The girl with all the problems walked down the road home,
her face etched in tears,
people would stare but no one really cared,
they new not of the pain she held so feircley inside,
nor did they care,
for why should they care,
for they only point and laugh at her tears,
while the girl walked solenmly home,
but the girl cared not anymore for how they saw her,
for she had suffered more pain than they ever could know,
and so with her vision blurred she found her way up the stairs of her home,
in the bathroom she looked upon her face the pain and sorrow was all she saw that could never be erased,
and then with one more sad look at her face,
the girl with all the problems said goodbye,
for she no longer wanted to stay alive,
for to have all the problems with no one to care,
was not something she cared to bare.