On Another Path

Chapter Eleven: Aches Old and New

As Hiroki leaned over him again, now stripped of his jeans, Akihiko felt his recently spent shaft brushed by his lover's unencumbered hard cock. He started a bit at the sensation, amazed as always at how sensitive he was after an intense orgasm.

He was distracted from this thought as Hiroki slipped from sucking kisses and teeth began to gently worry his neck. Akihiko was curious when Hiroki paused, mouth slightly opened, tongue extended and pressed against the flesh of his throat. Then as he felt lust-heated breath against his skin, fogging his senses, Akihiko realized Hiroki was tasting his heartbeat, drinking its impassioned cadence butterfly-like through his stilled, pink proboscis.

At this image, Akihiko's mind flashed to another untamed scene he witnessed as child in England.

He'd wandered into one of the estate's pastures in time to see a bushy-tailed, cinnamon-coated vixen take down a sleek hare almost as large as she was. He had watched in sad fascination her proud posture as she'd held fast to its throat until the unfortunate long-ear had ceased its mad thrashings.

The fox's stance had been calm; the crush of her jaws measured once she'd claimed her prize. She didn't shake or tear as he had witnessed his grandfather's hounds do to the vixen's unfortunate siblings.

The movements of the two creatures, the intimate embrace of conqueror and conquered, even though he didn't have the words for it at the time, had struck the child Akihiko as somewhat erotic. He felt the same conflicted stirring here, now, and made a decision.

Already on his back, Hiroki atop him, Akihiko tipped his pale head back more, baring his throat further in a primitive act of bestial submission.

His own red-coated Reynard recognized this subtle shift immediately.

Hiroki's mouth left Akihiko's throat and reclaimed his lips in a kiss that was both crushing and tender. Akihiko felt a gentle hand run through his hair, tickling his scalp, tingling the sensitive skin above his ear. All his senses were heightened by his submission and Akihiko heard the soft shifting of the cushions as he felt Hiroki's body slide down slightly and back up off his acquiescent form.

As Hiroki moved, his hand left his hare's silvered brow and trailed the movement of his body, running down over Akihiko's slick chest and seed-sticky belly, coming finally to rest atop one of the lean thighs currently draped over his now kneeling legs.

Akihiko lifted his head up. He opened his eyes and met Hiroki's dark stare. He was shocked at the undisguised concern in his lover's always serious gaze. Hiroki's voice was raspy with restrained desire.

"Should I stop?"

"I can do this." Any snag in the silk of Akihiko's voice was caused as it caught on his passion, not on any fear.

"Not too sensitive still?" Hiroki's long finger's grazed the increasingly taut skin of Akihiko's quickly reviving member.

"Fuck!" Akihiko growled at the touch and then remembering Hiroki's earlier jest, added, "I mean, no… that feels good, Hiroki."

In his mind, looking down at Akihiko as he was now, Hiroki's thoughts were so clear.

I don't want anyone else to touch you, Akihiko. You should have chosen me long ago… Now I want to make it so there is no other choice you might ever consider.

His hand left off Akihiko's cock. He surprised his beloved by taking Akihiko's hand, pulling it up, and resting it over his own heart.

Akihiko felt Hiroki's rapid pulse beneath his fingers. Though his friend said nothing, he suddenly understood as he looked up that this was Hiroki's own communication of submission:

Hiroki has literally just put his heart into my hand.

Akihiko eyes widened at this, overwhelmed by the weight of it; knowing that despite his best friend's vitriolic demeanor, nothing so fragile had ever been committed into his care. It gave him pause.

After a long silent minute, he slowly nodded.

Hiroki gazed at him a moment more then looked away, resolved. He released Akihiko's hand and allowed it to fall back to the cushions of the couch. He twisted his torso slightly and bent awkwardly back to the coffee table, pulling out the drawer again and taking out a condom.

"Wait." Akihiko rose up on his elbows.

Hiroki stopped, a puzzled look on his handsome face. Though their first encounter had been bare, since then they had almost always used a condom.

