Thanks to RevyCaitEll for beta reading!

Title: And Seekers Do Seek

Chapter: Brewing Trouble

Verse: G1

Summary: Soundwave ignores the rather hyped up Seekers until he is cornered and a rather unexpected request is made, a request which a negative response is not accepted. Taken from TFanonkink

Warnings: Really? You guys knew what you were getting into!

Chapter Word Count: 1,565

Total Word Count: 8,023

If there was one thing he was certain of, it was that Megatron did in fact know where Starscream was. He was too relaxed and smug, and Soundwave feared that Megatron's current positive moods did not bode well for the Seeker.

Ravage was already on the case. After speaking to the two remaining Seekers of the Command Trine and Megatron's lax attitude he reasoned that Starscream did in fact have to be nearby.

Surrounded by ocean he could only be on the sunken ship.

The Nemesis was huge. Many compartments had long ago been abandoned. Starscream was most likely in one of these areas.

Laserbeak hovered near the control room, watching Megatron as the Warlord lounged on his Throne, idly glancing around at the working mecha. Soundwave was amongst them, diligently scrutinizing his monitor. His focus, however, was far from the control room.

Linked as he was to his symboits, he could access their visual and audio feeds. Ravage was currently stalking through the dark corridors of the forgotten areas, sensors primed for movement, sound, light, a spark signature.

The twins were busy being themselves, making their presence known in the Rec room via pranking some of the larger mechs and causing quite a stir. Normal behavior for the twins, but this time they had full permission from Soundwave and they were taking full advantage.

With Laserbeak in his usual perch while not on a mission and the twins in the rec room, Megatron would never see anything amiss. Ravage was always a private mech. He was either with Soundwave or was off doing whatever the cat former did.

Skywarp and Thundercracker, at Soundwave's request, had made a show about being detained and placed in the brig. There he could watch them and keep them out of trouble.

What Megatron didn't know, was that the camera looking into their cell was recording, ready to play a loop on Soundwave's command. Their cell door was unlocked, com links still active. They paced, sat down, paced. A perfect rhythm, a sequence so that the recording wouldn't seem different from their usual behavior once it looped.

Everything was set. Now he just needed to find Starscream.

He looked at the Warlord from the side of his hidden optics. To think he was going against the mech he had followed for millennia. Life in the pits had been hard even for he who had never lost a single match until he had met Megatron. The warlord had gone against the ring Masters and spared his life.

Megatron, who had spoken for those without a voice, stood for those who couldn't stand, fought for those who couldn't fight.

That Megatron was no more.

He felt bitter pain flare through him. Loyalty had blinded him. Ravage sent reassurance through the link, aware of just how distraught his boss was over his own ignorance.

Of course, Ravage also sent amusement. :Starscream has you wrapped tight around his finger.:

Soundwave only grumbled in response.

:More like Warp's puppy dog eyes!: Rumble cackled into the link.

Echoes of agreement followed in his wake.

:Silence.: Soundwave growled, but his own amusement was clearly felt by all.

His optics flickered to the live feed of the two Seekers.

They had shown him so much the previous night. Of Megatron's cruelty, not just towards Starscream, but to other mechs in the faction.

The mech who had saved him had oppressed them, from the very start.

Starscream had tried to hide everything, even from his own, until Skywarp and Thundercracker had managed to convince him to properly Trine Bond.

Soundwave had known the Seeker was young but not that young. Barely an adult when Megatron had him sent out to the front lines.

War had destroyed him.

Soundwave hadn't met him until he was well integrated into the Decepticon chain of command and by then Starscream's famous snark was well established. What Skywarp and Thundercracker had shown him of the tri coloured mech from before the war was in complete contrast to the mech he knew. It was a painful reminder of how the lives of his youngest cassettes had also been drastically changed.

Rumble and Frenzy had him though, to act as a buffer. Starscream was the buffer.

He promised he would help get Starscream free from wherever he was, promised to get the Seekers off the ship but it was from there that his certainty began to fail. The Seekers were still in heat, they still wanted him, but did he want them?

