AN: Last Chapter. Look for my next story. (It's Yullen by the way) and my next one shot which I'm still trying to think of a pairing for.

Allen sighed, 'What a hectic week' he thought rubbing the back of his neck as he walked home from school on Friday afternoon. After ice cream and busting Earl, Neah went home to wherever that was for him. Tyki gave Allen his picture back after Road hounded him with questions and comments.

"Why do you still have it? Creeper!"

"You gay or something?"

"Ooh, Tyki has a thing for Allen~!"

"I'm telling Lulubell!"

Allen chuckled lightly as a cool breeze sifted through the trees and ruffled his hair. 'I really only want one thing now.' he thought walking up the steps to his house and pausing at the door. 'To gather the guts to ask Lenalee out.'

He pursed his lips in thought before shaking his head and turning the doorknob that gained him access to his home and pushing the door open.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" a crowd cheered throwing confetti in his face. He jumped back and blinked at Lavi, Lenalee, Kanda (who was sulking in a corner), Tiedoll, Marie, Komui, Marian, and Lou Fa all in his living room with cone hats adorning their heads and big grins plastered on their faces.

Lavi blew hard on a kazoo and it flew out of his mouth pelting Allen in the face. "Heh heh….oops." he said. Allen clutched his abused nose and glared at Lavi.

"Nice way to ruin the moment Lavi," Lenalee huffed swatting his arm.

"I thought we could throw a quick celebration before heading over to New York." Marian smiled holding up a glass of punch. "To Allen!"

"To Allen!" everyone chorused holding up their cheap plastic cups filled with equally cheap fruit punch.

Allen grinned, "Thanks guys. Really. It means a lot."

"No problem pal!" Lavi said wrapping an arm around him. "Now, onto the presents!" he gestured dramatically to a table piled high with multicolored gifts. "Mine first." He shoved a blue package into his arms and Allen smiled sheepishly sitting down in the middle of the floor.

Cameras clicked and flashes blinded people as Allen tore open his presents which consisted of an ice-cream maker from Lavi, a joker sticker or his iPod and an iTunes gift card from Lou Fa, a hundred dollars from Marian, and other things that Allen accepted graciously.

"Now onto the delicious cake my precious Lenalee constructed all by herself!" Komui cooed walking out with a simple chocolate on chocolate cake decorated with white, icing lettering that said, 'Happy Birthday, Allen!'

Allen blushed softly and looked at the flickering candles. Marian flicked off the lights and started snapping pictures as people sang 'Happy Birthday' making Allen feel like an idiot with nothing to do. When the song ended he made a silent wish and blew out the candles.

"What did ya wish for?" Lavi asked poking his stomach.

"Secret." he smirked gathering up his presents. "I'm gong to put these away so don't wait for me." he added walking up the stairs.

"Alight, lets divvy this sugary brown block of heaven up!" Lavi called bounding away from him.

Allen chuckled and shook his head walking into his room and setting the stuff on the bed.

"I didn't pick today, by the way." Lenalee said coming up behind him.

He jumped and looked to her, "Oh, Lenalee. You scared me." he said smiling.

She smiled warmly back and walked up to him, "I picked the twenty fifth."

"Christmas?" he blinked.

"Yep." she nodded.

"Why?" he asked.

"Well you have good memories then and…" she bit her lip and squirmed.

"And?" Allen urged her to continue.

"Hopefully, it'll be our first Christmas as a-a-a-a"

"A what?"

She flushed darkly and leaned up kissing him softly. He blinked once, twice before blushing as well and kissing back just as soft. "A couple." she murmured after breaking.

He blushed darkly, "I think my birthday wish just came true." he said setting his hands on her waist and kissing her again.

She felt pure happiness burst in her chest as she kissed back wrapping her arms around his neck.