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The winter months flew by and soon the trees were starting to flower and bloom all around the land and the birds were all chirping in the trees nesting or otherwise. A spring fever broke out on the Black Order Ranch infecting everyone including Komui, who went around skipping and throwing flowers in the air spouting out loud and sometimes very gay like words of excitement.

Occasionally the Ranch would get field trips of school children coming out to see them, the little children would ohh and ahh at Lenalee's horn, Kanda and Ellen's wings, and Lavi's mane and tail. The smaller children would take turns riding around the courtyard between the Ranch house and barn on old Bookman and for the older children and adults that wanted to tag along rode Cross.

Today was such a day, Ellen and the others stood all saddled up and tethered to the fence post waiting on the large yellow school bus that would spill out loud noisy children that wanted to pull and pinch on their coats and mouths. Kanda chewed at his bit annoyed by both the bridle and saddle they put on him. Beside him Ellen nervously shifted her weight on her hooves the silver bridle gleaming in the morning sun "Relax Moyashi, you're gonna be fine their not gonna hurt you." Kanda stopped biting his bit long enough to speak.

Ellen stopped shifting and perked her ears towards the dirt driveway towards her left and snorted. "My name's Ellen not Moyashi and here they come." She spoke still watching the dirt road which now had a cloud of dust.

A young girl no older than six or seven sat on a hot and smelly school bus heading towards the famed Black Order Ranch to see the amazing horses they had there. The informational video they showed to anyone that was interested in seeing the equines that were there. The one horse she wanted to see was a white mare with wings and a scar on her foreleg. Finally the ranch came into view and soon she saw them. They stood there all seven of them with shiny silver bridles and shiny black saddles with the black saddle blanket with a silver outline and the crest in the corner. Next to a mean looking black Pegasus stood the white mare she wanted to see.

Getting off the bus she watched as the black stallion standing next to the mare stood closely to her and fretted ove some little things, like when the wind shifted and flopped in her eyes the stallion would shuffle over and nudge it back over to where it was in the first place. She thought it was rather cute that the black stallion was fretting over the mare. Hearing a loud noise the girl looked over and saw an Asian looking man wearing a long white coat and a white beanie with short purple hair and glasses. "Hello children, parents, and teachers. Welcome to Black Order Ranch, today you will meet some of our more prized horses that we keep here, including a unicorn, flame stallion and two Pegasus's as well. Hearing that the girl heard her classmates start to shift in excitement. "Now if you all will wait right here we will bring them to you but one at a time so you won't get hurt." The Asian man said and walked over to the seven a un tied a beautiful white unicorn with a golden horn and hooves.

Ellen watched as Komui lead Lenalee over to the small group and started to tell them all about her and other stuff that Ellen didn't care for. Time passed slowly till it was only Kanda and herself left, seeing Komui hand Lavi off to a part time worker to be un tacked she started to shift again restlessly moving instinctively towards Kanda's side.

Komui reached towards Ellen's reins and noticed how close she was to Kanda and decided that he would bring them both together. So he grabbed Kanda as well and walked them both over to the group and started to explain about them and in the end asked them to spread their wings so that the children could see them. At first Kanda refused but poor Ellen timidly started to and got about halfway fully extended when Kanda suddenly flared his out as well with a snort. Ellen then extended them to their full length and to add an impression to the humans started to beat her wings and hovered a few feet off the ground followed by Kanda who was a good almost eight feet off the ground.

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