Not for any risks of disease since, though he had been active since he was fourteen, Hiroki had always been meticulous about his health: his last test, before the blindfold incident, had been negative and he'd been with no one but Akihiko since he'd been given that report.

Likewise, Akihiko, outside of his one disastrous instance at the brothel, where all the girls' cleanliness had been assured, had been with no one but Hiroki.

But Akihiko relished coming inside, while Hiroki didn't relish having to deal with the cleanup, so a sheath had been their compromise. (It also saved the upholstery),

"No condom." Akihiko's voice was firm. "If I am going to have you inside me, I want to feel your flesh and not some god damn rubber glove."

Hiroki looked at Akihiko curiously. "And the couch?"

The youngest Usami sighed at his lover's cautious ways, sometimes they really pissed him off.

"Fuck the couch; I'll buy a new one." Akihiko declared, rolling his eyes.

The corners of Hiroki's mouth quirked up.

"I'd rather fuck you than the couch, Akihiko."

This drew a smile from Akihiko as well. Hiroki threw the condom back into the still-opened drawer. Then he leaned back over and retrieved the small vial he'd previously dropped on the floor. He squeezed the thick fluid into one of his hands.

"Here, give me your hand again."

Akihiko complied and Hiroki squeezed lube into the extended palm. He watched with lust-filled eyes as Hiroki then grasped his own stiff shaft and began to slather it with the lube.

Never had Hiroki's cock looked so magnificent. Set upon a pair of beautiful balls; it was long and wonderfully thick. Akihiko had every inch of it mapped now; he'd memorized every ridge and pulsing vein of it.

Though hardly hirsute Hiroki kept himself religiously shaved in this region too and Akihiko loved it. It made his amazing cock seem much bigger and the skin of this and his silky sac so soft and deliciously tender he could hardly keep his mouth off the man.

Hiroki looked up startled when Akihiko propped himself higher on his elbows and growled.

"God, Hiroki … You look so fucking sexy when you do that. Who knew watching someone wanking could be so hot."

Hiroki looked down blushing fiercely.

"Dumb-ass, why do you say such embarrassing things?"

Akihiko brought his lube slicked hand to his own now anxious cock in answer and began languidly stroking it.

Seeing the sudden shift in Hiroki's expression as he did this, Akihiko laughed, his lavender eyes glinting.

"I think the physical evidence strongly supports my assertion, watching someone else play with his own dick can be as engaging as hell. I rest my case."

Hiroki, grabbed Akihiko's thighs and pulled his hips towards him, dragging the taller man back down off his elbows.

"Councilor, I think I liked it better when you were stuck in your only muttering 'fuck' phase."

Akihiko noticed the contrast on his fevered skin between Hiroki's hands: one sticky, the other smooth.

"Well how about this then," he challenged, despite his rather precarious position, "Hurry up and fuck me Hiroki. I'm getting impat- ... Ahhhh..." Akihiko found he suddenly lost all his words entirely as Hiroki's greased hand left his thigh and a finger eased its way back into his entrance.

"As I was saying," Hiroki said not unkindly, "Hush."

His tone was slightly awed at the sight of the masculine beauty beneath him. Akihiko's eyes had closed, his head tipped, back arched slightly at the still unfamiliar sensations.

Hiroki was pleased that there was less resistance this time and Akihiko seemed to adjust quickly. After the man beneath him acclimated he removed the finger and re-entered again with two.

"Ahhh… Fuck!" Akihiko gasped and began stroking his own cock again as Hiroki's fingers began slowly stroking him internally.

"Good boy, that's much better," Hiroki teased lightly.

He removed his fingers and pulled Akihiko's legs up a bit higher, positioned his aching cock at Akihiko's accepting orifice, and began slowly pushing in. He watched his lover closely. He suddenly felt Akihiko's muscles clench in rebellion and his glorious glistening chest hitch just slightly.

"Idiot, you have to talk to me," Hiroki implored as he waited for Akihiko to adjust before moving again. Akihiko opened his lavender eyes and stared at him. Their gazes met and locked in challenge to each other.

"Don't be so bullheaded, it's not easy the first time and I won't think less of you if you say that it hurts," Hiroki chided in response to Akihiko's stubborn silence.

