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I remember when we were just kids; when all we cared about were crayons, cookies and survival.

"No! I want the cookie!"

You, who had seemed like a faceless boy back then, broke it in two-giving one to me.

"Here! Now, we don't have to argue anymore, okay?"

I remember when I first became conscious of your existence; when I first noticed your scar.

That was when I first started to look up to you.

It was like you were everywhere.

Everywhere I turned, you were there.

Looking to the right, then left, I traipsed towards the apple tree that Hazel had taken such great care to grow for me.

Satisfied, I sat down.

Something fell beside me.

Drawing out my favorite dagger, I turned to the source of the noise...only to find you again.

And then, I noticed something near your upper lip.

"I'm sorry! Should I take you to the infirmary?" I cried, believing the cause of the wound to be me.

You had laughed.

"This?" you inquired, pointing at the scar. "It's nothing. I've had it for a long time."

"Oh. W-well, how'd you get it?"

"I don't know. But I bet it's from a biiiiiiig monster."

We laughed.

It was our first laugh together.

I remember all our days after that.

From bad days to good, normal to strange, you were always there...right by my side.

I should have cherished those days more. However, I didn't. All I cared about were weapons.

"Come on, Reyna! Bobby's trying to stuff a bunch of grapes up his nose!" you had screamed, looking behind your shoulder.

"No! I don't have the time! I just got this dagger from Lupa! I need to polish it! I need to make her proud!" I replied.

"Oh. Well...I...I'll see you later," you murmured, leaving.

Pleased with my thorough cleaning, I set my new dagger up among my plethora of weapons.

I remember how you would see me.

To everyone else, I was violent and mentally unstable; someone you couldn't even trust with a measly butter knife.

But, to you, I was kind and gentle.

No matter how many times I tried to push you away, you kept coming back. You got to know the real me. For that, I thank you.

"Stop it! I just...got a new dagger and I'm...I'm...not afraid to test...it on you!" I threatened.

You didn't stop.

"Stop...it!" I panted.

You gave a sadistic smirk.

"It...it hurts. Stop...stop...it!" I yelled at the top of my lungs; my hand blindly roaming the bed for my dagger.

"No. You and I both know that you would never do that to me!" you chuckled.

The door creaked; someone entered the room.

"What are you two doing?" the person asked.

You stared at them.

"Tickling," you had answered, blinking.

And then, there was that day; the day I would never forget.

I could feel it-you were staring at me.

Starting to feel uncomfortable under your gaze, my eyes met yours.

Blushing, you turned away.

A few hours later, we were both at the mess hall.

You attempted to casually walk over to my table.

You tripped.

Giving a small smile, I helped you up.

"You're so clumsy," I smirked.

"I know," you snorted.

Then, you suddenly became conscious of who you were talking to.

"Um...could you meet me outside once you're done with dinner?" you inquired.

Awkwardly, you left.

What was so important that you had to wait until after dinner to discuss?

Were you preparing for a quest?

Unable to swallow down the rest of my food from the excitement, I gave away the rest of my dinner to Bobby "The Glutton" and ran outside.

Looking around, I finally saw you.

Waving my arms, you came over to my side.

Then, as your large hands grasped mine, you said the six magic words.

"Will you go out with me?"

Every day after that was wonderful.

It didn't matter that people stared at us in an obscure manner every time we held hands.

It didn't matter that almost everyone judged us; that many of your fangirls tried to sabotage our relationship.

All that mattered was you.

But then, Venus decided to play a cruel trick.

"H-Hey, have any of you seen him?" I asked, a worried expression undoubtedly plastered onto my face.

Dakota, Hazel, and Bobby all looked up from their card game.

"No...we thought he was with you," Hazel replied, eyes fluttering.

Panicking, I left the cabin.

Trudging up to each and every cabin, I continued to repeat the exact same question over and over again.


For weeks, I had been too shocked to say a single word to anyone.

Only leaving my cabin for nourishment, I had looked like a ghost.

Not even my closest friends could recognize me anymore.

I was just a shadow of my former self.

And then, after several months, you finally came back...

I wish you never did.

I was throwing my daggers at the target; each flying projectile landing dead-center on the target.

"Reyna! Reyna!" someone screamed.

Without flinching, I threw my last remaining one at the target.

Finally having taken too much of my abusement, the target collapsed.

"You'll never guess this!" the person screamed.

Tilting my head to look at them, I noticed it was Dakota.

"He's back!" Dakota shouted.

All thoughts left my head as I followed Dakota to the pier.

I didn't recognize her.

Why was she standing right next to you, latched onto your arm like a spoiled child?

"Who...who are you?" I asked her.

"I'm Piper, his girlfriend," she stated, as if she had rehearsed it many times in front of a mirror.

I turned to you, expecting an answer.

You gave none.

"But...I'm...I'm...I'm...his girlfriend," I said. "I'm his...I'm his..."

"What are you talking about?" the girl, Piper, scowled.

Clenching my trembling hand, I slowly opened my fist and slapped you-the traitor-across the face.

"I don't get why I ever missed you!" I shouted.

And now, I'm all alone in my cabin.

I know you won't come here and console me.

I know you won't hug me and tell me it's okay.

I know you will never again embrace me until the tears stop.

And, I know that you won't kiss me when this is all over.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I scolded myself. Being a Roman Warrior, I was not supposed to let my emotions take the best of me.

But still, still, I remember.

So, why can't you?

I stared out my window, where a blonde girl and that idiot-Percy?-were hugging like there was no tomorrow.

Looking at all your friends and that new girlfriend of yours, I finally understand.

I can't be a part of your world ever again...huh?

And so, I guess I only have one last thing to say.

Extending my pinkie towards you, I declared, "Promise me we'll always be together!"

You had looked at my determined face, then my small finger.

Embracing my finger with yours, you smiled and said in a puerile voice, "Yeah."

But in the end, you were the one to break our promise.

Jason, you liar.

So, if any of you haven't guessed it yet, this is in Reyna's POV.

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