Ravage must have been following his thoughts as the cat pushed against his awareness :Yes!:

Soundwave frowned. He wouldn't lie, he felt...a sense of… responsibility for the Seekers, especially now that he had learned some of Starscream's history, but attraction? Did he want sparklings?

Ravage huffed :How could you not?:

Soundwave paused. :Ravage, focus on your mission!:

Ravage sent him a very clear memory of Soundwave practically drooling over the Seekers when he had first saw them, then proceed to show him what was quite clearly a figment of the cat's imagination.

Three little Seekerlings. One had a dark face like Starscream's, optics bright and round. The sky blue of the tri-coloured mech accented by the darker blue of Soundwave with pristine white wings and chest.

A combined "Awe" swarmed the link.

Oh Primus. Now none of them were going to leave him alone about it.

:And where would we raise them?: His question was met by a sudden silence. :Do you think the Autobots would let two of the highest ranked Decepticons after Megatron himself just…. live with them?:

Laserbeak responded first :Least you have considered it.:

Snickering slowly echoed through his awareness. Soundwave resisted the urge to plant his face into his screen.


:Found him!: Ravage declared loudly a few hours later.

Soundwave nearly jumped out of his seat. He gave a quick glance around, no one was staring at him with funny looks.

He dived into the link, gently entering Ravage's being.

What he saw made his spark lurch.

Starscream was there all right. He was tied up by his arms, hanging from the wall. His body was covered in wounds. Slashes, burns, stab wounds. His optics were dull, but furious and they were following something just out of the cat's range of view.

A sneer slid onto dark faceplates. "Try all you want!" He spat, damaged wings vibrating with his anger. "I refuse to open them!"

Open them? Open what? Ravage thought and zoomed in his vision. He scanned the Seeker's frame. Soundwave realized before he did.

Most of the slashes and scratches were around Starscream's chest, on the seam where the plates parted to expose his spark. Parts of his cockpit glass were cracked, metal around the glass bent and dented.

Another form stepped into view and Soundwave's energon ran cold.

"You will do as ordered. It is illogical to resist. It will only cause you further harm."

Starscream spat into that single yellow optic.

Shockwave didn't even flinch. He reached up his hand to clean his optic glass before turning steadily on his heel with a sigh "So be it."

Shockwave made a show of choosing a tool, his hand hovering over the blowtorch, the laser scalpel. He settled on something Soundwave had never seen before but he could tell that it would cause pain.

He had his back to the Seeker so didn't notice when red optics lit up in surprise. Starscream's gaze had found Ravage and he stared in shock as Ravage nodded in silent greeting.

An emotion that was far too alien on Starscream's face made Soundwave decide on his next course of action.

Shockwave had never known what had hit him.

Thundercracker let the mech's limp body fall to the floor as the purple Seeker rushed to release Starscream from his bonds, purple mist swirling around them in the wake of his sudden warp jump.

Ravage leaped forward to clamber up Starscream's frame, avoiding the damaged areas to nuzzle the Seeker's face.

Starscream either didn't care or was too shocked.

"Star!" Skywarp enveloped him in a hug.

Thundercracker grabbed Starscream's shoulder and looked straight at Ravage perched on the tri-coloured mech's shoulder.

"What now?"

Soundwave had that already sorted and sent Skywarp coordinates.

Ravage's end on the link fluttered before steadying as the four of them materialized outside. Soundwave pulled back and took note of the twins. They had already moved and were on their way to the command center. Laserbeak was still perched in his corner.

Ravage could take care of the Seeker's from there, he knew where to bring them. Now Soundwave had to focus on himself and his remaining cassettes.

He warily eyed Megatron who had his nasal ridge stuck in a datapad. There was a couple of ways he could go about this. He could get Skywarp to warp back in and collect him. He could confront Megatron now and run for it or he could just slip away.

No matter what action he took, though, Megatron would come after them.

He decided on contacting Skywarp.

He quietly exited the command center, letting Laserbeak dock and meeting his twins in the hallway before making his way through the Nemesis to his own quarters.

Barely had he reached his door with his Cassettes when the world spun violently.