Receiving no verbal response still, he lifted Akihiko's long legs a bit higher and pushed in deeper, despite the pinch to his cock. Hiroki saw the ache of it in his friend's eyes despite Akihiko's stoic countenance.

Seeing his threat go unheeded, Hiroki finally resolved himself to Akihiko's stubbornness. He urged a softer tone then, "breathe. And try to relax. If you keep clenching it will just hurt more."

Akihiko drew a deep breath and willed himself to release. But the moment Hiroki felt this and began to push in further, despite the lube, Akihiko felt himself begin to panic at the stretch and the burn of something far thicker than fingers. He felt his muscles seize again at the persisting intrusion.

If it had been anyone else, he would have remained silent, but as it was Hiroki, he threw back his head in frustration and growled.

"Nnuugh… fuck, Hiroki… I… I… can't do this."

Hiroki looked down at Akihiko's tight, heaving belly and sweat slick limbs. He knew his friend wanted to please him and what such a declaration must have cost Akihiko's pride.

Despite his almost unbearable need, Hrioki withdrew.

"Uh… here… move with me, Akihiko." Hiroki guided his lover up. As they rearranged themselves Hiroki once again blessed the width of Akihiko's sofa.

Akihiko followed the direction and found himself unexpectedly straddling Hiroki's lap.

Understanding what was being offered, Akihiko raised himself up off his knees. His hands gripped the back of the couch. He felt Hiroki position his rigid member beneath him, the head of it nudged his tender portal.

"I'm so pent, Akihiko. It is probably not going to take much." Hiroki admitted this despite his own pride. A new blush further darkening his already sex-flushed skin. "But let's try this. You lower yourself down as you're ready… Take your own pace."

Akihiko looked down at him pensively.

"It'll be easier this way. Like I said, just breathe." Hiroki soothed while still managing to keep his voice suitably rough, so as not to offend Akihiko's masculine sensibilities too much.

Akihiko, considered this new arrangement a moment, then he leaned down and kissed Hiroki deeply as he slowly began to lower himself. Hiroki's tongue entered Akihiko's mouth just as his dick entered his untried ass.

The sense of this doubled entry was profound.

Hiroki's dry hand grazed Akihiko's cheek, his other holding his slick dick in place. His mouth caught the rasping gasps as Akihiko gradually settled.

Then Hiroki tipped his head back breaking their kiss. Simultaneously his greased hand slipped down cradling Akihiko's balls; he squeezed them lightly, drawing a hissing exhalation from the man atop him.

Once Akihiko had taken him in fully, Hiroki's hand moved up, grasping Akihiko's rigid cock and stroking it, he leaned his head forward and kissed a blushed nipple.

Akihiko's whole body tremored from the flood of fleshly sensations he was experiencing: his nerves were stretched and jangled.

When he had completely sheathed Hiroki inside him, Akihiko felt the strangely satisfying press of Hiroki's full sac against his newly-filled ass. He considered how he felt in that moment. Sheathing, encompassing, engulfing, consuming, even filled and penetrated: none of these words were passive. At this, Akihiko suddenly realized the truth of Hiroki's earlier words regarding the part of the receiver in the act of sex.

After carefully, measuring his internal impressions, Akihiko began to shift his hips tentatively at first, beginning to ride the man beneath him, reveling in this new experience of fucking.

"Fuck," Akihiko breathed not caring that he was being repetitive, as he rocked his ass, testing this new motion.

His hands gripped the back of the sofa tighter as the liquid heat, the heavy tension increased throughout his lower region,

"Fuck is right," Hiroki growled pleasurably, lost in the silky warmth of Akihiko's interior.

As Akihiko continued his slow, shallow, exploratory motions he looked down at his lover beneath him. His ass was aching from the stretch of it, but in the position they were in, the slightly upward curve of Hiroki's erection magnificently rubbed against his prostate.

Finding that seated as he was, he controlled the movement and his own sensations, Akihiko felt himself begin to relax more. His aching diminished as his pleasure mounted.

