A Kid Flash and Raven Crossover Fan-Fiction



Lex Luthor was not one to shy away from threats. No, in fact, he liked threats. He liked knowing that someone was standing up to him, because that way there was an excuse to exercise power and dominion. And if there was one thing Lex Luthor liked more than money, it was power. Power built and destroyed nations, and power defeated allies and enemies alike. Power was always what he was after.

Power, not money or technology or even superpowers, was the ultimate weapon.

But this threat, issued by this particular individual, did nothing more than irritate him. Lex pressed his lips into a thin line and stared at the man sitting in his temporary office in Taipei, Rhelasia. Today was certainly going to be interesting. "And you want in on this deal… why?" He frowned and stood up, starting to pace around his unwanted visitor. "Forgive me for all the questions, Mr. Wilson, but you must understand my concern. You offer me no real reason as to why I should include you in on this deal. You have no special abilities, no ingenuities. You are… normal."

Slade frowned at the insult, but chose not to acknowledge it. "I require your services to destroy the-"

"Yes, yes. I know all about your little tiff with them." Lex waved him off, beginning to feel annoyed. He had more important things to do than to argue with a tired, worn out mercenary. He had countries to build and governments sabotage. "I know what you need me for. But I wish to understand what I need you for? You offer me no services that I do not already have. Nothing. As much as you wish to ignore it, this is a business, Mr. Wilson, and I cannot give you something for nothing."

Slade glared at Lex Luthor with his one good eye, as if willing him to suffer and die in front of him. That was something. Lex would have killed to obtain a stare like that. Slade dropped his voice low and stood up, pressing his body close to Lex's, showing the business man that he would not be intimidated. "I am a dangerous man, Mr. Luthor. Deadly, discrete, accurate, and… a little bit… troubled. While you do not see an immediate use for me, I can guarantee that I am an invaluable member to your team. I can infiltrate the deepest levels of the government, track down whoever you wish in the middle of nowhere, and I do not hesitate to kill."

"And that's it?" Lex was becoming bored. All mercenaries thought they were special and perfect at their job. But the cons always outweighed the pros, mercenaries could be messy, they involved too much red tape, and worst of all, they were expensive. It cost good money to kill people, evil or otherwise. "I have assassins on my team, Mr. Wilson. I do not need another, nor do I want to pay for one."

"I am more than an assassin. And I work for free."

Lex cocked his head to the side and stared at him, frowning. "Free? In my world nothing is free."

"I work for free." Slade repeated himself and stood closer, his own size nearly enveloping Lex's body. He was powerful, that was for sure. "I only ask that when the time comes, you fill the requests I have."

Ah, there was the catch. Lex raised an eyebrow and started back at him. "And if I don't?"

"Then I will remove your body parts and send them piece by piece to the Justice League." A slow, cruel smile peeled across his lips. "And I will be sure that Superman receives your balls in a jar."

"Creative." Lex paused and thought about the arrangement. Slade was, as far as he knew, one of the most ruthless and deadly mercenaries he knew. Even though his files were nearly blank with descriptions of his character and pervious exploits, gossip didn't lie. Slade Wilson was not a man to be trifled with. But that didn't stop him from being a liability. He was still, after all, a mercenary. Lex weighed the pros and cons for a long moment, trying to decide if all that raw, human power was worth the trouble.

It was.

Lex smiled and held out his hand. "Mr. Wilson, you have a deal."

Slade slipped his hand into Lex's and gave him an angry slash of a smile. "Please, call me Deathstroke."


Wally West was known for several things. One: He was super fast. Two: He was the protégé to his uncle, The Flash. Three: His dashingly good looks. Four: His ability to consume absurd amounts of calories and never gain a pound. And five: He hated change.

Okay, the whole "Wally West hates change" thing wasn't exactly known to everybody, in fact he was pretty sure that most of his closest friends didn't even know about it, but it was the truth. Change meant that everything he knew to be solid in his life (good or bad) was morphing into something else. And in his own world, change was the worst possible outcome. Change was where you lost great friends like Speedy, and gained annoying nuisances like Artemis.

