'Heaven today is but a way
To a place I once called home
Heart of a child, one final sigh
As another love goes cold'

Tayuya was truly beyond amazing. Hinata could see that just from watching the way she spoke with Kiba. They got into fierce arguments about all manner of things regarding cars. Occasionally they would try to bring her into it and she would shake her head, smiling.

She knew Tayuya could easily pass for one of the most beautiful girls at school if she didn't always wear such a baggy clothing.
Everything was going great for the next two months, she and Tay would spend the weekend together, the weeks filled with classes and hilarious lunches.

Until her father called her.

She had to return home for a meeting in his home office. Immediately, that weekend.

It had been two full months since she had cut.

Two months of laughing and talking with Tayuya.

Now, she had to go face her father. The reason she cut, the reason she needed an escape, the reason she felt so worthless.

But she was his daughter, she had to go see him. It would only take a few hours, if that.

She took money in her wallet for bus fare, but was surprised to see a car and driver waiting for her off campus.

Silently, she sat in the back of the car, waiting for their arrival at their destination.

At last, they arrived.
She walked in silence to her Father's office, her mood had turned dark. She wasn't really afraid of him, she just didn't want to deal with his bull shit. He would likely complain that she wasn't a business major, that she wasn't in enough math classes, or say that he had a husband for her.
She smiled ruefully at that last.

Her father was sitting in his chair, his back to her as usual.

"I see you have chosen to continue with your choice of major." His voice was cold as ever.

"Of course I have father. You always told me to follow through with something."

He spun in his chair, sensing a change in his daughter.
"I did. When will you be changing to a double major?" He asked.

"Why would I do that?" she asked, her tone all innocence, her eyes cold.

He stood then, the anger evident in his posture, although his face remained calm and emotionless.
"Because you have a duty to this company. You will be changing to a double major. This farce has gone on long enough, Hinata."

She chuckled darkly then. "Oh father. I am not a child any longer. I am tired of you. Tired of how you think everyone will simply bend to your will. I will not bow. I am doing with my life as I please. As I see fit. Not you. Isn't that what you've always wanted father? For me to be strong, confident. But you never dreamed I would go against your wishes."

He was shocked, it was written all over his face, for a moment anyway.
She was shocked herself, she had no idea where all this had suddenly come from. She knew it all was true though, her time with Tayuya had given her a confidence she needed.

"You are right. You are no longer a child. I do need an heir. I thought you would want the company, it would bring you stability."

"It would, but let Hanabi have the company. You know as well as I do she is better fit for it. Besides, medicine is where I belong, not here."

He nodded. "I am truly proud of you Hinata."

She bowed to him before leaving, she even got a ride back to campus.

That had gone surprisingly well. She laid on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She was finally free of him. She could hardly believe it.
She sat up then. Maybe she should use her newfound confidence on Tayuya. To let her know how she felt. It made sense.

'Where are you' she texted the red head.

Moments later the reply came. 'Cafeteria. Whats up?'

'Meet me by the tree?' she sent back.



'All right'

Hinata smiled, placing her earbuds in her ears and turning her iPod on. Smackdown by Thousand Foot Krutch coming on, blaring the music into her ears. She walked to the tree, it was in the very center of campus, the largest tree in the area.

She stood with her hands in her hoody pockets, leaning slightly against the tree as she waited for Tayuya.

Her favorite red head came into view moments later, wearing her customary baggy green cargo pants and a plain long sleeved white scoop neck shirt, her hat crooked to the right slightly.

"You okay?" Tayuya asked, looking at her with concern.

Instead of answering, Hinata stepped forward and pressed her lips softly to Tayuya's. The reaction was instant, Tayuya returned the kiss fiercely.

With a small smile, Hinata broke the kiss, not moving, enjoying the proximity.
"Will you go out with me?"

Tayuya stared at her speechless for a moment.

Hinata smiled fully then, nuzzling the taller girl's tan neck affectionately.

Tayuya blushed, hugging the pale girl close.
Neither moved for a time, enjoying the closeness, the rightness of the moment.

'For the heart I'll never have
For the child forever gone
The music flows, because it longs
For the heart I once had'

A/N: Yup, so that's the end. Hope you liked it. :D Will be doing a sequel too. Watch for it guys. Not sure of a title yet, but, I hope to see you there!