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Zephyr and Vashyron - As the Year Went By

Zephyr sat on the aged couch, watching intently along side with Vashyron, watching one of his old but interesting shows that broadcasted every Monday. That one day Zephyr hated. Of course he always spent it with Vashyron, who sometimes has his eyes peeling onto the screen when some female characters would strut by. Him and Zephyr were the closets friends he can imagined. Sometimes times were harsh, and sometimes it felt like him and Zephyr can sit on the couch forever, watching the shows together, avoiding Leanne's rage and somehow converse with one another.

Vashyron glanced at Zephyr, the boy who he had shot, judging by how he looks now, he looks alittle: Distracted. Leaning back, making sure his stare wasn't noticable, he gave a stiff yawn. The young blonde's body was as still as stone, only his eyes scanning intensly across the small black T.V.

"Vashyron, how was it here, you know, before you found me?" Vashyron blinked and caught the boy staring at him, questions filling his crystal blue eyes. Vashyron took a hot moment to sit up, still seeing Zephyr's eyes following him, watching his every move.

"Uh, well. It was kinda the same, only sometimes I did kinda wish I had someone else besides me here. But since you have Leanne, it's not really any different besides the fact I have to save your asses often." Zephyr let out a silent chuckle, gazing back at the television. Vashyron was confused, usually Zephyr would defend himself, especially about the Leanne thing. Why wasn't he arguing now?

"Don't get so cocky, remember that one time Vashyron." Zephyr's eyes stared challenging, Vashyron suddenly remembered, the one time with delivering wine back to Barbarella's wine to her servant. Zephyr saved Vashyron from getting shot.

It was usually Vashyron having to push his teammates out of the way, but thinking about it now. Damn, kids are as tough as nails now. Vashyron shouldn't push them behind. The older man placed a generous hand on Zephyr's back, who looked up at his face. The one he had worked for, a year now is it? Zephyr thought it was time to thank him for his support and everything him and Leanne lived up for.

"Vashyron, just one thing." Zephyr started, forcing words to say. Vashyron was surprised to see Zephyr actually trying to find the right words.

"Thank you, for all you've done." The teen finshed, looking up at Vashyron who smiled. Silence filled the air, and what was so unexpected was that Vashyron leaned in forwards.

Zephyr just stared, he was frozen. Why? What are you doing? Questions rushed through Zephyr, like a slap to the face of realization. Zephyr leaned forwards as well, closing his eyes, a small blush appeared on his face. His heartbeat rising.

Zephyr opened his eyes and found Vashyron blushing harder, looking over to his left, where ahead, stood Leanne, holding a small pot in her hands. She glared in digust at the two.

Strangly enough though, Zephyr thought. Was that Leanne placed the pot down and smiled at the two. Not a I'm going to tear your eyes out smile, but a perky, as she could laugh right now smile.

"Swinging both ways, Vashyron?" Before the leader could respond, Leanne shook her head and bursted into peals of laughter, walking back to her room.

The two pushed away, and sat down awkwardly back to the couch. Listening in to the show. Vashyron turned the TV up, drowning Leanne's hooting.

"Pretend that never happened." Vashyron whispered.

"Already on it."

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