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This is for 9/11. A sad day in our nation's history. Even for those who don't remember it well, take a moment for those lost in this event.

America looked out at Ground Zero.

It's been 10 years since that day.

September 11th, 2001, 8:45 am.

America was heading to the Twin Towers. He hated getting up early, but he had work to do.

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning. A clear Tuesday morning. A ruined Tuesday morning.


The moment he got out of the taxi in front of the Twin Towers, his head started hurting.

"What the...?"

And then there was screaming. Nothing but screaming and smoke surrounding the nation. America looked up at the Twin Towers.

"Oh my god..."

The North Tower. The North Tower of the World Trade Center was on fire.

America couldn't move. His head was throbbing and he felt like passing out, but he couldn't move.

He could only watch.



America didn't know how long he stood there. It felt like years.


The pain in his head increased ten-fold. The South Tower.

More screaming. More smoke. More pain. And pieces of the plane were raining down.

America barely registered that someone was pulling him away from the disaster.

America only had one thing on his mind.

'My people are in danger. The hero couldn't save them.'

"Mr. America! We're taking you to safety! Come on!"

The car ride was long. But America didn't notice.

There was a sharp pain in his throat. He starting hacking. The politicians in the car started to panic.

"Mr. America?"

"P-Pentagon!" America choked. "They got the Pentagon!"

And the world went black.




"America, say something! Anything! Say you're the hero! Please!"

His head was clearer. The physical pain had gone away but not the emotional.

That may never go away.

America was covered in ashes, blood, and tears. America had the saddest look that any of the immortal nations had ever seen.

America looked up at his fellow nations. Friends. Family. Allies.

"I need a hero."

Ten years since that day.

Even after ten years, he always cried when he looks at Ground Zero.

I know sad fics aren't my thing, I felt like writing something. Out of respect, y'know?

Before anyone asks, no I wasn't there. I'm guessing.