Change meant you were being replaced.

So, imagine Wally's surprise when he walked into the entry hall of Mount Justice to find four new teenagers talking to Batman. Four. Four replacements, all waiting for orders, and none of them looked up to par with his teammates. This couldn't be good.

They were serious, angry, and a hodge-podge group of misfits who never had mentors. Pft. They were second rate, and his team was nothing but the best. Wally couldn't even place one familiar face. Really? What self-respecting superhero would have a gangly green kid as his sidekick? Okay, the half-robot man was pretty awesome, Wally would admit that, but the two girls… ouch. The redhead was hot, but she looked about as bright as M'Gann on a bad day, and the other girl hid under a cloak and in the shadows like some kind of freaky vampire. It was sad what passed for a hero these days.

"Kid Flash." Batman's steely voice made Wally stop skirting around the edge of the room. He plastered on a fake smile and strode closer to the group, waving. Four sets of eyes stared dully at him, as if they were just as frustrated by the change. Good, maybe they should go back to whatever hole they crawled out of.

"Hey, Batman. It's good to see you."

"Likewise." Wally seriously doubted that Batman was happy to see him. He motioned to the four teens standing in front of him. "I'm glad you dropped by, I have yet to call your teammates down." There was a long, awkward pause as Wally and Batman stared at each other. Jeez, this guy sure did have a thing for dramatics. "Will you please alert them that we have visitors this evening?"

Uh, no. Being replaced by leftover super teens wasn't exactly what he wanted to do on a Friday night. Wally forced a smile, it was best not to butt heads with the Bats. "Yeah. No problem." He took off into Mount Justice, searching the cave chambers for his friends. This was bad, this was very, very bad. They all had to meet the misfits? Did that mean they were all going to get replaced? Tossed out like leftover meatloaf? He felt his heart squeeze in his chest, as if panicked.

"Wally! What's wrong? You're so upset you're broadcasting your thoughts all over Mount Justice." Wally jerked to a stop as he stood in front of M'Gann, who was flanked by Superboy and Artemis. She blinked at him and cocked her head to the side, red hair spilling over her shoulder. "What is going on? What happened?"

"I… the…" He didn't want to frighten anyone, but the truth couldn't be avoided. "Batman brought in new superheroes." Wally let go of an intense string of colorful curses he didn't know he was holding. It didn't make him feel any better. "He wants us to come down and meet them."

"New superheroes? Like who?" Superboy cocked his head to the side and stared at him with those intense, blue eyes. That kid freaked the hell out of Wally sometimes. Of course he would never tell him that, not when Superboy would fill him with a flick of his pinky. It was a scary world when you were friends with an angry, disgruntled clone of Superman.

"I don't know." Wally shook his head and cursed again. Nope, still didn't make him feel any better. "I've never seen them before in my life. Some robot guy, a green kid, a hot redhead, and a freaky girl in a cloak… ring a bell with anyone?" Everyone shook their head and frowned. Wally sighed, feeling defeated. "Me either."

"They're the Teen Titans."

Wally jumped and started at Robin behind him. The whole ninja thing was super annoying sometimes. Robin was the only one who could sneak up on him. "The what-whats?"

"The Teen Titans." He shrugged and stood next to his friends, frowning at their confused expressions. "Strictly speaking they're not even really associated with the League, they don't even have personal files or mentors. They're just a ragtag team of misfits from Jump City on the other side of the country. But, Batman was talking to them last night, and apparently they need us for something."

"Like what?" Artemis cocked and eyebrow and rolled her eyes. "We're doing fine without help."

"Yeah, but they aren't." Wally jerked his thumb in the direction of the entry hall. "You should see what they look like… it's freakin' sad. I mean… really sad."

"Wally…" M'Gann shook her head and sighed. "Be nice."

"I'm serious, Megan. They're weird. I mean, one kid is..." Wally stopped mid sentence. It probably wouldn't do to tease a kid about being green while standing in front of the Martian Manhunter's niece. He just crossed his arms over his chest and looked around his friends, trying to avoid the topic of being green. Someone was missing. "Where's Aqualad?"

