The Canter of Romance Ch.1

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Kanda: Che, you should discipline yourself more then.

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Ivory-fanged-goddess: what was that?

Kanda: You heard me.

Ivory-fanged-goddess: Thought so…..well Yuu-chan you asked for it *Starts to write Kanda wearing a frilly pink dress*

Kanda: Okay, okay woman I get it, no more snide comments

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Kanda looked out over the hill where he was grazing at the beautiful scenery before him. Down below him was emerald green grass just waiting to be eaten. It was long enough that when the wind blew the stalks of grass bent and flowed with the wind making it look like a green ocean. A little further was a little forest of pine and spruce trees that were acting as the wind breaker from the wind coming off the mountains behind them which were still covered in snow. The mountains peaks were so tall that they disappeared into the clouds themselves.

Kanda's coal black ear twitched at the sound of something coming up the drive, turning his head towards the sound he saw a large cloud of dust being kicked up as a large truck pulling a trailer behind it made its was up the long dirt drive. Giving a snort Kanda went back to grazing occasionally swishing his long blue/black tail to rid himself of the occasional fly or two. Once again Kanda's ear twitched trying to locate the sound, finding it he turned his head to see a cream colored horse with a fiery orange main and tail cantering towards him.

"Yu-Chan! Yu-Chan did ya hear we got a newbie coming. She's so cute too long white legs and body. Come on Yu-Chan!" The fiery haired horse called to the coal black stallion.

"Ursai baka usagi! Call me by my first name again and you will get the beating of you life." Kanda gritted out flaring his coal black wings while pawing at the ground threatening like manner. The other stallion flattened his ears and took a couple of steps back away from the angry Pegasus lowering his head as he went so he wasn't a threat.

"A-ah okay kanda okay. So are you coming or what? I mean she's one hot mare!" The fiery haired stallion asked once more all signs of his pervious submission completely gone. With a silent sigh the black stallion tucked his wings back into his sides and started to walk down the hill to where the large truck was parked.

When the two stallions got to the fence that separated the courtyard from the pastures, their ears twitched at the sound of human voices coming from the front door of the house where the trailer was parked. "Alright take good care of her; right now she's a little skittish around other people and things." A voice that sounded like it was from another country spoke. "Okay, Neah-san that won't be a problem, here at Black Order Ranch we have some really gentle horses here so that the mare will feel right at home."

The front door opened to reveal a light skinned man with wild unruly hair who wore a mix between punk and classic suits. Behind him was their owner Komui Lee, wearing his ever not changing white and purple beanie and that long white coat of his. The person named Neah-san turned back around to speak with Komui once again. "Also try to keep Cross away from her he makes her wild and sometimes nervous as well." Neah-san finished with a flick of his hand to the trailer. Komui looked over in its direction and nodded. "Neah-san would you mind helping me unload both of them?" Komui asked. Neah only nodded.

"Hey guys what's up?" a soft voice spoke from behind Kanda and the other stallion. Both stallions turned their heads to see a white mare with a blackish green mane and tail. An elegant golden horn sat upon her brow, while her hooves were the exact same color.

" Ah, Lenalee-chan! Did ya hear we got a newbie and word has it that she's a beauty too!" The fiery haired stallion exclaimed with hearts in his eyes. Lenalee's purple eyes lit up at the word 'newbie' and 'she's' meaning that she would have another girl to hang out with. "Oh my goodness are you sure Lavi?" she asked looking hopefully at the fiery haired stallion.

Lavi was about to answer her but at the sound of the trailer's gate being swung open and the ramp lowered all three of their heads swung to look at the end of the trailer. Komui came off the ramp first followed by what looked like another Lavi clone but his mane and tail weren't made of fire and his coat was a little darker. "So that ones Cross." Lavi stated giving the new stallion a once over. Kanda gave a snort and Lenalee said nothing.

Turning their attention back to the trailer they could hear frightened nickers and whinnies coming from inside. A soothing voice was also heard and soon the frightened sounds coming from the mare stopped. Neah soon emerged from the trailer leading in Kanda's opinion one of the most breath taking mares that he's ever seen, out of the back of the trailer, though Kanda would never admit that even to himself. The mare was pure white with a red scar that ran along the side of her face and through her eye as well. One of her legs was severely burnt to the point where it was black as her hooves. Her white wings were tucked tightly against her body and her ears were pinned against her head in fright.

"So this is the Black Order Ranch's newest addition Ellen huh?" Komui said with a small smile to himself. Neah got back into his truck and drove off leaving Komui with his two newest additions in his wake.

Lenalee let out a friendly nicker towards the new horse named Ellen. "Hey Ellen welcome to the Black Order Ranch." She called out. Ellen flicked an ear towards the unicorn and nodded her head a little bit while letting some of the tightness in her wings out. "H-hello, m-my na-names E-ellen wha-what's y-y-yours?" the white Pegasus timidly asked. Before Lenalee could reply Komui lead her to the gate and let her loose inside the other three's pasture.

Lenalee bounded right up to the mare and gave the poor mare the equivalent of a human hug. "My name's Lenalee Lee but most people just call me Lenalee or Lena-chan." Ellen gave a timid nod and looked over at the fire mane and tailed stallion.

"Good morning my name is Ellen Walker. What may I ask is your name?" she inquired of the stallion. Anyone within a couple hundred feet could have sworn that his mane and tail got bigger and brighter claming down with an angry snort from the coal black Pegasus. "Hey ya Ellen my names Lavi and this sourpuss over here to my right is Yu-chan." Lavi neighed happily.

Without warning Kanda rose up on his hind legs and struck out at Lavi catching him in his side but with not enough power to really hurt him. "What did I tell you about calling me by my first name!" he growled baring his teeth. Lavi said nothing but shied away and cowered behind Ellen and Lenalee.

Alarmed by the harsh actions of her fellow Pegasus Ellen started to back away, her ears pinned flat against her skull lowering her head. A blur of dark red and dark crème jumped in between the furious Kanda and frightened Ellen. "Cross." Ellen whispered still trying to back up.

The older stallion whose name was Cross stood protectively in front of Ellen baring his teeth at the angry Pegasus. "Don't you dare come near my daughter you bastard!" he hissed. At the mention of Ellen being Cross' daughter all three horses look at Cross and Ellen in shock. Lavi was the first to recover "W-wait Ellen is your DAUGHTER?" he shouted. Lenalee's mouth dropped to the floor faster then an anvil falling to the ground. Kanda's anger stopped short and gave an incredulous stare at Cross who was still hiding Ellen.

Shifting his gaze over to his almost identical younger twin Cross answered "Oh course she is, who the hell sired her in the first place?" If mouths could drop even more then they would have.

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