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On Another Path

Chapter One: If Only

Hiroki looked up from the other man's lap. He sat up and wiped the saliva from his chin. The seated man's panting breaths haunted his ears.

Does he have any idea how sexy he looks right now? How unbearably beautiful? That sweat–slicked stomach, the curve of his cock protruding from his open trousers.

Hiroki crawled up the man's legs. He wanted to stroke his hair, kiss his neck, but couldn't bring himself to do so out of fear that these actions would betray the true depths of his feelings. No, he refused to make such a declaration. He had reconciled himself from the moment he'd forwarded his offer that it had to be the other's choice.

He straddled the other man's lap. He'd been preparing himself with his own fingers as he'd sucked the other off.

Not the easiest thing to do.

He could have never brought himself to do it if it hadn't been for the blindfold: it would have been far too embarrassing otherwise. As he positioned himself over Akihiko's cock and felt the size of it as he began to lower himself, he was very glad he had.

Slowly, Hiroki pressed and inch by excruciating inch he took Akihiko into him.

Hiroki watched. Akihiko gasped the moment he felt himself becoming sheathed in the heat of his friend. Hiroki suddenly found himself wondering, shocked by the possibility, if this was Akihiko's first time?

In a way it made sense. All through their years together Akihiko had been aloof with everyone but him.

Until high school when he met that damned Takahashi.

Now they were in college. Akihiko had told him not long ago that he had no room in his heart for anyone else but Takahiro.

Could this really be true though? If it is, why did he agree to my proposal so easily? What other desperation could have enticed Usami Akihiko to fuck his best, oldest, and really, only true friend?

Kamijou Hiroki's heart thundered with the possibilities as he began to move his hips, riding the exquisite length of his unrequited's cock. He chanced resting his hands on Akihiko's shoulders. Hiroki marveled at their solidity. He wondered how many times they'd been together when it was all he could do not to throw his arms around them or to grab on to them and pull Akihiko down to him.

Hiroki used his skilled muscles to work the hot turgid flesh embedded inside him as he rode Akihiko. His best friend might not have approved of some of his sexual antics, but Akihiko was certainly feeling the advantage of a partner with some experience now. Hiroki reveled in the way his love's chest was heaving. Akihiko's sensual mouth, hung slightly open, gasping at the heightened sensations assaulting him: every touch, every pulse exaggerated without the companion sense of his sight.

Hiroki wished he could see Akihiko's brilliant amethyst eyes but simultaneously he was grateful for the blindfold. His pride would never have allowed him to do this otherwise. Enabling Akihiko to see the true depths of his feelings, with the chance he might find himself looking into a gaze that remained untouched was unbearable to even contemplate.

Despite his best intentions, Hiroki could not resist. One hand moved up and caressed Akihiko's cheek, long fingers found their way into his thick silvered hair. The other hand traveled down to his broad chest. Here fingers brushed, pinched, and teased Akihiko's untried nipples. Beneath him Hiroki felt the other man buck. Akihiko moaned at these touches.

Hiroki pulled a hand away and spit into his palm. He dropped this to his own engorged cock and began stroking himself as he continued to move. He felt Akihiko start when he quickly came and his seed baptized Akihiko's tight belly. Hiroki found himself unexpectedly smiling at his unrequited's surprise.

Did you honestly think this was only for you, Akihiko?

As his muscles contracted with the spasms of his release, Hiroki knew that Akihiko was getting closer to his own climax. Hiroki slowed his pace, lifting his ass and plunging back down, gripping and teasing. He wanted to prolong this act for as long as possible. A smile cracked the determined line of his mouth when Akihiko bucked up into him in frustration, seeking faster friction.

Hiroki reached a hand out and smeared his cooling cum across the taut flesh of Akihiko's abdomen.

If only it was so easy to mark him: to brand Akihiko my own.

Hiroki was fascinated to see his friend's face, usually so stoic, grimace at the power of his impending climax. When it was obvious his friend was right on the precipice, against all his best intentions, Hiroki leaned in and whispered in his unrequited's ear a single word.


In its growling tone there was a communication, however subtle of his desire, of his deep and abiding love.

As he felt the other man's body begin to shudder beneath him, breathless, Hiroki waited. He could feel Akihiko's essence pump into him. As the power of this sensation tremored Akihiko, he began to rasp out a name.

Astride him, Hiroki's heart stopped at the sounds of the smoky voice that plagued his dreams gasped, "Hiro… Hiro…"


Akihiko collapsed forward against him.

After a moment, where the skin was exposed beneath the half-open shirt he was still wearing, Hiroki was shocked to feel a new dampness on his sweat-beaded chest.

Is it possible that Akihiko is crying?

Hiroki responded, hesitantly but firmly gathering the other man into his arms. He felt Akihiko's own arms fold around him, gathering him in as well. As Akihiko's shoulders silently shook in his sheltered embrace, Hiroki hoped fervently this meant that his wait was finally over.

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