I, Incubus

Summary: A lustful smile had yet to subside, a peaceful expression yet to evaporate from the eyes of those girls, eternally sleeping, for someone had stolen their hearts…death arrived too soon in this hour of passion.

Rating: Written for mature readers, and thus includes violence, sex, and crude humour.

Disclaimer: Beyblade and characters belong to the said creators, and thus this fiction is written just for entertainment.

Note: The first ten chapters are extremely old and were written some seven or eight years ago. In fact that goes for almost half of the story. Yes, they found their way on FF much later. They need some serious overhaul, but I will not start editing before completing the story.

So newcomers, proceed at your own risk.


Writhing in agony under the dark sky of the night, the man looked up, peering through the fine white bangs flopping over his forehead. His grayish orbs shone brightly, alive with virile youth.

He clutched his hand to his chest, curling his fingers around the hilt of a long dagger skewered through his still beating heart. A few heavy trickles of blood landed on the grassy ground.

He groaned, firming his grip and building up courage to pull it out of his body. He bit his lower lip, fighting back the howl still trapped in his throat, as he slowly pulled the dagger out. A thin spurt of blood jutted out of his heart, leaving a narrow slit on his chest. Within seconds…it disappeared.

"Still alive…Kai?" a voice came from beyond the thick trees, slightly subdued by the shrill hiss of the wind. A man stepped into the open, his long red hair ablaze in the clasp of night light.

Kai lifted his eyes, shirking them in shrewd cunningness. He sat there, on his knees, wheezing to recover from the mortal wound, now healing and wrenching him away from his death.

"You are such a tenacious bastard Tala," Kai rasped, clenching his bloodied hands.

Tala let out a loud laugh. "It is just that, war is such a messy business. No hard feelings," he said with a cruel smile, pulling out another long dagger from a wide, thick looking sheath.

"I bet it is," Kai said heavily, standing firmly on his feet. He seemed to have recovered completely. "No wonder you still weep for your poor lover."

Tala's face horribly contorted. "You should curse the day your kind spawned, because you became the reason for their slaughter," he snarled, pointing his dagger at Kai's bared chest.

"I won't lose sleep over it, they kind of irritated me," Kai said calmly, pulling the long strip of his torn shirt off his arm.

"I will kill you, only then, she may find peace," Tala whispered, ready for a second stab of his dagger, imbued with poison.

Kai looked at Tala, and his desperate resolve. "Humans, I never could understand the whole sentiment and sensibility of life. Fragile, isn't it?" he mocked, and jumped high into the air, landing like an agile cat on a thirty feet big rock.

Tala chased him too, climbing a tree as fast as a mountain feline. He was also more than just a human. He swung up into the air, and planted his feet only a few meters away from Kai. As soon as he straightened up, he took that murderous stance again.

"Hold that thought," Kai said, looking at a large darker hole a few feet above him, flying in the air. It looked as if something tore open a wound in sky, and now it bled releasing a shrill gale of noise out in the open.

Tala leaped forward, but could not wound the demon that had swiftly disappeared into the hole, leaving him alone under the drape of night.

Sitting alone on the bed, the girl gaped at the handsome young man, standing close to her bed. She admired the fine contours, sharp gray eyes, and the unruly long hair thrown on his shoulder like fine white tangles. His white skin shone like marble against the moonlight.

"Who…who are you?" she choked out, holding up a pillow in defense. "How did you get in here?"

He cocked his head to one side, and darted his gaze around the empty room. Rather lazily, he returned his eyes back to the girl, who looked bewitched and deathly scared. A lusty smile graced his lips. He narrowed his eyes on her, and rasped, "My name is Kai, and you summoned me."

"wha…" she trailed off, thinking something before he interrupted again.

"You do know you summoned an incubus, correct? For your sexual needs?" he asked with a straight face, as if he was asking about the morning weather.

Dumbstruck and confounded, she continued to stare at him. What the hell had they done?