Chapter Four: Initial Reactions

Stepping off the train and onto the platform at Hogmeade Station was certainly an experience. I can't understand how Draco puts up with it every time. As I looked around me all I could see was a churning mass of black cloaks and bobbing heads all moving frantically towards one goal, the carriages waiting at the other end. How everyone managed to stay on the platform I have no idea, but there didn't seem to be any casualties aside from bruised ribs and sore toes.

While I was standing there I realised I was making myself a target and blocking the flow of people, so as I looked around and caught Draco's eye I was immensely glad to see he already had my trunk and a carriage saved near the front of the queue. Now all I had to do was make my way there, easier said than done apparently.

The bustle of students on the platform just didn't seem to want to give at all, and quite honestly, I found it disgusting. Here I was being barged and pushed by people who looked as though they hadn't had a shower before they left, and on whose clothes I could see sweat marks under their arms. Beauxbaton's would never witness this display in its halls ever.

When the start of term arrived Beauxbaton's always arranged avenues of travel which best suited each student. Consequently, they offered Floo Network Fireplaces, Apparition Points and Rooms, Landing Wings and Overnight rooms, for those who needed to rest before flying home again, and they had the carriage which would chauffeur girls from wherever they needed to be picked up from nearby, directly to the front entrance. This option was of course also available to parents who wanted to deliver their girls straight to the door. All these options meant that there was never a chaos such as this on the first or last day, and as many girls would be arriving over the course of the day, there was always time to retire to your quarters to freshen up before the Opening Feast.

I looked at Draco as I finally arrived at the carriage and he helped me inside, we both shared a look of disgust before settling into our seats and the journey up to the silhouetted castle on the hill. As I looked up at it and took in its black mass riddled with star-like holes of light all I could do was wonder what this year would bring for our family, and whether it would make us, or ruin us.

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