"He had some business to attend to in Atlantis. He'll be back tomorrow morning." The deep, stoic cadence rippled down Wally's spine and he turned to look into Batman's masked face, surrounded by the curious, slightly disgruntled faces of the Teen Titans. He briefly wondered if they heard all his rude comments, and then quickly remembered he didn't really care. After all they were intruding on his turf.

Batman continued to stare at him. "You seemed to take an awful lot of time for someone who can break the sound barrier, Kid Flash."

The gangly green kid snickered behind his hand and Wally rolled his eyes. Just what he needed, Batman cracking jokes at his expense. That was a surefire way to get replaced. "Sorry, I got caught up in conversation."

"Clearly." He motioned to the seating in the living room. "If you're done with your current conversation, we have something fairly important we wish to discuss with you."

We. Wally hated that word. His stomach knotted as he thought about being replaced by that green kid. What was his power anyway? Turning people into vegetables? Mumbling under his breath he plopped down onto one of the sofas and stared at the four teenagers. Why now? Right after he'd finally made friends and adjusted to being in the team, now he was going to be replaced? By a kid the color of snot? This was one cruel cosmic joke.

"If you don't mind me asking, Batman… exactly what are these kids doing here?" Superboy, tactful as always.

"Kids?" The robot man stepped forward and glared, some of the dials and gauges on his body lit up with the surge of anger. "You think we're kids? You're the same age as us, wannabe. Don't start with me."

Wally cringed as he called Superboy wannabe. That was asking for blood to be shed.

"Cyborg." One pale hand emerged from the folds of the blue cloak, and the girl touched his arm. "Please. Calm down. There's no need to get upset, and we need their help. So let's try to be… civil." The voice was deep and melodic, like a funeral dirge played on an organ. The sound sent shivers running down Wally's spine, and he briefly wondered what she looked like underneath that blue hood. She turned to face everyone, and Wally was drawn to the small, slash of her mouth, tugging down in a frown.

The redhead piped up, taking her spot next to the cloaked girl. "Please forgive our intrusion! We do not wish to upset you, however we are in desperate need of some assistance. Our own means of operation do not compare to yours, and if we are to stop the forces we fight, we must have others to help us."

Wally scratched his head. "I'm sorry, what?"

Artemis rolled her eyes. "She said she's sorry for barging in, they don't want to make us mad, but they need our help because they can't do it alone. Duh."

"Thanks." He sneered at her before turning to look at the rest of the group. "So what does this have to do with us?"

"We need your help tracking down and destroying an enemy of ours." The cloaked girl pulled a small flash drive from her pocket and plugged it into the television. The files loaded onto the screen, and Wally came face-to-face with the creepiest looking old guy he'd ever seen. One eye, salt and pepper hair, and muscles that look like they would have ripped through steel.

"Who is that?" Robin glared at the screen, frowning.

"His name is Slade Wilson, his alias is Deathstroke." Cyborg flicked through the files so everyone could see them. "He is a mercenary of epic proportions. Deadly, accurate, and completely messed up in the head. He has killed more foreign dignitaries, presidents, prime ministers, and politicians than there are stars in the sky. He has been used to destroy governments, cities, and businesses, and he has been terrorizing Jump City for the past six months."

Wally looked around at his teammates and saw the same confused expression he knew he had. "Okay, that's great and all… but what does that have to do with us? He's your problem."

"We've been able to keep him under control for the past few months, however…" The girl in the cloak reached up and pulled her hood down, exposing deep plum-colored hair, and pale, delicate features that reminded Wally of a china doll. "We have intelligence that suggests that Deathstroke is now working on a more global scale… and we need to understand what that is."

Robin snorted and leaned back into his seat. "Still not understanding what this has to do with us."

The pale, plum haired girl frowned. "We have reason to believe he's working with Lex Luthor."

There was a low, collective gasp that permeated the room and the air turned thick with emotions. The gangly green kid finally spoke up. "Is that reason enough for you to help?"


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