeth," Aibileen said, "You were trying to protect baby girl"

"Momma love me," Mae asked sounding surprised.

My heart broke.

"Of course I love you baby," I said, "I had your brother inside of me so I was cranky and I was worried about you that day so that's why I got mad. I didn't mean to ignore you"

"That k mama. I is kind. I is smart. I is important"

Aibileen grinned widely.

"I take it you taught her that," I said.

"Yes,"she told me, "I tol' her that every day since I comes here"

"Well good for you," I told Aibileen, "Good for you"

I made a vow to myself that day. I would start being more of a mother and less of someone who hires people to raise my child.