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"What?" Walt Stone stared at Sadie Kane, then at Anubis, then at their hands. Sadie and Anubis were holding hands, Anubis drawing circles on the back of Sadie's.

Sadie sighed. "I chose Anubis, Walt."

"But, but, b-but—why?" Walt demanded, his heart breaking slowly.

"Because...Walt, you're a great guy, no doubt. But I love Anubis. I'm sorry, Walt. Can we at least stay as friends?" Sadie tried for a smile.

Walt felt his heart break. His hearing got distant. He felt himself nod.

"Sadie, we better be going," he heard Anubis whisper, but it was far, far, away, and just an echo in his head.

He heard the door slam shut. He sank down a sofa, blinking, his head light, but that was because his breathing was uneven and he wasn't breathing very well.

Sadie had been his world. His reason for going to Jaz for a cure, his reason for fighting the pain, his main reason for wanting to live.

And now she was gone. She went after some 5,000-year-old god that might not even care for her. Not the way Walt cared for her. Walt was willing to give up the world for Sadie. What would Anubis do for her? Give up going to a funeral for her?

Walt blinked, realizing he had tears running down his cheeks. He didn't care if someone saw. Nothing mattered anymore.

Suddenly, he found himself walking towards the dorms. Instead of walking towards his to cry all he wanted, he was walking towards the one next to his. Jaz's.

Let's see if Carter is right about her comforting skills, he thought dully, faintly remembering the time Zia left Carter and the combat magician went to Jaz for comfort. How did that end?

To describe what happened in four words: an epic love blob. But Carter came out of Jaz's dorm happy.

Walt stopped in front of her door and knocked. No answer. Frowning, he knocked again. Silence. Getting a bit worried over his heartbroken state, he walked into her room.

Jaz had her back to the door, sitting on her bed. She had a binder opened next to her, filled with a bunch of music papers of songs that Walt couldn't really read the titles—but at the moment, he didn't really care.

On Jaz's other side laid an iPod Touch, with the cover of some album on the screen. The earbuds were in Jaz's ears, and she was holding a guitar.

Walt wanted to talk, yell, just make some sort of noise. But for some reason, he didn't want to intrude Jaz's music time. He backed up the room slowly, watching what Jaz was doing.

She was listening to a song, and was playing her guitar, looking at the music sheet. After a moment, she put the song on pause and played the guitar alone. She wrote something down in the blank sheet of paper that was next to the music sheet with the pencil behind her ear.

Walt almost reached the door when Jaz suddenly spoke. "What's wrong, Walt?"

He froze. "How did you know it was me?"

She turned to him, grinning, pointing to the glass doors. Then she looked at him and her smile faded. She closed the binder, stuffing it in a box, before kicking the box under her bed. She put her guitar to the side and took out the earbuds from her ears, making Walt remember all those times Sadie had done the same thing...more tears fell from his eyes, down his cheeks, and onto Jaz's dorm floor. His breathing became uneven.

Sensing something was wrong, Jaz stood up and grabbed Walt's arm, dragging him to sit on her bed. Walt had now let the sadness overtake him—he sobbed, shaking, not paying attention to the world around him.

Jaz sat him down on her bed, whispering, "Stay here" before standing up, coming back seconds later with a mug of hot chocolate. She tried to give it to Walt, but he was so unstable that Jaz gently held his hands open, making him hold the mug.

"Thanks," he muttered, taking a shaky sip.

Jaz wiped his tears away with her thumbs, her hands on his cheeks. "What happened, Walt?"

He frowned. She was talking. But what was she saying? It's like he had gone deaf...

Frowning, Jaz's hands went to her side, before grabbing his hand. An odd sense of calm washed over Walt, like he usually had when he was around Jaz. He took a deep breath. "Sadie chose Anubis," he whispered.

"I see." Jaz frowned, knowing exactly how much Walt likes Sadie. "I'm here for you, Walt." She smiled. Walt returned it, but it was a weak smile.

