UPDATE 2014-06-25: After much consideration I have decided to edit this WHOLE story. Avana Kadavra was published in 2011 when I was thirteen and horrible at writing (not that I am amazing now, but better than before I'd hope) along with the fact that I'd publish just about anything that came to my mind. So, if you had read the original I hope that this is better.

Everyone hated her for some reason that she couldn't find, she was the outcast in a world where they were all outcasts to the muggle society. She was a Ravenclaw, and Luna Lovegood's best friend. She was a first year. That is when it started.


"Avana Lestrange," Called Professor Mcgonagall and Avana walked up shaking. She was the youngest of all the witches and wizards, she was eight. Of course, being eight at Hogwarts was extremely rare. She hasn't heard of it before, nor did she believe anyone had.

Well, well. A LeStrange? "What? Is this thing talking to me?" Avana asked herself, I am in your head silly girl, "Can you get out of my head?" Avana asked it. The hat did not answer though and went on with its evaluation. Well, well. Not mean enough, not mean at all! Very kind heart. Smart but loyal. Not very brave. I know just where to put you… "Ravenclaw!" it yelled out loud. Avana ran over to the Ravenclaw table and sat beside a blond with dreamy eyes.

"I am Luna Lovegood." She said and held out her hand, Avana shook it.

"Avana Lestrange." Avana said. That was when, the two girls who had previously no friends, became best friends.

End Flashback

"What is it Avana?" asked Ginny Weasley. Ginny, who defended Luna in class, soon became friend with Avana and Luna. Avana wished she had Ginny's bravery though, she didn't even know what she had.

Once Avana had shown her first signs of magic she was told she was to join Hogwarts. This had not happened to her older cousin Draco though, she knew that for a fact.

"Nothing," said Avana, "I just wish I could come with you guys, but nobody likes me." She said. Ginny and Luna shared a look.

"You are coming," Ginny said. "Harry, won't mind." She added. The girls had snuck Avana out of Hogwarts with the invisibility cloak they had 'Borrowed' from Harry.

"Hi." said Hermione Granger as everyone settled into the dingy pub. Avana looked around, it was dirty and grungy. She did not like it and wondered if this was what it was always going to be like. "We all need a teacher, a good teacher. Professor Umbridge isn't teaching us anything we need. We need someone who has fought the dark lord." She explained.

"Why?" asked Zacharias Smith. Avana looked back at him along with everyone else. He was standing beside a chubby Gryffindor she noticed.

"Why? Because You-Know-Who's back, you tosspot." Ronald Weasley said. Avana giggled a bit but stopped when someone stared at her.

"So he says." Zacharias said. "All Dumbledore told us last year was that Cedric Diggory got killed by You-Know-Who and that you brought Diggory's body back to Hogwarts. He didn't give us details, he didn't tell us exactly how Diggory got murdered. I think we'd all like to know…"

"If that is all you are here for you can leave." Harry said, effectively cutting off Smiths speech. Nobody moved a muscle though, including Zacharias.

"Is it true, that you can conjure patronus charm?" Luna asked Suddenly.

"Yes, it is." Harry said.

"Is it true that Lucius Malfoy is a death eater?" asked Avana quickly after Harry responded but cursed herself for speaking.

"He is your bloody Uncle" said Zacharias to Avana. She did her best not to run out of the Hogshead. She knew she didn't belong there and should have left quickly, but instead stayed.

"Yes he is." Said Harry. Avana rolled her eyes,

"Knew it." She stated and people glared at her, she hid behind Luna. After everyone signed the parchment saying they were going to be in the DA, Avana snuck back into the castle knowing she wasn't supposed to be out and walked to the great hall for lunch.

"Nice of you to join us, Miss. Lestrange." said Snape. She nodded and sat down. She looked down as she ate.

"Is something wrong?" mocked a Slytherin second year.

"No." she said. Even thought she was pure-blood they still made fun of her for the fact that she was in Ravenclaw, and because she was in Hogwarts at such a young age.

After lunch she walked to the library to do her homework. Her long black hair was straight for the day but had a barrette that looked like a bow holding it back from her face. After doing her homework (and getting stuck on the first question, but she left it blank and hoped for the best) she looked around till she found a book about hair. She opened it and found stuff about hair. She got so into the book, that she didn't even notice when Professor Dumbledore walked into the room and was standing beside her.

"Hello Miss. Lestrange." Dumbledore said with a smile. "It is lovely to see that the young minds of today still read books." Avana jumped as she was startled by the headmaster

"Hello Professor," She said, "what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I often like to come up to the library to see young minds indulging in new knowledge." He said with a small smile.

"That sounds like a good reason to come here." Avana said. He nodded and walked off. Avana sighed, it was November and she only had two friends, Luna and Ginny. Most people in first year had at least three by now. And theirs were in their year!

"Why hello little cousin." said Draco as he sat down in the seat across from her. This time, as Avana wasn't too into her book, she didn't jump as badly.

"Hello Draco." she said and went back to re-reading the instructions she had found. They were got making streaks in hair. She had decided she needed a splash of colour.

"My mother sent me a letter telling me something. We are going to meet Aunt Bella. And yes, you will be coming." Draco said with an air of authority in his voice. This was something Avana had grown accustom too. "Mother doesn't like you being here, and being friends with blood traitors? She trembles at the thought of it." He said and Avana nodded.

Once he walked away she ran to the Ravenclaw tower and went into her dorm room. She went into the restroom and pointed her wand at her hair. She used a spell and her hair had pink streaks she had read about. Giggling, Avana walked out to see the reaction of Luna who was standing in the hallway waiting for her. Luna loved them

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