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Allen nervously tugged at the green and blue striped polo shirt his father had made him wear and walked up the steps to his new school. He double checked his bag in case it had torn before walking into the huge building known as D. Gray-Man High.

"I really don't want to be here," Allen muttered to himself walking down the hallway to where a sign had said where the office was. He earned a couple snickers and passing-by stares at the metal circus show that revolved around his head. 'I wish I didn't have headgear!' Allen thought desperately when he walked into the room of doom as he liked to call it.

"Hey nerd boy!" someone called as he shut the door behind him. Allen rolled his eyes and walked up to the receptionist's desk.

"Hello, can I help you?" she asked politely.

"Yea, um, I'm new here and I came for my schedule, uhhh, my name's Allen Walker, by the way." he said nervously gripping his shirt.

"Oh, sure, no problem hon." she said getting up, "If you'll just sit down I'll go get it for you."

"M'kay," he mumbled sitting down in one of the chairs, it made a smoosh sound. The woman disappeared into a room right as a girl walked in.

"Mrs. Lotto?" she asked glancing around.

"She's in there," Allen said pointing to the room the woman had walked into.

The girl whirled around to face him, "Oh!" she said softly. Allen's cheeks grew warm when he saw that she was pretty, really pretty. "Who are you? Are you new here?"

"Yea, m-my n-n-n-name is Allen," he stuttered. 'Damn!' he thought, 'How come whenever I try to talk to a pretty girl I always choke?'

"Well, welcome to D. Gray-Man, my name is Lenalee," she held out her hand.

"Thanks," Allen muttered shaking it.

"Here you are Allen! Oh! I see you met Lenalee!" the receptionist said walking back into the room with a white sheet of paper. "Anyway, here's your schedule." she handed him the paper and started a conversation with Lenalee, something about the yearbook committee needing more members.

"It's only me and Lavi!" Lenalee complained.

Allen remembered filling out a paper saying what electives he wanted to take and picking yearbook along with band, because he played piano. He glanced down at his schedule and saw that he did indeed have yearbook. Allen glanced nervously at the two and walked away without saying anything.

'Lets see,' he thought to himself walking to the locker he was assigned yesterday and looking at his schedule, 'I have P.E. first.' Allen deadpanned, 'I'm gonna fail that class.' He sighed heavily and spun in the combination to his locker after finding it. He popped it open and threw his bag in before grabbing his gym clothes and heading to the locker rooms.

When he got there he stared at his assigned gym locker and fingered the brown wig that covered his pure white hair. 'It's bound to come off when I change in front of everyone.' The wig was the only thing his father had let him pick for himself, but not without consequence. Allen had begged and pleaded with his red haired foster father to let him dye his hair, he said no of course, but agreed to compromise by buying him a first class wig.

After a moments hesitation Allen carried his clothes into a bathroom stall and changed there. "Hey, newb!" a boy called from the outside, "To scared to change in front of us?" A few jeers followed his remark, but Allen ignored them. He gingerly pulled his shirt over his head and the wig tipped slightly, showing a tuft of fine white hair. Allen pulled on the gym shirt and readjusted the wig before replacing his jeans with shorts.

"Hey, scar face." a bulky boy said when Allen emerged from the stall.

"Isn't that Harry Potter's nickname?" Allen scoffed, "Try to think of something by yourself then I'll be intimidated, kay?"

"You little smart mouthed bastrard!" the boy exclaimed raising a hand to punch.

"Alright, boys!" a voice called from the entrance, "Lets get a move on it!"

The boy stole a glance at Allen before heading towards the door, "Hey coach," he grumbled.

"Skin Bolic." the coach nodded. Allen was just about to skitter nervously past him when he was stopped. "You new?" the coach asked.

"Yea…" Allen said nervously.

"What's your name?"


"I'm Coach Tiedoll, nice to meet you," he said warmly shaking Allen's hand.

Allen sighed in relief, this was one of the nicer coaches, or so his dad had told him.

Allen's foster father was named Marian Cross, and he used to work as a coach at D. Gray-Man High. That was before Allen had met him though, now he was a business man and had only moved back to this ditsy town for his heath.

"Nice to meet you," Allen said. He was glad it wasn't one of the more odd sounding coaches like the guy with armor or the chick with a monkey on her shoulder.

"I'm the first hour coach, so I'm guessing you're going to be in my class?"

Allen nodded, "Yep."

They starting walking and talking about what Marian had been up to since he quit. "I can't believe he adopted a kid." Coach Tiedoll said shaking his head.

"Hmm, I didn't give him much of a choice," Allen said laughing. He glanced to the side and saw the boy called Tyki Mikk glaring at him hatefully.

'What did I do?' Allen thought.

Wayyyyyy Later…..

Allen looked at his schedule to see what the he had for the last period of the day, 'Yearbook,' he thought. 'This should be interesting.' He opened his locker and put away his newly acquired science book to grab a pencil and a library book. 'But then again, my whole day has gone downhill.'

First he had to stand in front of every classroom and introduce himself. Then no one had sat next to him at lunch, and after that some long haired dude called him moyashi! Allen grumbled an obscenity under his breath and walked into the nearly empty class room that held the yearbook committee.

"Allen!" Lenalee exclaimed from a corner.

"Who?" muttered a red haired boy.

"O-oh, h-h-hey L-Lenal-lee," Allen stuttered.

"St-st-stutter slut!" the boy said suddenly. Allen shot him a glare and sat down in a random seat. "Ooh, scary." he grinned. "My name's Lavi."

"I'm Allen." Allen said opening his book.

"What are you reading?" Lenalee asked coming up to him. "Jane Eyre? I thought boys avoided books like that."

"Er…I guess I'm just a nerd like that." Allen muttered.

Lenalee laughed, "I don't think it's nerdy."

An adult walked in and Allen snapped his book shut over his finger. "Hello, new student." the man said and sat at his desk.

Allen cleared his throat, "Hello."

"I'm Komui Lee, Lenalee's brother. Just call me Komui." he glanced at Allen. "And take off that stupid wig."

"Huh?" the three students yelled in unison.

"I-I'm not wearing a wig," Allen stammered.

"I know Marian personally, so of course he told me all about you! Now take off that wig."

Allen sighed and tugged off the wig to reveal his white hair, "Wonderful," he muttered, "More people who want to torture me."

"Wow, your hair is white!" Lavi said pointing.

"Go ahead and call me old," Allen snapped, "I'm used to it."

Lenalee smacked Lavi's arm down, "I think it's cool, it that its natural color?"

Allen nodded.

"Now, time to discuss the problem we have." Komui said staring intently at the group, "We need more members…"

AN: So that is the first chapter. In case you couldn't tell, I'm making all of the Noahs bullies...