Chapter 1

WOW Dust: Two big strapping hunters vs one pixie. You wouldn't think too much could go wrong, would you?

A story in two individual drabbles.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, so I'm just going to pretend, okay?


"Aw, freakin' crap, Sammy; " the plaintive cry drifted from behind the bathroom door.

Swallowing back a sense of foreboding, Sam responded to the voice; "you haven't tried to wash it off have you?"

"Well, I just thought …"

Sam sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose; "Dean, I told you, it can only be removed by a spell; Bobby's on it."

"If you try an' wash pixie dust off, you'll just …"

Towel-wrapped and dripping, Dean stomped furiously out of the bathroom, scowling as Sam's eyes widened in horrified amusement.

"… spread it around," Sam finished weakly.

Dean wilted.

"Sammy, I'm all sparkly!"