Author's Note: I do not own Wallflower. I own the series on dvd and would like to see a second season spawn from it. But I do not own the characters or the original story. I do own this storyline though :)

A Lady

Chapter 1

Kyouhei was the first to look into her frightened eyes.

For one brief second, she seemed truly frightened for her life.

Without a second thought, he reached out for her as she started to fall.

They locked gazes and angels began to sing the most beautiful chorus either had ever heard.

Then, the moment (not to mention her dress) was ruined. Sunako had lost her concentration and let herself give into her old ways. Her nose began to spew out blood.

"Oh dear." Noi was still not used to these actions from Sunako yet.

"That's our Sunako!" Yuki cried out.

"Hey, are you okay, Sunako?" Kyouhei shook the dazed, blood stained girl in his arms.

"Brilliant creature of the light! I've died. Hiroshi, Josephine! I'm coming to join you. Wait for me." Sunako had a knack for over-dramatizing things.

"Hey, anybody home in there! Gee-sh! I just saved you. You might say thanks." Kyouhei became aggravated with her actions. "Sometimes I believe you want to be with those dolls more than us. The ones who take care of you. The ones who eat your food, and put up with you when you get all mopey and moody."

"Kyouhei! That was not nice! Apologize to the lady!" Ranmaru instantly demanded.

"My darling! Are you alright?" Aunty called from her place at the top of the staircase. She turned to Noi and Takenaga, "Surely you boys can make her into a Super lady before I return? If not, I'll triple the rent!" With that, she turned, laughing all the way and jumped onto a ladder that appeared from nowhere.

"Lets go." Kyouhei remarked as he gently picked up the still body of Sunako.

"How are we going to get Sunako into a super lady?" Asked the always curious Yuki.

"I'll help!" Noi chimed in. "Anything to help Sunako. She's so delicate."

"Aren't you the least bit worried about the rent, Kyouhei?" Ranmaru piped up.

"We'll manage. Anyway we can. Didn't you hear Aunty? She's practically a lady as it is." Takenaga didn't want to ruin the romantic moment between Sunako and Kyouhei just yet. He felt maybe this was the key to her becoming the lady Aunty wants her to be.

Everyone looked upon the two carefully examining what was going on.

"Wonder if they will ever tell each other what they are really thinking?" Noi asked to Takenaga.

"Maybe one day they will, Noi. Maybe." With that, Takenaga pulled her close to his side.

Noi blushed at this action.

"He is being so nice. Even to Sunako. I am so glad that we are so close." Noi thought to herself.