"You can cry on my shoulder, you know."

Without hesitating, Walt buried his face in Jaz's shoulder, sobs wrecking his body as Jaz wrapped her arms around him.

Her fingers traced circles on the back of his hand. The tips of her fingers were calloused, and he had always wondered why.

Now he knew. It had to do with guitar strings.

Healer, cheerleader, now guitarist—Jaz Anderson couldn't stop surprising him. (A/N: My awesome sister, FlameTamer16, came up with this last name for Jaz.)

Walt took a sip of hot chocolate...and swallowed a mini marshmallow. He smiled.

"You like hot chocolate with mini marshmallows also?" he asked softly. Jaz nodded.


Jaz Anderson was being killed.

Well, not literally. But it killed her to see Walt so depressed and sad and just plain emo. She wanted to comfort him. But she didn't know how. With Carter, she could comfort him easily, since Zia was her best friend. But Sadie...Jaz and Sadie were friends, no doubt, but when it came to guys...

Jaz shook herself mentally and focused on what Walt was saying.

"—om used to give me this all the time, when I had the..." He trailed off.

"Pains?" she asked softly. He nodded, looking at the half-drained mug, then looked up at Jaz, smiling, his bloodshot eyes slowly returning to normal.

"Thanks for listening and comforting me," he thanked, his voice soft and warm.

"Anytime, Walt. Anytime." She smiled at him, locking her gaze with his.

Something inside of him clicked, and he found himself leaning in, closer to Jaz.

Jaz's heart pounded. She wouldn't deny it—she had always had a crush on Walt. Always—which is why she accepted his request to help him find a cure without hesitation, as others might have.

Walt's face was centimeters from hers. Walt stared into her azure eyes he had always be looking at for hours in the library...

Oh, what the heck. He had nothing to lose. Sadie already left him.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Jaz's.

He suddenly felt so happy he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. Jaz wrapped her arms around his neck.

As they kissed, Walt realized something. He didn't love Sadie. Yes, he liked her, but he didn't love her. He had been in love with Jasmine Anderson all this time.

Maybe Carter was right. Maybe Walt really was blind. Blind to just simply not realize his feelings for Jaz. Blind for not realizing that she loved him. Blind for not noticing that, even if Sadie liked him, she loved Anubis. Blind to not realize he was in love with Jasmine "Jaz" Anderson.

He pulled away as he felt all the air in his lungs gone. He stared into Jaz's bright blue eyes, and again smacked himself mentally for liking Sadie, for she was nothing compared to the blond healer in his arms.

"Jaz..." Walt slid a hand behind her cheek.

"Walt..." she whispered.

"I was an idiot, you knew that?"

"You weren't an idiot."

"Yes I was. I was an idiot for liking Sadie when I had this amazing and beautiful girl in love with me. I'm sorry." He kissed the tip of her nose. She smiled.

"Well, I guess that is classified as 'idiot'. But, Walt...what does this make us?"

"Well..." He kissed her forehead, then pulled away and stood up, pulling Jaz up with him. He grabbed her hands. "Jasmine Anderson, would you be my girlfriend?"

He knew this was a bit rushed, but as soon as he finished talking, he knew it was the right thing. He loved Jaz. He really does, and he will be at her side, forever and for always, no matter what happened to him. (A/N: YAY FOR SHANIA TWAIN!)

"Yes, Walter Stone." She smiled at him, stood on her tiptoes (due to the fact Walt was a good five inches taller than her) and kissed him.

Walt deepened the kiss, realizing that he had just called her Jasmine, and he didn't turn into shrub. He smiled against her lips.


"I'll see you tomorrow, Walt." Jaz smiled up at Walt. He returned the smile and kissed her forehead.

"Love you, Jaz."

"Love you too, Walt."

Smiling, he walked to his dorm, thinking, Well, Carter was right. Jaz sure can comfort people darn well.


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