*This is just a notice. Not an actual chapter.*

To my three loyal followers (you know who you are ;] ) and anyone else out there who reads this and never gives any feedback,

This isn't another notice like the last one (you know the one where I asked if I should take this down and had one of you [TruDivination] scream "NOOOO! YOU CAN'T! I LOVE DIS STORRY! but i'd reread it anyway . . .", another one who was rather calm about the whole thing [Sarpndo {where'd you come up with this name?}] and said they would read it regardless, and then another one [ChibiKitsu] who mentioned that they wouldn't mind rereading it considering that they hadn't read the last 10 chapters [XD it's ok]). This is just a message telling every reader I have out there what's going to be changed, what is going to be rewritten completely, etc. *attempts to crack knuckles* Let's do this.

** Chapters Currently Under Heavy Construction and Next to be Re-uploaded for You to Reread: "Chapter 2: Strawberry", "Chapter 3: Orange Mock", "Chapter 5: Clover and Feverfew".

** Characters to be Changed (I mean change as in "Make more realistic, important, etc."): Emil (Iceland), Genevieve (Monaco) (I'm thinking of changing her name to "Abigail", what'd'you guys think?)

** The DenNor side-story will be rewritten. Seriously, I always thought this side-plot was lame but I loved the premise and I needed something to distract a bit from the main story line. In conclusion, the entire thing is currently revamped and in the works.

** I had something else to say here, but I think I lost it . . . . It'll come back to be eventually. . . . OH! I'll try to put more Sealand/Golden Palace parts in here for those of you that really really like it.

** The start of the war: As many of you know, I scrapped the Spamano thing I had originally. As I said to Sarpndo in a reply to her billions of reviews, "war was started by love . . . like it always is" ._. I hate being original like that. What I told Sarpndo was that I had changed it to be a jealousy thing but now that I look back on it, it's so lame I wanna dump the whole thing in a cyber-trashcan like Tony Stark and start from scratch. I also noticed that while the Ludwig-being-horribly-maimed-in-Chappy-1 was a good start, I had nothing I could do with it. I wanna scrap it too, but I'd like to hear your ideas on [A) How the war could possibly start if I DID scrap the Luddy-thing] And/Or [B) What I could do with Luddy being injured so the war-spark could be triggered] Hopefully that makes sense . . . If it doesn't, mention it in your review and I'll try to explain it in slang :| I always find I talk better like that (but Noooooooooo, no I can't because Wolfie's gonna chop off my head for not capitalizing properly and/or not sounding professional X( )

Thank you all for reading and giving me your thoughts. I look forward to PMing with you!