'Heaven today, is but a way
To a place I once called home
Heart of a child, one final sigh
As another love goes cold.'

Vacantly, a pale purpled haired girl stared out the window of the bus. She was going to Konoha University for study of medicine. Sure she was thrilled to be going, but..., recent events had taken their toll.

- Last week -

"I will not have my heir dating a lowly florist!" Hiashi yelled, slamming his hands onto the desk infront of him as he stood, glaring at the pale purple haired girl.

"She's not a lowly florist...," she replied softly, not meeting her father's eyes.

"How do you expect to be my heir if you aren't with a man?" he growled.

"..." she didn't reply.

"Get out of my sight," he commanded, turning around.

She left, her head low. She wasn't even dating Ino anymore, after she had found out that Hinata was heir to one of the largest companies in Japan and who her father was, Ino had wanted nothing to do with her.
It had been fun with her..., Ino knew the best places to get decent food when neither of them felt like cooking. She was kind, despite her reputation of being a bitch. Being with Ino, she had felt alive.

Of course, there was one other thing that made her feel alive, something Ino didn't know about, something none but herself knew.
She smiled slightly as she thought of it, she was nearing her room, it was just down the hall, to the left.

Her room was plain, she would be leaving soon anyway. The walls were white, her bed small and plain as well. The dresser and closet had been emptied, a suitcase and gym bag sitting at the end of the bed.

She crossed the room quickly, her long slender legs seeming to let her glide through the air. She opened the drawer to the nightstand, the smile still playing on her lips. She reached into the drawer, withdrawing a small slender blade, one end sharp, the other dull.

She walked to the connected bathroom, shutting and locking the door, just in case.
Gingerly, she pushed the sleeve of her black shit up to the elbow. Her pale arm was a network of scars, some small, some large, diagonal, horizontal, vertical. It was artwork.
She sat on the edge of the bathtub. Her pale right arm extended. Her left hand held the blade. She wasn't going to make to big a cut this time. She pressed the tip of the blade to the middle of her forearm, pressing until a dark red bead of blood appeared. She reveled in the pain, it was just a prick so far. Slowly, deliberately, she dragged the blade down, smiling as her skin was sliced open easily. Dark red blood began to flow down her arm in rivulets. She took the blade from her arm, having cut diagonally to her elbow. With each beat of her heart, more blood gushed from the wound.

Sighing softly, she closed her eyes, it was moments like this, she felt truly alive. She opened her eyes, watching as the blood dripped down off her arm. She would have to clean it... But that was thought s for later. The cut was stinging as oxygen touched it. Sighing, she stood and turned the water in the tub to cold. She stuck her arm under the running water. The blood rinsed off almost immediately. No more blood flowed as it was clotting because of the cold.

With that finished, she slid her sleeve back down and began to clean the blood from the tile. Most of it wiped up, but she poured some bleach onto the floor and turned the fan on, leaving the door open so it would air.

- Now -

Finally on her way to University, she was..., skeptical. She would be living in the dorm, and would have a female roommate.
Konoha taught all manner of things, so there was no telling who her roommate would be.

The bus stopped, and like a fwe other passengers, she stood, carrying her suitcase and gym bag, getting off the bus. The university was just around the corner.

She went to the main office and the secretary found her name, handed her a schedule and room key. She thanked her quietly and went to find her room. Classes didn't start for another few days.

The room had deep green walls, two dressers, a connecting bathroom, and two night stands, along with two small closets. The left half of the room already appeared taken, the bed looked slept in, there were cds strewn across the nightstand, an Ipod dock on it as well, and a poster of Breaking Benjamin on the wall.
Again she wondered who her roommate would be. She quickly put her clothes in dresser or closet, then took her Ipod from her bag. It was a deep purple, the headphones were black and went into her ears. She laid on the bed and turned it on.
Her eyes fell closed as For The Heart I Once Had by Nightwish came on.

- Two hours later -

Hinata woke slowly, her Ipod still playing. Cold by Static-X.
She took one earbud out and looked to the left. Her roommate was back.

She was tanned and had long red hair. Her eyes were dark brown and she was wearing a black beanie, her long legs clad in dark green baggy jeans, her torse was clad in a plain white tank top, showing off her toned arms and decent bosom.
She seemed to be redding a magazine of some sort, it was resting in her lap while her eyes scanned it's pages.

"Hey, glad you returned to the world of the living," she spoke, her voice rough yet..., oddly pleasing.

Hinata found herself blushing as she said, "I'm Hinata."

"Tayuya," the other girl replied, not taking her eyes off of her magazine.

"What are you studying for?" she asked somewhat hesitantly.

"Mechanic, and you?" Tayuya questioned, looking up at her.

"M...medicine," Hinata stuttered, blushing and looking away from the red head's intense gaze.

"Oh, cool cool," the other girl said, returning her attention to her magazine, flipping the page.

Silence ensued for a few moments.

"Wanna hit the cafeteria with me in a little bit? It's almost time for dinner," Tayuya said casually.

"Y...yes," Hinata murmured, laying back down and changing songs on her Ipod.

"Sweet, the food's not that bad here, I mean, I don't know what you're used to, but it's not dog food or anything," Tayuya informed her, smiling a little as she looked over at the pale girl.

Hinata's cheeks continued to flame a bright pink, making the other girl chuckle.

'For the heart I'll never have!
For the child, forever gone!
The music flows, because it longs!
For the heart I once had!'