Heloooooooo! Me again! I want to thank everyone who read and reviewed my first fanfic Rose Tyler at Torchwood. I just read through it, and realised just how many thousands of mistakes I had in there and I want to apologise for that. This fic is about Jimmy Stone and about Rose coming to terms with her past. This is very ten/Rose but has a very angsty side. Once again, I use german speech marks, in case they confuse you.

Warning: there is rape in this story, and although it is not very graphically discribed, i want to caution some viewers. I also wish to say that this is purely fictional and that i do not mean to hurt/offend/enrage anyone who has been raped before.

I looked and looked for some sort of a fic like this, but unfortunately I didn't find one, so I just decided to write my own. Happy reading and please drop me a line or two when you finish. They make my day. Laura xxxxxx

It all started when Rose had received a phone call from jackie, telling her that her school was planning a reunion and that Rose was invited. Rose had begged the Doctor to take her to her mum's for a few days, so that she could catch up on normal life a bit, and see all her old school mates again. The Doctor, entireley devoted to rose, had agreed, even if it meant around Jackie on daily basis. He was wondering how his cheeks would survive this particular adventure, but stopped himself from saying it in front of Rose. Besides, knowing that Jackie had raised Rose made the Doctor respect Jackie (not alot, mind. Just a teeny weeny bit).

And so he piloted the TARDIS into Jackie's living room, and nearly got the life squeezed out of him by Jackie, happy to see the Doctor and her daughter alive and well. Then he nearly got slapped by her, for landing that huge, blue thing (her description, not his-or Rose's he might add) in her living room, and he had better move it, quickly, before one her friends came around and got a heart attack. Grumbling about women, the Doctor coenceded to park the TARDIS outside the flat, leaving Rose and her mum to catch up.

When he got back Jackie and Rose were talking about dresses. Apparently Rose was worried about what to wear to the reunion. The Doctor was just about to remind Rose that TARDIS closet would supply her with any clothes she needed when the phone rang. Rose picked it up and promptly squealed SHAREEN! And ran off to her room. Jackie laughed. „Shareen has been bothering me for weeks now, always asking if Rose is back." She said. „She must be thrilled." The Doctor nodded mutely. He sometimes felt guilty that he was tearing Rose away from normal life like this, but she had assured him countless times that she had picked him over normal life and wanted to be with him forever. The Doctor couldn't remember the last time he had felt so touched at someone's words. He also couldn't remmeber that last time he had snogged someone so thoroughly. „Listen doctor, I have a feeling Rose won't be coming out of that roome for a while, so would you like some tea?" Jackie asked. Noting his far away look, she added: „what are you smiling like that about?"

„Nothing!" said the Doctor quickly, knowing that if he told jackie he would be slapped into the 51st century. And that was the last thing he wanted. „Just...stuff" he trailed off and watched jackie going into the kitchen and muttering 'daft aliens' under her breath. He picked up the nearest magazine and pretended to read and listen to jackie talk about everyday life at the same time. He sighed. It was going to be a long couple of days.

Jackie was right, it took ages for Rose to come out of her room. The Doctor had given up counting (though a little voice in the back of his head told him it was something around 2 hours, and 27 point 356 seconds relative time). He had gone through very single magazine on the cofee table and listened to jackie rant on about every single one of her neighbours (and she lived in a flat. Which meant she had lots of neighbours. The Doctor decided that someday, someday, he was going to have to buy Jackie a nice house in the country where she would have no neighbours...).

The Doctor nearly laughed with relief when Rose called him. He almost ran down the hallway and swept her into a bone crushing hug. „Whoa!" laughed Rose. „What was that for?"

The doctor simply smiled. „For rescuing me from the newest fashion trends." At Rose's confused look he sighed and said: „I read through every single magazine on that coffee table Rose. I am really happy for Angelina and Brad but why do they have to have so many kids?" Rose burst out laughing and hugged him back. „Listen" she said. „ Shareen asked me to go to the club with her today evening. Can I? Please? You can come too...if you want". She looked anxiously up at him, trying to gauge his reaction. The doctor looked surprised at first but then he nodded. „Of course you can go" he told Rose. „And sure, I would love to come with you." At Rose's seemingly wonderous expression he grinned cheekily and said: „You just assumed that I don't dance, don't you Rose Tyler? Well, I can assure you that yes, I have my moves."

Rose simply grinned. „You know that some of my friends might wanna dance with you as well, don't you?"

„Will it make you very jealous and want to kiss me?"


„Then it's settled. We are going to a club!" Rose laughed.

„Thank you!" She said and hugged him again. „Mum!" she called out to her mother. „Mum, is it allright if I go to a club with Shareen this evening?"

„Of course it is, darling! I suppose I and the Doctor can talk a bit more. I can tell him about that wife of the new prime minister, Lucy Saxon. She is really beautiful! And the clothes she wears-" She was cut short by the Doctor. „Jackie, I hate to break this to you, but I am also going to the club. With Rose", he added, wanting to make it perfectly clear that he wasn't staying with her.

Jackie came into the hall, carrying 3 cups of tea and looking surprised. „A club? Seriously? Isn't that a bit domstic for you Doctor?" She said as she handed him a cup.

The doctor groaned. „Why does everybody assume that i don't dance?" he muttered, taking a sip.

„Well, you've never danced with me" Jackie said stubbornly. The Doctor imagined the scenario in his head and promptly chocked on his tea.

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