Hiroki released Akihiko's cock. His hands slipped around his friend's slim waist and now firmly pressed against the small of Akihiko's back. He marveled at the hard polished feel of the muscles beneath his fingers.

His fingertips traced the curve of the spine, down, following the swell of Akihiko's beautiful backside. Hiroki's hands kneaded the fine firm ass brushing the tops of his thighs.

At this added touch the sounds smoldering Akihiko's throat became more guttural. Even his one remaining word "fuck" turned to smoke and slipped away from him.

Soon outside the quiet hum of appliances, the ticking of the clock on the wall, the only other sounds in the still apartment were the men's heated breathing, the occasional growl or moan, and the rich sucking sound of their slicked, sliding flesh.

As Akihiko continued to move, the two friends, now lovers, stared into each other's eyes in a profound exchange of silent communication.

This time it was Akihiko who took one of Hiroki's hands and set it against his heaving chest. He said aloud the words Hiroki had thought but not articulated verbally.

"I don't want anyone else to touch you. You should only ever choose me, Hiroki."

Hiroki's eyes widened at this. He shifted his hand, entwining Akihiko's fingers with his. He pulled the hand to his mouth then and placed a kiss in its palm returning the confession.

Finally Hiroki broke his silence, his cock was frantic.

"I can't hold back, I need to move, Akihiko."

Akihiko lifted himself slightly without causing Hiroki to slide out. He placed his hands once more on the back of the sofa as he bent forward and rested his forehead against Hiroki's. Hiroki's hands grasped Akihiko's hips. Akihiko moved his head again to the side hanging it over Hiroki's shoulder, obscuring his face. Taking this as permission, Hiroki began to thrust his own hips upwards.

Akihiko turned his head resting his cheek against the damp brown locks, breathing his growling pants into Hiroki's ear, spurring his lover onward despite the increasing ache inside him from Hiroki's increasingly rapid movements.

"Inside?" Hiroki rasped the question knowing that his release was eminent.

Warm lips brushed the tender flesh of his ear.

"Inside," Akihiko whispered before taking an earlobe between his teeth and pulling it.

Then Akihiko's hands released the back of the couch. He wrapped long arms around Hiroki's neck pulling his dark head into his chest.

Groaning as Hiroki's hips bucked up into him deeper and faster still, he bowed his head and closed his eyes against the few fragile tears conjured by the pleasured pain whose song now filled all the chambers of his body.

Hiroki came with a loud cry and Akihiko felt the heat spill into him, baptizing his interior. He focused on the liquid pulse of it and marveled at all the ways that one could experience the word "filled."

He could feel the continued quiver as the last waves of Hiroki's release receded. But after a few moments Akihiko noticed his lover's shaking had not ceased and he suddenly felt the warm wetness of silent tears against the sweat-slick flesh of his chest.

"Hiroki?" Akihiko ran his own shaky fingers through his friend's sweat sodden locks. He realized in this exchange, another piece of Hiroki's armor carefully constructed armor had fallen off.

After a few moments more, Hiroki pulled his head back from their embrace. He wiped an arm across his eyes and when they met Akihiko's they challenged him to comment.

Akihiko remained seated over his lover's lap. He had settled down on it in fact, Hiroki's softening shaft still embedded inside him. He looked into Hiroki's uncomfortable eyes.

"Don't you fucking fall asleep on me now, Old Man! I fully expect you to finish me off, Kamijou Hiroki." Akihiko made his tone heated.

Hiroki's eyes flashed with appreciation at his friend's understanding.

"For a bottom you're pretty fucking bossy, Usami!" However, Hiroki immediately spat into his hand as the lube had now dried and grasped Akihiko's sticky cock.

"One fuck does not a bottom make…" Akihiko retorted.

"Sweet fuck…" he exclaimed a moment later, however, as Hiroki's skilled hands stroked his shaft and fondled his sac simultaneously bringing him quickly to his own peak and then pushing him over.

"We'll see about that," Hiroki growled, feeling himself already beginning to stir again within Akihiko as he watched the beautiful man astride him come.

After their escapades the two lovers had rested, entwined together on the couch for a time. Then they shared a shower and Hiroki showed Akihiko how to clean himself.

