"Pop, we can't just leave her here!" the woman said.
"Roxy, we have no choice! Better that she's with them and alive, than with us and dead!" he argued back.
"But she's only five. She's not like them, how do you expect her to fit in? She doesn't look or speak the same and can barely say anything anyway! She'd get masacred at school! If they even bother to send her-"
"Look! She has to live! I will never forgive myself if she doesn't!" the man, Pop, was getting impatient, he didn't want to leave the child either, but he was doing what he thought was right for her future. They had to get with the other Bohemians and Roxy wanted to stay with their child. "She'll be safe, I promise." Roxy looked down at the sleeping girl in her arms, paranoid about raising her voice in case of waking her. She was smaller than the average five year old, with a mass of long, light blonde hair on her head, her eyelids shielded the powerful moonlit blue orbs she had for eyes.
"Will she remember-"
"No." the man said lightly, as if wishing it wasn't true. "It's better she doesn't." The mother kissed her softly on the head, lay her on the cold white floor before shedding a single tear that fell lightly onto the childs cheak. The girl moved slightly and Roxy was scared she had woke her, but was releaved to see she was still asleep.
"What about Prince?" the woman asked in half hearted curiosity.
"I haven't heard anything." the man said laying his hands on Roxy's shoulders. The woman lent down to plant a small kiss where her tear had landed.
"Keep safe my love." she whispered into the girls dream state. The young woman had to force herself to look away from the sleeping child, she knew if she saw her baby's face for even one more second, she wouldn't be able to go through with it. The man stepped forward towards the child. He placed a book at her side, lifting a small arm to place ontop of it. Her hair had the ocasional coloured braid or plat in it, which gave the girl her out of place look. The man took a few strands of hair on the underneith of her hair and tied something onto them that the woman didn't see. Then he took what looked like a train ticked out of his pocket and repeated this action. He kissed her on the crown of her head.
"Be brave my sweet." he told her lifting her up to embrace her lightly, careful not to wake her when putting her back down on the pavement. With those words he stood up and wrapped his arms around his love. "My two gorgeous girls. I love you both." he kissed his wife carefully on the lips and they ran from the quiet street they stood on. Pop and Roxy were never seen again after that.