Tales of Vesperia: Courting Hardships

Finale : A Blessing Is Born

With the help of Ba'ul, Yuri's group quickly returned to Zaphias where Estelle was brought to the hospital. Everyone else waited patiently in the lobby as Yuri was in Estelle's room, waiting with her for the doctor. She was changed out of her royal attire, wearing nothing but a light green shirt that stretched out over her legs.

"Yuri? I'm glad your here with me." Estelle said. Yuri smiled, lightly taking Estelle's hand as she was sitting in her appropriate chair. One hand remained on her stomach.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world. I told you I was going to be with you and that's why I'm here now." Yuri said. Estelle smiled, lightly giggling.

"To think...our baby is finally going to come into the world. I'm so excited." Estelle said. Yuri smirked.

"I just wonder how much of a handful he'll be. I remember a certain someone being a bit of a handful herself the day I met her." Yuri said, looking at Estelle with a chuckle. Estelle lightly pouted as Yuri chuckled louder.

"Oh Yuri. Sometimes I don't know if you're teasing or not." Estelle said. Close by, the two heard the doors open and the doctor was seen walking in.

"All right Miss Estellise. Are you ready?" he asked. But as Estelle nodded, Yuri heard his name being called. It sounded like Karol screaming his head off.

"Yuri! YURI! We need you! Get back here!" Karol exclaimed. Yuri gasped, wondering what the deal was now. He quickly looked back to Estelle, watching as the hand that once held his slipped aside.

"Its okay. Go ahead Yuri. I can take it from here." she said. Yuri nodded, promising he'd be right back. He then hurried out into the hall, catching a glimpse of Estelle smiling.

~ Tales of Vesperia ~

Back in the lobby, Yuri raced in to find Raven face flat on the ground with his rear in the air. He gasped as Karol was at his side, worrying frantically over Raven. Nan watched on with the others as well.

"Whoa! Whoa! What happened to HIM?" Yuri asked. The others stood nearby as Yuri hurried to Raven.

"We don't know. We were just talking about how happy Estelle must be and...he just...blacked out." Flynn said. Sodia and Rita stood nearby, watching Yuri raise Raven up on his feet.

"Hey! HEY! Old man! Wake up!" Yuri shouted. Giselle glanced at Patty, asking if this happened before. Patty merely shrugged.

"I sure hope he's all right." Judith commented. As Yuri frantically shook Raven, he eventually started to come to. He groaned and gripped his head.

"Raven, are you all right? Everyone else was just saying you blacked out. What's the matter?" Yuri asked. Raven groaned.

"Ugh. Sorry to worry ya guys. I guess...I just fainted." Raven said. Suddenly, all worry for Raven dropped as Rita eyed Raven.

"Whaddya mean "fainted"? What's this about old man?" Rita asked. Raven chuckled.

"Heh. All this talk of pretty young Estelle having a baby...must've been a lot for me to take in and...ol' Raven just blacked out. Heh. Just realizing that I lost a chance at the princess of Zaphias..." Raven said. Rita suddenly approached Raven and, with one swing, kicked him hard inbetween his legs.

"OOH! Right in the DINGY!" Raven exclaimed, falling again to the floor. Giselle gasped as Rita huffed.

"THAT'S for making me worry." Rita said. Yuri sighed as Karol nervously chuckled.

"Honestly...I left Estelle for THIS?" Yuri groaned. Judith glanced at Yuri, asking if Estelle had her child yet.

"No. The doctor was just about to start when I heard Captain Karol shouting his mouth off over here." Yuri said, pointing to Karol. Karol began stuttering, telling Yuri not to blaim him.

"If anything, blaim the old pervert." Rita said. Raven groaned, slowly rising back up with his hands still inbetween his legs.

"Don't worry Raven. So you lost a shot at Estelle. Doesn't mean you're out with me." Judith teased. Raven looked on at Judith, suddenly turning beat red and fainting again. Yuri groaned.

"Ugh. Guess we have to wait for him to wake up." Yuri thought, swatting himself in the face. And that's what they did. They waited a full half hour before Raven, overwhelmed by what happened, finally came to again.

~ Tales of Vesperia ~

Afterwards, Yuri went back to the room he last saw Estelle in, asking the nurse where Estelle was. The nurse chuckled, saying they moved Estelle to her own room just a while ago.

"Okay. Thanks." he said. He walked back in the hall, looking around the other rooms in the hospital. There were many patient bedrooms that it took him a while before he found her. When he did, he saw Estelle laying peacefully under a sheet with a small object in her arms, wrapped in a soft blanket.

"Hello Yuri..." she muttered. Yuri smiled as he slowly approached her. Estelle watched as he walked over, standing once again at her side. The first thing he noticed was Estelle's stomach had returned to normal size. He then took a look in Estelle's arms. He smiled at the sight of a young baby with light colored skin, similar to Estelle's, and small black hairs safely cuddled inside the pink blanket.

"So...here's the little tyke. Our little Yuri junior." Yuri said. Estelle lightly giggled, catching Yuri's attention. When he asked what the big deal was, she slowly reached for the blanket with her hand.

"Uhh...Yuri?" she teased, lightly pulling the blanket back. Yuri took a quick peek and gasped. But he quickly regained his smile as she covered the baby again.

"Heh. Scratch that. I guess...its a girl." Yuri said. Estelle nodded, cradling the infant girl in her arms. Yuri sighed, guessing "Yuri junior" was a stupid name now.

"Well, what DO you think we should name her then?" Estelle asked. Yuri smirked, crossing his arms.

"How about you decide Estelle? You pretty much named a lot of stuff when we were on our trip together. This baby girl is yours too." Yuri said. Estelle looked on at the baby in her arms.

"Well, I was thinking...Zoe was a pretty name for a sweet girl like her. It means life, seeing that she fought so hard to be apart of this world...apart of our family." Estelle said. Yuri grinned as he looked on at the baby's face, seeing a "Zoe" expression on the sleeping girl's face.

"Yeah. That'll do. Zoe Lowell..." Yuri said. Estelle giggled, figuring Yuri would want his last name for the baby. Just then, Yuri and Estelle noticed the others stepping inside as well, having found the room.

"Hey guys. You're just in time to meet...her. The newest addition to our "family"...Zoe Lowell." Yuri said. Everyone joined in for a laugh as they joined around Yuri and Estelle, seeing Zoe's face for themselves.

"Wow. Way to go Estelle." Karol said. Rita was blushing from cheek to cheek at Zoe.

"She's...so beautiful. She looks like a little angel." Rita said. She then looked to Estelle, congratulating her on a healthy baby. Estelle giggled.

"Well, I see "Yuri Junior" is right out the window. Darn. Now I have nothing to tease Rita with anymore." Judith said. Rita quietly glared at her while Raven chuckled. Giselle and Patty smiled.

"Amazing. So this was the baby that boss tried to ransom off. Hmph. Now I'm super glad I helped out." Giselle said. Nan lightly put her hand out, tickling the baby's chin.

"Congratulations Yuri Lowell. After everything that happened, your baby came through it all." Flynn said. Yuri smirked, telling Flynn that she had one thing inherited from her father, his determination to see things to the end. Karol nodded.

"Yeah. In a way, she sounds like she inherited Yuri's personality...with Estelle's beauty." Karol said. Rita lightly blushed, agreeing with Karol for a change. Estelle and Yuri both smiled as they looked on at Zoe. Yuri lightly rubbed her head.

"Welcome to Terca Lumireis...Zoe Lowell." he muttered. As he muttered her name, the little baby showed a small smile as she cuddled into the blanket.