Nobody's P.O.V.

They all exchanged glances at each other; a brunette wearing red and his green goggles on his head, a short blonde was standing to his right, by his left was a raven haired ninja, next to him was a young orange haired girl, followed by a bluenette girl, and her friend with silver hair tied in a pony tail. They were reliving where they were on that day.


I remember very clearly where I was. I was at my mother's old apartment, and I was home from school because I had been sick. I had just walked into the living area, and saw the TV. It showed a video of two towers on fire, and smoke flooding out of them. I didn't know what was going on, but I felt angry for some reason. Nobody was there to explain what was happening, so I only sat on the couch, and watched the video.


If I remember right, I was outside playing on that day. I had no school for some reason, maybe the school year hadn't started yet, but I was running around the house. All of a sudden, my mother and father had walked outside, with sorrow and disbelief on their faces. I stopped in my tracks and looked at them. My mother and father then walked up to me, and embraced me in a hug, and whisper, "We love you."


I was at school, sitting in my desk doing whatever assignment was given to me, when the intercom came on announcing that they had called out parents to come and get us. Being a kid and unaware of what had happened, we were all thrilled to be getting out early. My parents were there soon, and I hopped in the car. They didn't say much on the ride home, no matter what I said to them first. I know why they didn't want to say anything, because they didn't want to make me worry about what was really happening.


I knew what really happened that day, because my grandfather sat me down and told me everything. How a nation had been under attack, for ridiculous reasons. I didn't know what to say. I was sad for the people who lost their lives and loved ones, but I was just a little kid. It would sadly be something that I would forget the next day. But as I grew older, I remember it.


I was put in daycare, and just like all the other kids, I had no idea what was really happening on the outside of the world. When I went home was when I learned about the towers. I didn't understand how anybody could do something like this. People couldn't be this bad, could they? I remember just sitting down at the kitchen table, drinking my afternoon juice box, and replaying the thought.


I was way too young to fully remember what went on. I remember being home, and Kato was bringing me something to eat. Kato seemed oddly depressed as he left, but I didn't know why. As I was eating, I vaguely remember my parents entering the room. They sat next to me, almost making me spill my drink. They both had the same expression as Kato, but they were smiling at me. Perhaps they were happy I was there with them, and not where the real drama was unfolding. My father looked at my mother and said, "How about….We get away for a little while."

Nobody's P.O.V.

They all remember where they were, even if all the details aren't as crystal clear as most peoples. They remember that the towers fell, that the Pentagon burned, and that people died. Since they remember where they were at, do you?

just a short little story, honoring the 9/11 attacks. i dont care if you like it or not, it just seemed like something i should of done. ~Copperpelt~ Never forget them.