"What happens if I don't?" The two men stood together face to face under the reviving steamy stream.

"Well, it depends on how much is in there. It could leak out later. Not the best sensation, say, when you're walking down the street, or standing waiting for the train." Hiroki was thankful for the fact that his heat-flushed skin kept his bright blush at the question from being noticeable.

"I don't think I'll be complaining about the condoms so much after this," Akihiko offered expansively.

"Dumb-ass, just shut up and wash my back," Hiroki grumbled turning around.

Once he had his back was to Akihiko, however, he couldn't help but smile.

After cleaning up, Akihiko and Hiroki passed a quiet evening in each other's company.

They ate the food that Sato-san had left, sitting across from each other at a corner of the tall formal table in the dining room, eating mostly in silence. Low strains of classical music played in the background.

"You're a bit subdued tonight, Akihiko," Hiroki observed. "Everything okay?" he tried to sound casual.

"How long after do you usually ache?"

Hiroki looked at his friend for a moment before he realized what it was he was being asked. He knew by now that he shouldn't be startled by Akihiko's directness but even after all these years the man still managed to surprise him.

Hiroki's brow furrowed at the question.

"That's a bit personal isn't it?"

"So is having someone's dick in your ass." Akihiko was annoyed by his friend's evasiveness.

Hiroki blushed further at this this, he took another bite of rice and chewed contemplatively. "Ummmm, I suppose so…"

"So?" Lavender eyes searched Hiroki's face.

"I don't know, it varies." Hiroki shrugged looking away, trying to quell yet another embarrassing blush. "Maybe a half hour, usually, I guess. Though sometimes as much a a day. It depends on what was done and how many times."

"Are you still uncomfortable, Akihiko?" Hiroki was concerned, though he'd checked Akihiko after and nothing had seemed to be torn.

"Not so much... No," Akihiko murmurred after a moment's pause.

"Is it like that every time?" Akihiko was experiencing a new consciousness of how frequently and how vigorously he'd taken Hiroki without any awareness of what his lover experienced.

"It gets better over time, but yeah, I usually ache a bit after." Hiroki met Akihiko's eyes now and he saw his lover's pained expression.

"I don't mind that it lingers, Akihiko," Hiroki growled softly looking away again. "It makes me feel well attended to."

Akihiko smiled at his friend's choice of words.

"You're amazing, Hiroki, you know that?"

Hiroki realized that the expression on his lover's face was very close to the one's he used to covet when Akihiko was with Takahiro.

"Shut up, Dumb-ass," he muttered, suddenly frowning.

"Hey, Hiroki."

"Yeah?" Hiroki braced himself for another embarrassingly outrageous articulation. Though not outrageous as he feared, Akihiko's comment was embarrassing nonetheless.

"You've got something there." Akihiko indicated the corner of his mouth with a gesture of his hand.

Hiroki took a swipe with his napkin, brushing his lips.

"Did I get it?"

"Nope, you missed. Here let me help you."

Akihiko stretched forward holding his napkin. Hiroki moved forward as well, offering the side of his face.

Dark eyes widened in shock when instead of using his napkin, Akihiko leaned in slowly.

"For a grown man you're pretty adorable you know," Akihiko whispered. He tenderly caught Hiroki's bottom lip between his own.

While Hiroki's mind told him to pull away, his body remained perfectly still. He closed his eyes overwhelmed by the feel of the mouth on his own: every time Akihiko touched him now it felt increasingly intimate.

Akihiko's hand came up lightly cupping the underside of Hiroki's fine jaw. His mouth teased the still slightly kiss-bruised lower lip with infinite care and then trailed softly over Hiroki's chin. The tip of his tongue flicked out delicately, lifting the single grain of rice that had caught on the corner of Hiroki's mouth and pulled it into his own.

Then slowly Akihiko broke away. He leaned back in his chair.

"I think I got it," his eyes shone with a glorious light.

Hiroki, opened his eyes to Akihiko's loving expression

"Idiot," he breathed, but his voice was exceedingly tender.

