this starts at the end of end of time were the doctor reginerates and this will be the 2009 astro boy and amy and rory will be replaced with sludge, zane, cora, and widget i hope you enjoy this by the way these mean talking '' ''

As the Doctor was leaning over the control panel for the TARDIS, he knew it was time to go. He walked away from the panel so not to damage it. With tear's welling up in his eye's he said, "I don't want to go."

He started to glow; then lights shot out where his head and hands were and hit the TARDIS, causing a fire. Then a bright light consumed the room. When it was finished, a kid about thirteen, 5'4, was standing there in a daze. He finaly snapped out of it. He moved his hand to his head and felt his hair.

He said, "What's up with the horns? Kinda cool." He looked at his fingers and wiggled them. "Fingers, lotsa fingers." He saw his legs, grabbed one, and lifted it up. "Legs, two of 'em." He saw his arms. "And arms too." He saw a reflective surface. "Brown eyes and cute butten nose; thats new. Oh, and the horns are two spikes, one at the top going right and one at the bottom going left. Why am I saying this stuff out loud? No one's here. Weird."

While this little scene was going on, the TARDIS was still on fire. He suddenly found out he missed something. He put one finger behind each eye while spinning. "Think, think. Oh, yes." he put a finger around his finger near his neck for his adam's apple ''nothings changed there important stuff is over. Now on to the exploding stuff."

He went to the control panel. Things were blowing up, some almost knocking him off his feet. He pressed buttoms, pulled levers, and other things that are to odd to describe. It started spinning. He looked up and said, "Geronimo!"