Following dinner, once they'd washed the dishes, the two men sat companionably at the large table working on their various projects. Getting to this place was no small feat: Akihiko was reluctant, Hiroki insistent. However, Akihiko found that within an hour, to his pleasant surprise, the remaining outline he'd been dreading was almost completed.

After they each reached a stopping point, the couple nursed a few beers as they watched the Korean cult classic, Chan-wook Park's "Old Boy." They then spent two hours after its conclusion comparing the three act format of the piece to Shakespearean tragedies. They argued with amicable heat over the meaning of the metaphor contained in the scene where the main character, Oh Dae-Su, after a fifteen year imprisonment, once finally released, consumed a live octopus.

Reaching an impasse in their debate, now that their every appetite had been sated, they retired to Akihiko's large western style bed.

Hiroki reclined, reading, his pajamaed knees bent and back propped on his pillow against the headboard.

Akihiko, wearing only boxers, lay on his back, one long arm bent and tucked behind his shaggy head as he puffed his last cigarette for the day.

"You know today wasn't the first time I ever had someone inside of me," Akihiko offered rather casually through his smoke.


Hiroki closed his book and took off his reading glasses looking down into Akihiko's pale eyes. He didn't question further, he just waited to see what the other man would offer.

"Ummmm…" Akihiko's lavender gaze slid away and fixed on the ceiling.

"It wasn't a cock though, only a finger. I was just shy of ten at the time."

Akihiko rolled over onto his side and stubbed out his smoke in the ashtray on his nightstand before he reached over and turned out his light.

Hiroki sat there in stunned silence and waited for Akihiko to turn back over to him. When he didn't, Hiroki set his book and his glasses to the side on the stand on his side of the bed and turned his light off too.

Then he slid down and positioned himself along the length of Akihiko's back. He tucked one arm under the pillow they were now sharing, nestled his forehead against the back of Akihiko's silvered head, slipped his other arm under his lover's and wrapped it around Akihiko's broad chest.

After a few more minutes of silence, Akihiko took Hiroki's hand in his own and entwined their fingers together.

"He was an older boy; he lived on an adjacent estate. He was the same one who taught me how to use a kiss to stop someone crying." Akihiko whispered into the dark.

"His father was one of the men my mother was fucking at the time... He was a duke I believe." Akihiko paused trying to recall.

"They found out about it… He wasn't too experienced and as a result not particularly gentle.

"The maid saw stains in my shorts and reported it to Tanaka.

"It was one of the reasons I was sent back to Japan."

Akihiko sighed and was surprised at how bitter a breath could sound.

"The families didn't want a scandal."

Without letting go of Hiroki's hand, he rolled himself back over so that he was facing Hiroki, though he couldn't see Hiroki's face in the dark.

"There are times in my life I supposed I should have hated that boy, but I just have never been quite able to manage it.

"I didn't really fit in England anyway… Not that I ever fit that well here in Japan either.

"And despite what he did, it felt at the time as though he was loving me," Akihiko confessed.

"I was looking for kindness then, so that was how he seemed to me at first. Even though he hurt me, I wasn't forced.

"After he'd done it he seemed to feel terrible about it.

"He held and petted me for quite a long time after and kept saying he was sorry.

"That's actually what I remembered the most about the experience, not being entered, but being held."

Hiroki lay frozen, for a minute, his mind reeling from Akihiko's disclosure. He couldn't think of a sensible response, so he just kept silent. Then he untwined his fingers and pulled back his hand.

His heart broke a bit when he felt Akihiko immediately stiffen as his touch abandoned him.

Hiroki however, reached this hand up almost immediately and began to awkwardly stroke Akihiko's hair until he felt the man's tense frame relax again. He leaned in and placed a tender kiss on his lover's forehead before gathering Akihiko back into him .

"You always know exactly the right thing to say to me in a pinch, Old Man," Akihiko murmured gratefully.

"But I didn't say anything, Akihiko."


Akihiko shifted himself down in the bed and hesitantly tucked his head under Hiroki's chin.

Hiroki tightened his hold around Akihiko's bare broad shoulders and drew him closer, and though each man was lost in his silent musings, shortly thereafter they were drifting together.

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